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Cuisines: Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern

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  • New chef at Naan curry

    What a difference a couple of weeks make---naan n curry have let go of their prevoius chef and they have a new chef now---.

    I didnot know that---till I started eating my dinner from the buffet---Gobhi ( cauliflower ) nihari and chicken tikka masala---the moment I tasted the food it was different---I asked the manager and he stated that they had a new chef---.

    Thank you---what a wonderful job this new guy has done---now this is closer to authentic pakistani cuisine---the vegitable was delicious with the right spice and fire and so was the nihari and the chickewn tikka masala.

    The previous chef would add cinnamon sticks and black cardamom to every dish and that would overwhelm the taste of other spices in the food. Now the food has its somewhat individual taste.

    Good job and great prices---than you.

  • Tasty Curries!

    I love Naan-N-Curry! It is authentic, cheap, fast and delicious Indian/Pakistani food. It's great to bring a few friends and share some dishes. Naan-N-Curry has a spicy flare to most dishes so if you have a bland palette this might not be the place for you. It is also a great place for vegetarians to go because they have a wide selection of yummy veggie and lentil dishes. I recommend the Aloo Golbi or the Paleek Paneer! For meat eaters the Tandoori chicken is very tasty. If they are offering the specials try the vegetable samosas with some cilantro sauce, they are wonderful. I would say wait to use the bathroom until you get home, it's a little dirty. If you can make it to the buffet that is the best bet to try a little of everything! I love Indian and Pakistani food and this is the best meal you can get for cheap.

  • best indian food in SF and great value for money

    I'd go everyday if i could!! I just find myself craving this place! $9.99 for a buffet which is always freshly served because it gets eaten so fast! Bring your own wine and beers, Ive never been charged cockage! A wide selection for both herbivors and carnivors.Fantastic aromas, friendly efficient service, nice deco.. not fancy just interesting, i love this spot. The Kitchen is visible to the customers from the right spot (in the buffet line) and it looks nice and clean.. see for yourself.

    There are only two cons:

    1: Knives and forks are not always washed well.. be selective.
    2: Bathrooms are terrible (may be due to the fact they are shared with the parking lot next door and so are open to public)

    there are also two solutions:
    1: use the disposable forks provided
    2: use the restrooms across the road at the Hilton hotel (through the lobby ad to the left)


  • great cheap indian

    seriously, for what it is, this is a great place. yeah it's dingy, and yes it's self serve-ish, but the food is pretty tops. the biryani's are the best i've had in town...mainly because they make them wet as opposed to most places in the west coast i've eaten at that for some reason make them dry and horrible. the shrimp biryani is super because they put tandoori sauce on them first. i love it! the vege curries are ok, they seem more creamed if that makes any sense...very puree like with a heavy cream touch. but still good. the rest of the curries and daals are super too, plus all the dishes have a good kick to them the way they should be. i go here at least once a week because indian food doesn't need to be a production at a nice place all the time.

  • Food isn't bad but very unsantiary restaurant

    Food is cheap yes, doesn't taste bad, but it is very unsanitary, there were flies all over the food when I was there for lunch. Plus, I had food ___________ from eating there (worst stomachache ever!) and haven't eaten there since. There is a blank because apparently the word is ""inappropriate"" to Citysearch, even though it is the truth that I got sick from the food. (the Naan and Curry I went to is on Irving St.)

  • Best Chicken Tikka Masala Ever!!!!

    I cannot even begin to describe how good their Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan is!!! I've never tried anything else to be honest. I live in Fremont so on the rare opportunities I have to catch a bite here, I always order the Masala. This place is knid of a do it yourself place. You order, select a table, and grab your plates, silverware and drinks. This is perfectly fine with me because this place is always so crowded, it allows the workers to focus on preparing their delicious food. I love the decor however, the ventilation is poor in the kitchen so it can get quite smokey in the restaurant. They usually have fans blowing to help with the ventilation, but I think this is a small price to pay for the food. Parking can be difficult at this location. I would suggest using a nearby parking garage.

  • Best Pakistani/Indian food I've ever had - one of the treasures of SF

    First, Gyrl240's review is very misleading. The food is not bland--compared to authentic Northern Indian food, this food is crazy spicy. Gyrl240 ordered lamb tikka masala (not on the regular menu) Anything tikka masala is the mildest thing they have. Now, what's superb:
    Naan - dinner plate sized--as Gyrl240 says, the naan is typically crispy in some places, doughy in other places. The naan is an incredible bargain at 1 dollar!
    Chicken tikka masala - breast cooked in the tandoor and smothered in a tomato cream sauce--mild and out of this world with a fresh naan
    Chicken leg tandoori - bursting with flavor, tender and moist, the best tandoori ever!
    Bhindi - fantastic, completely non-slimy okra with garlic, onion, tomatoes and tons of spices
    Bengan Bharta - eggplant roasted in the tandoor, to give it a smoky flavor, and purreed--wonderful with the naan.
    Mango Lassi - again, Gyrl240 is very ungenerous, this is an excellent mango lassi
    Recommended: chicken biryani, prawn biryani, fish tandoori, mixed vegetable tikka masala, mixed vegetables, karahi chicken, achar chicken and more...
    Not recommended: samosas (not fresh, fillings aren't that great either), other types of naan (stick with the plain ones)
    Service model: extremely innovative--you order and pay for the food at the counter, and a runner brings it to you. You get your own plates, silverware, to go containers, sodas. This allows the restaurant to efficiently server up to 200 people at a time with hardly any wait. The first cup of milk tea is free and they have a free salad bar so you don't have to starve during the short wait.
    Price: the food is inexpensive enough to enjoy without emptying your wallet.
    Ambience: Out of an industrial cavernous space the owners have created a unique atmosphere with a hilarious range of Pakistani music to enjoy. You never feel hurried and can hang out as long as you like.
    Cons: A minor complaint is a lack of ventilation, it can get smoky in there during the rush.

  • Once is enough

    Wow, I saw a review for another Naan N' Curry and thought I would try this location! What a mistake! I wanted to get takeout from this place since I was in the area. The gentleman at the front was quite pleasant. (The only plus.) I'd ordered a lamb tikka masala, naan and a mango lassi. First of all, the lamb was served in a small pint sized container with half of it small slabs of lamb and the other half just slabs of NOTHING BUT BONE. No meat on these slabs whatsoever!!!! None. I was appalled! It wasn't just a few pieces either and comprised half of the meal. The sauce was a bit bland and I ended up tossing most of the meal.

    The naan was overcooked. Naan is not supposed to be burnt and semi-brittle! Really disappointed. And lastly, the mango lassi was a bit off. Not really sweet...Nevertheless, it was the only part of the meal that was almost right.

  • Best chicken tikka masala I've had in SF so far...

    I'm still biased towards my usual places in LA, but I have to say, chicken tikka masala for $5.90?? And it was really good! Our garlic naan was tasty and we fell in love with the sauce. The chicken was moist and they were good cuts of meat. It's largely a do-it-yourself place; you order at the counter, and get your own glasses, water carafe, silverware, napkins and plates. You're given an order number and there are numbers on standees throughout the dining room, which was interesting. Not sure if you're supposed to sit at the designated number but we assumed so. It was actually an interesting system. I ordered my dish spicy and my girlfriend ordered hers mild, and the only difference seemed to be that mine had slices of jalapeno peppers in it. At first this turned me off and I pushed them to the side, but after a while I thought I'd try one. Oh man; they were GOOD! I ate them all up and they just mixed perfectly with the masala sauce. I'm sold. I'd totally come back. I'm going to continue trying different places in the city but so far this has been my favorite.

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