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Bamboo Village

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(415) 751-8006


3015 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

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Cuisine: Asian, Indonesian

Price Range : Below Average

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  • Best Indonesian restaurant around

    What can I say...I am Indonesian, I am a cook, my mom's a cook (and a very bitchy critic at Indonesian food too. lol). So I grew up eating really authentic Indonesian food. Yes, that's correct.
    I moved to SF several years ago, and over these years, none of the Indonesian restaurants in SF comes close to bamboo in terms of best authenticity and best reminder of mom's homemade cooking. Of course my mom is more generous in portion and I can eat for free. lol. But bamboo is relatively cheap-average for their dinner prices. My fave. includes the Pempek, Mie Tek Tek, Soto Betawi, Coto Makassar, Nasi Rames, Rendang, Gado-gado, Es Teler, Avocado Juice, Jeruk Hangat (Warm fresh squeezed orange juice - try it before you fcukin judge it), and the black sticky rice.
    As other people have mentioned, service is very slow since it's family operated. So here's the trick. Get their take-out menu and save it by your fridge. Next time you're planning to go there, call them 15-20 mins earlier to make RSVP and order right there if you already know what you want. By the time you get there, you only have to wait an extra few minutes or so. (note: I've only done this several times and might not always work. lol). Other than the slow service, everything else is great.

  • good, very unique food

    I stopped in to this restaurant on a rare visit to this part of town. I'm so glad I did! I was by myself so I didn't get to try several dishes but the one noodle dish I did order was very tasty as well as the avocado ice drink. I would definitely go back there with more people so I can try as many of the other menu items.

  • authentic Indonesia food, prices are reasonble

    We tried the Indonesia fried rice, BBQ fish wrapped with bamboo leaves, fried banana, durian juice and young coconut with avocado and condensed milk juice. They were all very delicious! Highly recommended. Service is kind of slow if there are a lot of customers because they are like family-owned restaurants with limited waitresses.

  • the best indo restaurant in town

    it has very authentic their mie tek tek and avacado juice...

  • exotic food, the best in bay area

    I am an Asian American who's been living in the bay area for 10 years now. I am a food explorer, so basically I explore any kind of food anywhere in the Bay Area. Bamboo Village is one of the best among some other Indonesian Restaurant in B.A. I've tried Borobudur which is OK, Restaurant Indonesia (worst), Java (poor), Bali (no way) and many more. I ate fried noodle (#49), chicken curry, prawns with wine in hot plate, martabak (appetizer-fried ground beef curry), and oh... the best of Lamb Satay ever! I also read on the SF magazine that they are 1 of the best from 125 best thing to eat in SF for their Beef Rendang.

  • Best Mie Tek Tek & Soto Betawi

    Bamboo Village has the best Mie Tek Tek & Soto Betawi!!

  • Nothing Compare

    I'm an Indonesian, I been around the city to try my own country delicacy, this place is the bomb. The food taste so great, the salad so fresh, the dishes are so authentic. The ambience is perfect, just like home. I think the service is not so perfect but is good, I notice this is a family business so they kinda short people to handle the crowd. But hey, it you want to try great food its worthied.

  • best Indonesian Food

    Hi my name is Louisa i'm originally from Indonesia. I've tried alot of Asian food especially Indonesian Food, but i think Bamboo Village is the best restaurant that has real authentic Indonesian food. We were order Ikan Gurame(fried whole flying fish), Fried Rice(terrific), BBQ Chicken(yummy), and sizzling water spinach(hot plate). And my son was order avocado ice for dessert which was the best drink for him. Salute for Bamboo Village

  • asian delight

    Very impressed with the variety of foods, mouth watering exotic asian dishes and very attractive traditional setting that make us feel like in paradise island Bali. Thumbs up Bamboo...

  • bamboo feasting

    We recently went with four people: a friend from out of town and a chef from Berkeley. We stuffed ourselves sensless for about $25 dollars apiece which included beer, avocado (and jackfruit and durian) shakes, and about 3 dishes each.

    The food tastes authentic and it's not the same old standard Thai menu, lots of funky, interesting and delicious stuff. The marinated tofu blew my vegetarian girlfriend away, I tasted the mellowest chicken curry ever, and our friend got stir fried brown (whole wheat?) noodles that were real nice.

    When we discovered the place with our friend from DC six months ago the waitresses' toddler kids were playing in the altar/stage area and we sat by a fountain in the back which was nice but unfortunately it was laced with strong artificial scents. The whole time relaxing gamelan music unobtrusively blends in with the exotic food.

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