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By: Barbara C.
Joe's Ice Cream
Great thing that I have found out about this place because I have been looking for a great froyo joint to frequent into. Thank you for being such nice people to me when I didn’t know what to get.
By: Luke B.
Joe's Ice Cream
If you are looking for a place where you can just relax and put your feet up for a while, this is the perfect place to be at. With their ice cream and relaxing vibe, this is just perfect.
By: Thalia P.
Joe's Ice Cream
They certainly have the most excellent froyo in here. They have different flavors every other day and that is a good thing because you can try almost the whole lot that they can offer.
By: Brian S.
Joe's Ice Cream
I wrote to tell you that your ice cream is simply the best! Hope you continue serving great products to customers like me. I'll be coming back maybe next week? See you soon.
By: Dennis T.
Ben & Jerry's
Good shake made with real ice cream. Depending on when your there but the line can be way long and and the prices are way high. But it is SF next to the park. So why not
By: Gary S.
Joe's Ice Cream
It was the third time I went here last weekend and I think I will go back for more, so far nothing really negative has happened and I am getting so attached to froyo.
By: Jeremy G.
Joe's Ice Cream
It is a amazing thing that I have found out about this place. I like it in here, the ambiance is truly one of the most soothing and there are a lot of good fro-yo.
By: Stephanie H.
Joe's Ice Cream
I like it in here. The place is pretty popping and there are a lots of good people and froyo that goes around. They also have a wonderful team over the cashier.
By: Kristin M.
Joe's Ice Cream
Great place to have a great break. I have so many afternoon spent in here, they have great flavors, and it is a just as good as ice cream and it’s healthy too.
By: Chris R.
Joe's Ice Cream
Fantastic place. I have been looking for a quiet place to take my afternoon breaks and I have found out about this place, perfect for a peaceful afternoon.

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