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By: Danne G.
Wild Pepper
I was very impressed with this place; nice decor, quiet -- you can actually carry on a conversation without raising your voice --and good food at very reasonable prices. We stumbled on this place after we went to Eric's for lunch, but they weren't serving lunch specials because it was a holiday. Searched on Yelp for an alternate Chinese restaurant nearby and came here. It was a Saturday and the 4th of July, but they had lunch specials at better prices than Eric's. Service was attentive, while Eric's is merely perfunctory. The three of us had different entrees and they were all good. They have an extensive menu, and we had such a positive experience we will be coming back again for dinner to sample more of their dishes. (Note: Four stars is always my highest rating. I reserve 5 stars for the best of the best and upscale restaurants.)
By: Fraire G.
Wild Pepper
This place is epic! The food tastes fresh, the restaurant is clean, prices are reasonable and most importantly the food is finger licking good!!!!!!My cousin brought me here and right away we were greeted by owner. The owner was very nice and was ready to cater to our needs. He spoke with us, made some recommendations and had some good laughs.The food is amazing...Szechuan beef!!! General Tsao chicken or tofu....amazing....volcano prawns...for those who love sweet and spicy!!!I need to try the dry braised chicken wings, honey walnut prawns and everything else.Also the menu is interesting, the menu explains all the styles of which the food is cooked, very helpful. I've only been three times to eat at this location, but I plan to attend more with my wife and twins!!!
By: Kay H.
Wild Pepper
I am a fan of this neighborhood restaurant. This is not high-end Chinese food; it is inexpensive yet slightly above average. As English is a second language for many in SF, some patience and understanding can only help you get what you want. Most delivered food takes some time and doesn't travel very well. Try phoning in and picking up your self. I love their $8.95 Large (combination) Wor Wonton Soup. And, their $10.25 Kung Pao Chicken with its hoards of perfectly prepared veggies is mmm mmm good. I always ask for extra spicy and they are happy to accommodate me.For $6.95 the Twice Cooked Pork lunch special comes with a little green salad and rice. I'd gladly pay more for a bit thicker or perhaps more pork, which would make this more fulfilling to me.
By: Herman H.
Wild Pepper
Something about inexpensive chinese food that's so close to home amazes me. The owner is very kind and we always get soup with the meal whether or not we dine in or eat take out or delivery.Braised chicken wings are so delicious. Saucy and crunch and just the right amount of spice (that you can choose)Fried rice is nice and flavorful with soy sauce as I love it.General Tsao's meatless chicken is unexpectedly amazing! The reviews are so on point here. I don't know how it isn't real chicken but it tastes so good. Great for those that don't want to chew very hard on tough meat. It's very soft and flavorful.Egg drop soup is one of my favorites and I've gotten it served to me probably 4 out of the 7 times I've been there now.
By: Namm B.
Wild Pepper
Wild Pepper we learned about by chance, in conversation with a foodie at La Taqueria. He raved about Wild Pepper and happened to have its card. Three days later we went. A tomato egg flower soup instense with basil. Salt and Pepper pork chops, messy to pick at but awsone. Spicy Vegetables and seafood...General Tsao's chicken, such basics as chow mein... I've only been four times but everything so far has been spectacular. The menu is long and inventive... how do they do it? The owner is gracious and makes good recommendatoms. The restaurant is pleasant and clean, up from the basic. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially with a sense of adventure and desire to explore.
By: Garth G.
Wild Pepper
New Years day was quiet in the City and finding an open restaurant led us to the Wild Pepper. Our friends recommended it after driving to three others in the city that were closed. Wow, how wonderful. The people are friendly and the food fresh and full of flavor. It was a cold night in the city, which made the restaurant little cool inside and the food cooled quickly, but full of flavor. I tried the Pepper pork chops which were good, but my favorite was the Cows in Snow, Mummm good. The owner/cook stopped by the table for a brief comment. Fresh food with style. Many locals use the place for take out, very busy with people picking up orders.
By: Sea H.
Wild Pepper
I have been back to Wild Pepper for lunch on four or five occasions since our first visit. We really like this place. It's unhurried, but yet attentive, the food is always delicious and the service is circumspect, the way I like it to be. (Yes, they will come back to freshen your water glass, but they won't bug you.) It is one of the quietest restaurants you can hope to find. Bring your loved one or your friends, you won't be disappointed. This is not your "elite" Chinese restaurant, but yummy, plentiful, and always served with a green salad. I though this was very odd, at first, but i kind of like it. I get my fresh greens!
By: Kir C.
Wild Pepper
Again ordered Wild Pepper on a whim and was very impressed!!! They're my GrubHub favorite!! Today tried braised chicken wings and they are about the crispiest and crunchiest that I've ever tasted at a Chinese restaurant. The crunch is so long lasting and the sauce is well-balanced. Today I also enjoyed the West Lake beef soup and was very impressed by the amount of beef and variety of veggies. They do a great job of delivery WAY under the estimated time (today it was like 20 minutes sooner than theirs estimate). Seems like this place really understands what people are looking for in a delivery service.
By: peterhsu
Nan King Road Bistro
This place is fantastic - great food, decent price. I've actually never had a sit down meal here, although the inside looks like. My introduction was via their delivery service, which is pretty good and takes about 45 minutes to get to my Cole Valley flat, and from my almost-weekly to-go pickup en route to the Planet Granite climbing gym. The $15 minimum makes ordering for one irritating (because you end up with two entrees), but the food is worth it. Sesame chicken is delicious, the four seasons chow mein is pretty decent, and the lemon chicken is nice and crispy with the lemon sauce served on the side.
user avatar
By: Emily D.
Town Hall Restaurant
There is not one bad thing I have to say about Town Hall. There is a great vibe the minute you step foot into the restaurant and they can accommodate small and large parties. By far my favorite appetizer is their BBQ shrimp with the warm sauce over the perfectly crisp garlic bread. As many times as I've tried to recreate it at home, nothing comes close. There is not a single thing on the menu that is bad and when you get the check it comes in a book filled with previous customers' reviews. The best decision you could make in 2016 is to take yourself here for a dinner you won't forget.

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