By: suzannelsf
Echos Hair Design
I KNOW MY REVIEW IS TO FREEKING LONG / A MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR THAT !I discovered Eduardo (the co-owner) at Echos Hair Design in July, He gave me the best hair cut I'd ever had. I went from all one length, past the shoulder long hair to a 'Louise Brooks' bob look that ended at the jaw line. (It was right before a trip to Paris, and I felt like a star in the French city!) I'd never experienced such an eye for detail before while having my hair cut. Painstakingly, he measured, trimmed, evaluated and trimmed to even things up as needed. I walked out feeling like a million dollars! If you aren't happy with your hair, he isn't happy either and will take the time to make it right so that you will love it at the end (Heck, even if you don't realize there's something to be unhappy with, he will take the time to fix it!)His initial consultations are also a treat he is not rushed . He listens to what I'm saying and states it back to me to avoid any confusion and he's able to see my personal hair patterns and he can determine the best places to trim it. He looks at the whole picture, not just the hair and consistently gives a cut that looks terrific with my face shape. I have never seen anybody get out of any seat in that salon and not have a great look. If you're interested in edgy, quirky, and fun, this is your place! And if you just want a simple trim for your locks, he does that exquisitely as well!, In the past I have experience trims from HELL, so even when I get a trim I can close my eyes and relax and know that Eduardo is not going to cut inches of my head. He recommend coloring my hair, I mentioned I have no interest in color he has never brought it up again! And I love booking my appointments online .Price wise Eduardo is less expensive than my boy in New York but I will not mention that to him unless of course he reads my review , the value of the work done at Echos Hair Design has made a return customer out of me! If Eduardo were to move, I'd have to go to wherever he is to have my hair cut!
By: haliasko
Cheap Prices Shopping Mall
Was looking for game consoles on line and it got my attention on Cheap-Prices.com. Nintendo has always tried to be an innovator with gaming in the console world. A lot of their stuff have been flops from the very beginning. Remember the robot that originally came with the system? Virtual boy was a cool idea but the market just wasn’t ready for it yet. The glove (which could be called the predecessor to the Wii) was also a flop. But other things were not, like the analog joystick, the original cross key, real 3-D game play, 4 player option out of the box, inter-connectivity between 2 game systems, etc. And now we come to a big leap in innovation, the Nintendo Wii. Best Price was with Cheap-Prices.com. Have it ship by UPS 3 days and was happy to get it on-time for my son b-day. Good place to shop and compare
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By: Helen P.
I am a 42 yr. resident of the Haight and have been going to Ambiance for as long as they've been on Haight St-I live 2 blocks away and love all the Ambiance stores, but I just LOVE our Haight St. Ambiance as I've known everyone there forever. The owners, Kieran and Donna are wonderful as is all the staff. When I pop by it brightens my day just to see all your friendly, helpful and cheerful faces!!!! Practically, my ENTIRE wardrobe is from Ambiance!!! Welcome home to Haight St. We missed you during the remodeling, but the store looks wonderful, so great to see the staff who are, truly, likely friends to me AND thank you for all you do for all of us shoppers and the lift you give our neighborhood!!! Love to you all from us! Helen and my Beannie Cat!
By: Judy T.
Queenbee Nails
This nail salon is indeed as amazing as it gets! I have never been to a place that is as modern and clean as this place and I have been to many nail salons in many cities and even countries. Always very friendly. They work very hard. I'd say if you want something "quick and dirty" - this place may not be for you. It takes a bit of time, but if you value quality, ambiance, and attention to detail, this is the best salon for sure. You won't be disappointed though.
By: monig5
Sophistafunk Hair Studio & Accessory Gallery
Santa is amazing! I have been seeing her for years. She is a total perfectionist and consistantly delivers amazing cuts and beautiful coloring. When I've decided to change my look, Santa has offered great suggestions and helped me walk out with a dramatically different cut that works for my face and style. I've got wavy hair and she has turned me on to amazing product that keeps my curls tamed and defrizzed.
By: Addison J.
People Hair & Nails Spa
Sometimes things are just meant to be... Since moving to the area I've searched for a good nail place to do my nails. After my last experience I felt defeated. Until I found People Hair & Nails Spa, thye are so amazing they took the time and made my nails look beautiful. I will no longer be looking for a nail girl because I have one!! Thanks People Hair & Nails Spa!
By: Ishme yo Y.
SF Lashes
P used the newer, lighter mink lashes on me. These lashes are really soft and natural looking, I even fell asleep when she was putting them on me. She was really methodical and wanted to put lashes on even the thinnest, shortest lash. My make up routine now consists of putting on eye shadow because these lashes make my eyes look bigger.
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By: Diana S.
Avaria Vega Coiffeur
This lady is truly brilliant. Avaria is a magician when it comes to color. I was recently out of the country and had to have my roots done. Long story short my blonde was orange :( I really thought my hair was ruined. Avaria turned my orange hair back to beautiful blonde she's the best. Seriously the best! The new salon is amazing.
By: Jordan D.
Queenbee Nails
Wow !!!! Not only was it cheap , but I had my full set done within 30 minutes of my arrival . The quickness and the cheapness had me a little iffy , but when she was finished I was astonished ! This was my first time here and I'm absolutely 100% satisfied . This will now be my new salon . I'll be seeing you again in two weeks :)
By: Maya C.
Queenbee Nails
I absolutely love this place. The employees are awesome, the atmosphere is friendly and very clean .... The prices are good and the techs know their stuff! Shout out to them for running such a wonderful establishments. The employees are happy there and it shows in their efforts. My favorite salon by far!

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