By: Susanna C.
Henry's Hunan Restaurant
Henry's has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I like to go after 3pm to get less of the lunch crowd. I recommend the dumplings, Marty's Special (the smoked ham is delicious), stringbeans with meatsauce (simple dish, but the spicy garlic pork sauce makes it perfect), Henry's Special, Spicy and hot rock cod filets, and the Mongolian chicken. I can go on and on. Every dish is really good! I would ask for Ming, the head chef. You can guarantee a great meal if it is cooked by her. She has been working there for over 20 years!
By: Mark E.
The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar
I love Trader Vic's in Atlanta. It's campy, old school and untouched in 40+ years. I expected more of the same with the Tonga Room and it is just way over the top. The pool was cool with the bandstand in the middle. The rain and thunder was definitely campy if a bit underwhelming. We did visit for dinner which I won't be doing again. Service was great, food was barely average but prices we're crazy. Do yourself a favor and just come to visit that bar, enjoy the drinks and the show.
By: seunghyunyong
Oriental Seafood Restaurant
Although service isn't very quick, this restaurant is open until 2am. This place gets packed on the weekends and is open 7 days a week. When I come here with my family, we generally order a pre-set meal since the food is very affordable. Food comes out piping how and we haven't had any issues so far.
By: Mel P.
Dim Sum Club
I have eaten a lot of dim sum in my lifetime. Couldn't have picked a better place to introduce my friend to dim sum for the first time. Everything we ordered was delicious. Look forward to returning soon to try more on the menu.
By: Luther N.
Sugita Foods Inc
The noodles that they prepare right in here are amazing, thick and very tasty, there are several flavors to choose from and I haven’t tried the chicken and egg one, I will go this week and I will order that.
By: David H.
Noodles & Company
I had lunch here yesterday while working in the city. They had some options that aren't available at my local Sacramento location which was cool. Ate a pretty decent Chinese chopped chicken salad.
By: Richard R.
Sugita Foods Inc
I said to my friend that he has a great choice! I never really guessed that there are many great meals in here if it wasn’t for him. I am thankful for him for giving me the pleasure of this place.
By: Alvin J.
Xiao Loong Restaurant
The dumplings that they have in here are so amazing, there are a lot of kinds so it feels like I am in dumplings heaven in here and they have so many great ways to prepare them as well.
By: Cody T.
Hamano Sushi
I love this place simply because of the simplicity that they have in here, the services are astounding as well, they know what their customers go here for and they thrive on that idea.
By: Ramona T.
Kevin & Chris's Noodle House
When we went here, I was not expecting something but just plain noodles. I was wrong. Their noodles are amazing and the flavors are something which I would come back to any time.

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