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By: bendavis
One Market Restaurant
Had dinner last night for my friend and I's 5 year anniversary from work with my boss and our significant others. Food excellent! Service? - ummm....wow! How can I say this politely? - can't. If you go, please be aware...this was my first time and I'm hoping that if I do go back I do not get Jo'phine...really bad...c'mon 3 hour dinner for 3 courses. I would understand a 3 hour dinner with 8 courses, but 3?! 30 minutes just to get drinks, 30 minutes for appetizers, 30 minutes for dinners (figure - we consumed our dinner in about 30 minutes), 20 minutes for the dishes to be cleared (our plates were empty just in case you were wondering), 20 minutes to bring out dessert. To her credit, she did pick up the bill pretty quick. Service is a big part of the experience when your dinning at a restaurant that charges the way they do! 2 Stars for the food...Zero for the service...btw...it's not like we could have complained, we didn't want our food to come back with a little extra if you get my drift. Sorry one more thing Jo'phine - we could not understand you all night when you did remember to check on us!!!!

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