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By: Lawrence-cobalt J.
San Francisco Honda
I TERMINATED SF Honda Service Repair Request- due to at least 72 hours "NO RESPONSE" to multiple emails & texts to direct #'s. Vehicle dropped off on: Wed. 3.15.17 450 pm. First response was on. 3/20/17 @ 7:55 a.m. My 2003 Honda Civic LX was purchased at SF Honda on 3/15/2003. Customer relationship of 13 yrs 6 months. All receipts total SF Honda $21,006. Total mileage on car: 35,000.REQUIRED REPAIR & SERVICE: Replace Clutch & Flywheel, Replace Hosing & Casing Power Steering, Alignment, New Battery & Enclosure Case, & Plastic Pieces for Hood Lift. Guesstimate $3020.00 1. Termination email & text Sat. 3/18/17 7:51 pm To: 1st SF Honda Service Consultant & Vehicle Exchange Program: Due to the lack of any responses to my emails & texts, I do not think, it is in my best interests to continue w/ GUESSTIMATE $3020 Service Repair on my 2003 Honda. ACTION PLAN: A: I will IMMEDIATELY pay for Invoice #: 125184 B: Set Pick Up X for repossession -11 am & 2 pm ON MON 3/20/2017. C: Need to get a tow truck over to SF Honda. D: Don't hear from you by 10:55 am on Monday 3/20/17, Call the SF Honda Main T no. Speak manager to work out obtaining possession of my vehicle. E: Request To: 1st SF Honda SC didn't want to deal with RUSH HOUR S. VAN NESS AVENUE TRAFFIC & CONSTRUCTION.If this doesn't work for you, schedule pickup on Tues 3/21/2017 AMEXPLICIT & EXPRESSED PERMISSION- "TO NOT" REASSEMBLE ALL THE PARTS OF THE ENGINE. Important Clarification: All loose engine parts need to be bagged with a statement- "SF HONDA ACKNOWLEDGES ALL PARTS HAVE BEEN GIVEN BACK TO ME2. Telephone Call From & To: 1st SF Honda SC - Mon. 3.20.17 AM @ 745 am & 957 am Verified Termination. !st SFH-SC decided to reassemble clutch, flywheel, & all other disassembled engine parts back B4 my car left shop. I was charged $179.95 for diagnostic. PAID IN FULL on Tu 3.21.17 1058 AM.3. Sat. 3.18.2017 109 pm, 235 pm, & 334 pm Texts To: 2nd SF Honda SC & CSREP- Vehicle Exchange. 1st SFH-SC was out "due to emergency." Message: Not sure, if 1st- SF Honda SC in today. Refer text to SFH CC Team Associates. Email, I sent earlier to 1st Sat 3.18.17 @ 11:38 am, needs to be read & responded to.No response on Saturday 3/17/17, I will be taking car out of SF Honda on Monday 3/20/17. Charge me for storgage fee- if necessary.4.. DIRECT TEXT # on BIZ CARD Sat 3.18.2017 1210 PM To: 1st SF Honda SC. Sent an important email "repair update & response" RE: 2003 Honda Civic LX Read & Respond.5. Email Sat. Mar 18, 2017 11:00 AM, To: 1st & 2nd SF Honda SC's GIST OF EMAIL: It is totally okay, if SF Honda isn't interested in completing the repairs and services. No worries! I will find another Honda repair shopTo be quite honest, I am quite concerned, I have not received any "repair & service" SF Honda update, since the car was placed into your service lot on Wed. 3/15/17 4:50 p.m.2nd SFH-SC to send me an UPDATED INVOICE to my email address. 2nd SFH-SC told me, it would be sent in PM of Thu 3/16/17. As of Saturday 3/18/17 @ 11:30 am, Received no updates!It appears, the SF Francisco Honda staff is more interested in obtaining my car for it's Used Car Inventory, rather than completely my repair and service request. I stated SFH-SC Dept could have up to 10 days to work on it. I don't feel, I implied, I would not receive some type of email updates or texts. It has been over 72 hours. That does not feel OK with me.6. T Call Thur 3/16/17 844 am Length 5:52 To: 2nd SF Hondo SC, I requested "approximate estimate" for all the repairs needed car. 2nd SFH-SC quoted, AGAIN- I UNDERSTAND, IT WAS A TELEPHONE CALL GUESSTIMATE- $3,020.00. I needed to insure, I would be able to have enough money in my accounts- ASAP. Text from SF Honda- Vehicle Exchange Program on Thurs 3/16/17 @ 2:35 pm7. Response Text Thurs. 3.16 17 315 p.m. To: SF Honda VE Program. No Intentions of selling car. Condo building has NO INSIDE PROTECTED PARKING. Car is SF Street Parked. No reason to
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By: Nikhil J.
Royal Motor Sales Audi
Excellent service and repair experienceExcellent service and repair experience , thanks peninsula auto body did a very professional and outstanding job on my BMW , love the great job they did on my car....... it looks way better than before the damage. can't ask for a better ,they even washed my car , and they are taking good care of it until it comes home ,I really like this place; thank god i chose them!
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By: Ash M.
San Francisco Toyota
Called Oscar in their used car department on a Friday afternoon and made an appointment to meet him the next day to check out and possibly purchase one of two cars I had seen on their website.Ended up buying a brand new car from him. Excellent sales advisor who is backed by a very supportive "finance staff"A very pleasant experience taking delivery of my new Toyota vehicle
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By: Heraclito C.
San Francisco Toyota
Great buy experience, complete costumer service, friendly salesperson, and you can get your credit score in a minutes. I bought a Prius C and I'm happy with my car. I love it. James is a great and friendly guy. He really take care of you when you meet him. Thanks Toyota. Thanks guys!!!
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By: Ankit J.
Royal Motor Sales Audi
I was met immediately by someone who went outside with me, inspected my car, listened to my plight, evaluated the situation, and then brought me back inside to a very nice woman with paper work and a lift to the rental car agency.
By: Shelby L.
Nissan Infiniti of San Francisco
7 amazing floors of new and pre-owned cars! We service all makes and models! Easy and convenient customer parking entrance on Bush street. Come for the best car buying experience at Nissan Infiniti of San Francisco on Van Ness.
By: Selva N.
BMW of San Francisco
If you need BMW parts at a great price this is the place to go in the bay area. John and Austin are great. If the part is not in stock, they can usually get it within a day.
By: Ellie H.
Scion Of San Francisco
This is a heartfelt thank you to all the staff and managers working at this car dealership. I love working the transaction with you. You are the best!
By: Shelby L.
Nissan Infiniti of San Francisco
Great experience! Took my car in for an oil change. I paid less here than at a quick lube shop.

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