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By: Elsie D.
Murray Lawrence D & Associates
Mr. Murray came highly recommended from my workman's comp attorney. I was very impressed with him from the very first meeting. He was very warm and welcoming, not like other pretentious attorneys I had met. He was very sympathetic to my situation. For over two years, I saw him frequently, and he worked diligently on my case. Even all of his staff was very supportive and treated me like part of the family. I was very, very happy with the outcome of the case, and I would recommend him very, very highly to anyone else in a similar situation.
By: Shari W.
Foreman & Brasso
Greatest lawyer on earth, helped me file iN PRO SE -----thank-you-bless u ! Please save our public lands & wild horses ( evolved in N. AMERICA over 55 million YEARS. Rich r putting there cattle & r being subsidized ( like KOCH BROTHERS ) poisoning our water destroying public lands- BLM /USDAtotally colluding with them ( lying, dirty tricks more ). they r destroying all water ways , killing wildlife, destroying all native flora & fauna, soil,causing GLOBAL WARMING- SEE COWSPIRACY - NOW ON NEYFLIX- HELP.
By: michaelpagan
Walkup, Melodia & Kelly - Personal Injury Attorneys
My experience at Walkup, Melodia and Kelly was positive every step of the way. My lawyer, Doug Saeltzer, was extremely knowledgeable, ethical and professional, and he had a genuine concern for me, my family and for my case. Doug took the time to explain my options and he let me make my own decisions, after explaining processes and potential outcomes. My case was settled and everything turned out the way we discussed. I could not have asked for a better lawyer or a better result.
By: Maria L.
Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C.
This woman is an excellent person, bright, and assertive for situations that are irrational. She and Rachel write well, do not bill for items you never needed and are really pleasant to work with ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU NEED strong support legally. WOULD REFER TO ANY FEMALE WITH SPOUSAL OR OTHER FAMILY ISSUES always.
By: Stacie lynn S.
Law Office of Sam Salhab
I was referred to The Law Office of Sam Salhab by a close friend. I was down and ashamed of the charges I was facing and I didn’t have much hope. I am forever grateful for Sam and his team for getting me a much better outcome than expected! He is the best Criminal Lawyer in San Francisco!
By: Sasha B.
Law Office of Sam Salhab
I was referred to Law Office of Sam Salhab for help after a drunk driver hit my car and left me with severe injuries. Sam honestly cared about about my well-being. I highly recommend this Personal injury Law Firm to anyone who has been injured in a car accident in Fresno.
By: Daniela R.
Richard Kolomejec Esq
Happy New Year to Richard Kolomejec, to his team and to his Family!He is an amazing attorney!I am lucky that I chose Richard Kolomejec to be my lawyer.From all my heart I appreciate his help and hiswork.Thank you, Richardwith respect and best wishes:Daniela Robinson
By: Dorothee M.
Law Office of Sam Salhab
I had an injury case, and I needed an aggressive car accident attorney in Fresno. A family friend recommended Personal Injury Attorney - Sam Salhab. I was impressed with Sam’s compassion and vigor. Let’s just say, I no longer have to worry about my medical bills.
By: Kathy B.
Law Office of Sam Salhab
Do your research before hiring and attorney! Sam came to me highly recommended I still met with him and others. I felt very comfortable with Sam he was very genuine and he had the experience I was looking for. We achieved and excellent settlement Thank you!
By: narlen834
Sagaria Law
I would like to thank Scott Sagaria and his team for protecting what is important to me. They were always in my corner fighting to protect my rights as an individual. I would definitely recommend Sagaria Law to anyone who needs a family law attorney.
Tips & Advices
Yes, a patient can file a malpractice suit, despite signing a consent form under at least two conditions. For example, if a doctor does not explain all of the risks associated with the treatment to the patient. Prior to the signing the consent form, which details the risks, the doctor is responsible to make sure the patient understands the risks involved. Often, in the interest of time, the health care provider doesn’t disclose every single possible risk, instead emphasizing the common and biggest risks. Sometimes in a rushed environment that task is delegated to medical assistant who does not have all the information to adequately inform the patient. The information gets lost and the patient lacks all the correct information to make an informed decision. If patients do not understand the risks because they were downplayed or glossed over, that is another potential malpractice scenario. Another is when a patient consents to one procedure but the doctor performs a different one. Usually this happens when a procedure for one body part is performed on another. Even if it is successful, the patient can sue for lack of informed consent. This doesn’t apply if the surgeon discovers a similar medical problem and fixes it during the initial procedure. An example of this includes a planned double bypass surgery becoming a triple bypass when the surgeon discovers additional damage during the surgery.
Examples of medical malpractice that, if resulting in injury could lead to a suit, include misdiagnosis, improper medication or dosage, unnecessary surgery, surgical errors or wrong site surgery, disregarding patient’s medical history, failure to order proper testing, and failure to recognize symptoms.
To prove medical malpractice, the first step is establishing proof of a doctor-patient relationship. Next is the provision of care, (this includes decisions made by the health care provider, treatment or failure to treat) that were below acceptable standards of medical care (known as a breach of the standard of care) that amounts to medical negligence as defined by the law. Last, you need is confirm a causal connection between the medical negligence of the care provider, and the resulting quantifiable harm (damages) to the patient. If all of these elements are present you have a medical malpractice case. This does not mean you will win the case, but these are the minimum elements necessary for success.
Misdiagnosis can be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit, but these situations can be very tricky. This sounds strange, but a healthcare provider is not required by law to provide a correct diagnosis. How is that possible? The reality is that many diseases and conditions can have similar symptoms and can easily be misdiagnosed with no malintent. For instance, asthma and recurring bronchitis have nearly identical symptoms. In general, to win a medical malpractice case based on a charge of misdiagnosis, you need to prove that any other similarly trained doctor within the same medical community would have recognized and/or diagnosed the problem in a lesser period of time. Proving that could be very challenging.
There are specific factors that determine if you have a malpractice case.  First, proof of a doctor-patient relationship must be established. Next is the provision of care (this includes decisions, treatment or failure to treat) that were below the acceptable standards of medical care (known as a breach of the standard of cafe) that amounts to medical negligence, as defined by the law. Lastly, you must confirm a causal connection between the medical negligence of the health care provider and the resulting quantifiable harm (damages) to the patient. If these can be established, you have a medical malpractice case. Having these factors does not mean you will necessarily win the case.

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