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By: pruittjane
Dr. Dan M Shapero, DC
My daughter was being treated for a curvature of the spine. The treatment was for her to wear a very restrictive brace that went around her torso from her pelvis to her chest. As you can imagine it was very uncomfortable and unattractive. We heard about Shapero Chiropractic and that he had a different approach that could have great success on my daughter’s scoliosis. Well the good news is that we have had a marked change with only 15 visits. Her x-rays are improved. We were so excited; we even took the x-rays back to the orthopedic surgeon. He agreed her spine was better. And no more brace!
By: celiak
Brian Balbon DC, QME
Hip pain at 76. Several months ago I got a strong pain in my hip. No injuries, I just got up in the morning and felt a sharp pain. A medical doctor prescribed a pain killer and scheduled a message therapist to come to my place. Several weeks passed, no improvement and I could not walk. Then a family member recommended Dr. Balbon. I did not know what to expect, since it was my first experience with chiropractic treatment. After several appointments, pain became less severe and I could move around the house. It has been two months and pain has mostly gone. I use a walker for my own safety.
By: fredwilliam
Latch & So Chiropractic
My shoulder pain is gone.I went here to seek help for my shoulder problems that I recently suffered because of an injury I got during basketball. I had someones arm swing completely and directly onto my shoulder socket and I could barely rotate the shoulder so after a few days I decided to go see a chiropractor. I was not recommended, I simply walked by the office and decided to schedule an appointment. I was seen and examed. After a few adjustment sessions my shoulder is feeling much better than it initially did and I'm glad I finally got the problem taken care of.
By: stephanie.nelson
Dr. Dan M Shapero, DC
When I first came to see Dr. Shapero I was experiencing lots of pain. It got to a certain point that I couldn’t sleep during the night. Since I started Chiropractic I can now feel the difference, and it feels great! I can finally have a good night’s rest and do more things that I couldn’t. Dr. Shapero has been amazing. I truly am blessed to have gotten this wonderful treatment and I know that I will continue to look forward with a smile on because I feel better and I could shout it to the world!
By: Matteson G.
Dr. Dan M Shapero, DC
From the first visit, I was treated with care and concern. The treatment I need to prevent future surgery is paramount to my health and pain. Dr. Dan is very thorough and concerned about my condition and are working with me to provide pain relief in my head, neck, and back. I am very pleased with the treatment and look forward to the future when I am pain free. The staff is true professionals and treat their patients with care and concern.
By: Nicole P.
Ocean Chiropractic Center
I was beyond nervous to see a chiropractor. I suffered back pain for most of my life. My friend recommended Dr. Fretty, and I'm so glad she did. I felt immediate relieve after just one session! He is attentive, quick and most importantly 100% competent in his skills. I'm a true believer in Chiropractic medicine. I wouldn't suggest anyone else!! Big THANKS to Dr. Fretty for giving me my life back. Thank you Thank you!!!
By: stacymorris92
Latch & So Chiropractic
I notice pain now - I know that sounds funny, but before treating with Dr. David Latch I was in constant pain so I rarely paid attention to it. Now, the majority of the time I am pain free which allows me to pin point when I actually feel pain. It’s great! I feel much more flexible and I don’t have the constant knot at the base of my skull/ top of my neck. I’m looking forward to even more progress next month!
By: sarahgardner
Dr. Dan M Shapero, DC
During the stress before my wedding Dr. Shapero relieved my TMJ. When I threw my shoulder out he fixed it. My first started hurting 2+ years ago. After a couple of adjustments it was good as new. With my 2 years old keeping me busy these days I don’t know what I would do without his treatments!
By: mcnateb
Alice K Charap DC
I've seen many different chiropractors over the years, and Dr. Charap is definitely the best. She really takes her time to understand my needs, and takes time during an adjustment and uses various techniches. She is very experienced and it shows. Her staff is very polite, and a great location.
By: nursecfw
Dr. Michael Sven Zabelin, DC
Dr. Zabelin and his staff are very friendly and professional. He takes the time to truly understand one's ailments, and I believe his C1 adjustments have made a difference in my body. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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