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By: Peyton M.
Galpin Honda
I had an existing Honda Civic lease and was looking for my next lease vehicle when I went to Galpin. I really wanted an electric car but the Honda Fit Electric is hard to come by so I went and test drove every other electric in my budget. At the end of the day, I didn't love what I was test driving, didn't like the lease terms as a first time customer and none of the options felt right. I decided to go back to Honda.I went to Galpin's website and filled out a form telling them I had a lease vehicle that was ready for turn in and I was looking for something new. I received an email immediately in return and Victoria from their internet sales division called me right after the email. I told her what my situation was, she asked when I wanted to come in, we set an appointment for the next day and off I went.As I was driving to Galpin, my phone rang and it was Armen Bandari. He was the sales person assigned to me and wanted to let me know he would be waiting for me, and he was. I told him my situation and we proceeded to test drive the new Civic, the Accord and the CR-V. He was really patient with me, let me take all of June cars on the highway to see how they handled and their pick up. He explained all of the features of each vehicle and assured me as an existing Honda customer I would get their best deal.You know how when you check out the dealers "specials" and they offer lease terms for unbelievable prices though when you get there, the cars for those deals are basic and the deals are only for people with A+ credit ratings? I experienced that at every other dealership I went to and I went to a lot as a did my homework. At Galpin, as a current Honda customer those deals we for me! I don't have an A+ credit rating right now, but being a Honda customer has value! They appreciate a return customer and take care of their customers.I got the car that I wanted - the Civic - at the price that I wanted. And because I was able to get the price that I wanted, I was able to afford to actually get a Civic with an upgraded trim level that included a sun roof, a great blind spot camera (probably the best safety feature ever) and all the bells and whistles. Armen was great. Really nice guy who listened to me, explained everything I needed explained and gave me space when I needed to think about what I wanted and run the numbers on my own to figure out my budget. He got me something to drink from their Coffee Bean in the dealership! And was patient with me when I needed to leave and go to a previously scheduled appointment and come back to finish the paperwork.I was able to turn in my previous lease car right then and there, it literally was a trade in - one car for the other with no hassle what so ever. So great! And I drove away in my brad new car at a price I was really happy with and a few extras that I didn't expect.I don't think I could be happier. Galpin is a great dealership, Armen is a great sales person, though I consider him to be more customer service than sales because I didn't feel "sold" but I sure felt taken care of. Kudos to Victoria for setting everything up and a shout out to Andy Bandari who is the finance guy who took care of my paperwork as I signed my life away for another 3 years with Honda. No regrets. My car is perfect for me. Perfect. And I had a great experience at Galpin getting it and would recommend them without hesitation.
By: Mike G.
Galpin Honda
First let me say I only buy Honda. Simply I love these cars. They are affordable and reliable, and worth every penny. I’ve had the Accord, the Civic, the CRV, the Element, the Odyssey, the Pilot, the Insight and the Fit. I’ve been in the Valley since 1993, and purchased vehicles from Robertson, Miller, Keyes and even Hollywood Honda. However, it wasn‘t until 2011 that I was told about Galpin Honda in Mission Hills and the rest is history. Shawn Harrison and his Internet staff are extraordinary, Not only are they professional, but they are nice, considerate, respectful and make you feel welcomed in what normally is an uncomfortable experience for most. I’ve never experienced sales quite like this. It’s not high pressured, and is the most relaxed time you will have buying a car. The main sales person I deal with is Armen Bandari. The funny thing is I don’t consider him a sales person anymore, but now a friend. He is extremely compassionate and empathetic to your needs. He will make sure the car buying experience is encouraging and enjoyable. He is relaxed, happy and nice. Since I met Armen in 2011, I’ve bought from him, 2 CRV’s, 1 Insight, 3 Fit’s, 1 Civic, 1 Accord, and 1 Pilot. I’m constantly recommending family members and friends to him. If Armen is not available he will work hand and hand with other members on the Internet sales team. Michael Skierka is unbelievable. I just bought my most recent Honda Fit from Armen and Michael. Michael is honest, exceptionally nice, and really knowledgeable with any questions you might have. Honestly, anyone on Shawn Harrison’s Internet team will be able to help you with wonderful service. In addition, I recommend the finance team and the service department too. Every time I buy a car, I’ve had a great experience filling out the paper work. There’s no pressure and I’ll my questions are answered in detail before I sign the contract. Finally the Galpin service department is amazing. They listen to every concern. There’s never a problem getting in for service. Even last minute. They take pride in the work they do, and simply they want to make sure you leave happy. I believe Ed Hartoonian, the General Manager of Galpin Honda is doing something right. He has assemble a great team. His philosophy to give the customer the best deal, and not the dealership, is contrary to the business of selling cars. He cares about the customers, and sees the big picture. It’s not about the short returns but the repeat business, and the referrals that customers will give.
By: Marco V.
Galpin Honda
After a month and a half of strenuous research and searching for the perfect car, I was able to purchase it at Galpin Honda! Like you, when I think of purchasing a new car, I had a stomach churning feeling but I knew I needed a new car. I am a student and I had a budget that I had to stay within. I went with my father since he is a human calculator and was greeted by a very friendly sales man by the name of Carlos Rodriguez. I informed him about the car I wanted to see and we were off to test drive it. I had my plan set, not show the enthusiasm while switching through gears as smooth as butter. When we finished the test drive, my stomach sunk once again because now we had to talk numbers. I had come prepared and shopped around for quotes from different dealers. Some of which did not want to give me a number and said they rather "beat the final wuote from any dealer." The only problem is that they require official documentation that you will never receive. Fortunately, after some email exchange with someone from Galpin beforehand, they had quoted me an amazing deal and felt that they would upsell me on everything but I had to see. I went in with my father ready to go to war and to our amazement, Carlos was more than happy to work with us and a more than reasonable price and gave me a great APR. As a student, I felt respected and was never pushed to add anything I didn't want. After talking numbers, you go to financing and I knew my battle was not over. I expected everything that was worked out to be thrown out the window and paying an extra foot for unnecessary things. We spoke with Matt and he was one of the most amazing people that I have ever encountered. He was never pushy but he was however, very courteous and was ready to answer any question I had. I have already recommended some friends to go to Galpin for a hassle free experience because of how pleased I was with mine. Before leaving, I inspected my car for scratches and dings and saw a small dimple that wasn't anything major but still slightly bothered me. Carlos had no problem putting in the order to have it fixed and even got the car detailed for me when I had it picked up.All in all, this was nothing from what I expected. Thank you Galpin for my new car and thank you for setting the bar pretty damn high for my next car purchase.
By: Laurence C.
Galpin Honda
Before finally purchasing my car, I shopped around at countless numbers of Honda dealerships looking for a White Honda Si Sedan. This was the car I wanted and ONLY the car i wanted. Every dealership I went to before Galpin did not have the car and always tried to sell me on some other car even though I clearly stated I only want that particular car. And If the dealership did have the car, they did not want to give me a fair price on it. Before actually going to Galpin, i called. I was tired of spending countless hours at dealerships talking about nothing! When I called the person who helped me out was G. G is the man! i told him about my situation and he understood exactly where I was coming from. I was ready to buy and did not want a sales pitch. When I actually got to Galpin, I was impressed with their large inventory of vehicles. When i first met G, he was great. Treated me with excellence! G and Yosuf are the best. They offer me drinks and food which none of the dealerships did. What i really respect about G and Yosuf were that they did not try to down treat me due to my age. All of the dealerships I have been to did not take my seriously due to my age. they thought I just wanted a test ride. But G and Yosuf were different. I felt the respect I deserve as a shopper. They both understood that I wanted that specific car and they made the purchasing process easy. I usually do not write reviews but after going through countless dealerships and finally finding one with an excellent inventory and staff, I knew I should let people know. I knew I had to write a review because these guys continue to show me excellent car after i purchased the car. At first i thought i would be ignored once i purchased the car but i was wrong. G and Yosuf treated me like I was ready to buy another car! Customer Service alone deserves 5 stars. I had complications on my contract after i purchased the car and they helped out even though i already signed, we were able to change it up a bit to meet my needs! If you need a Honda or any car as a matter of fact, Not only do you go to Galpin Honda, but you ask for G and Yosuf!
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By: Amy W.
Galpin Honda
Silas at Galpin Honda truly went above and beyond for me! I purchased a 2015 Honda CR-Z and at the time, I traded in my 2002 Nissan Xterra. A few days later, I had a change of heart. I loved my new car and wanted to keep it but I was wishing I had not traded in my old car and wanted to keep it as well. I called Silas and asked him if it would be at all possible to buy back my old car for the amount I had received for it as a trade in. By the time I contacted him, it had already been sent to a local dealership for resale. Silas went out of his way to get it back for me and he had it back at Galpin Honda in no time! I was able to buy it back with little effort on my part. There was one small issue when I got it back. I had a stereo with a removable face plate and the face plate had been misplaced by the dealership the car had been sent to. Silas offered to replace the stereo with a comparable one and even had it installed for me at no charge. The excellent customer service doesn't stop there! I was trying to coordinate a time to bring my Xterra back to the dealership for the stereo installation. There were no immediate appointments available on the weekend and I work full time Monday-Friday so getting it there during the week was going to be difficult for me. Silas drove to my house, left his car, picked up the Xterra, drove it to the dealership, had the stereo installed, drove the Xterra back to my house, picked up his car, and drove back to the dealership. My Xterra was back in my driveway with the new stereo installed before I even got home from work yesterday! There were a few other small issues with my new car that were all taken care of as well. I am telling you, if you want EXCELLENT customer service, Silas is the man!! I should also mention Alen Masihi from the Service Department. He was also very friendly and easy to deal with. He made sure to follow up with me several times, both when my new car was being serviced, and after the fact, to make sure everything was ok.
By: ashleyharrison
Galpin Honda
My beloved 1990 Honda Civic finally gave up on me - a blown head gasket was just not worth fixing, so it was time for something new. After days of online research I drove out to Galpin Honda to see some of the Certified Pre-Owned cars I had been looking at online.Joseph Uphoff was my primary salesman, and he couldn't have been better. Friendly, helpful but not the slightest bit pushy, Joe walked me around the used section of the lot and showed me what they had. I was originally interested in the Fit, but discovered the Insight on the tour. After taking a look at the 2 pre-owned they had, I went home to do more research. After a few more days of scouring the web for info, I called Joseph and made an offer. He said he would talk to the manager and get back to me. After very little time, I got a call back from the closer (unfortunately I can't remember his name at the moment) with a counter offer of over $1,000 off the sticker, putting it right in my budget range. I wish I could remember his name, as it was a friendly, yet to the point conversation, and I appreciated the no-nonsense approach to deal making. The next day my wife and came in and had a quick meeting with the finance manager, Steve. This was the only time there was anything approaching a "hard-sell", where Steve offered various add-on products (Extended Warranties, protective coatings, etc). It wasn't a problem though, and in the end we got a decent deal on an extended warranty (8 years, 120K miles), which made my wife happy.Buying a car should be a fun experience, with as little stress as possible, and no regret after you sign the papers and drive off the lot. This was my experience at Galpin, and I want to thank Joseph in particular for making it such a good one. Keep up the good works guys, and we'll be back for the next one.
By: Joe J.
Galpin Honda
Just wanted to take the time out to rave about a recent experience I had at Galpin Honda. I’m a second time buyer and this time around I wanted to purchase a new car before the New Year ended. I had a strong idea of what I wanted but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted when I walked on the lot. I was introduced to Aj Marcial a sales representative of Honda, whom recently made a transfer from Chicago to Los Angeles immediately when I arrived. Me being in sales myself can understand the pressures and competitive atmosphere of the industry and I expected Aj to be that quote on quote “Shark” That everyone refers to with most sales men these days, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that AJ was in fact the opposite. Instead of selling me on a specific Honda he asked me lifestyle questions, all relating to which specific model I’d be interested in based off my daily needs. He was quick on his feet with information regarding each model, friendly easy going and very patient. AJ was also courteous enough to let me walk the first day I visited the location so that id have time to make up my mind. No pressure! After my vacation and a follow up call from Aj I returned back to the Galpin to purchase a civic I had my eye on. In regards to the sales process in its entirety, AJ was through, gave me the deal he promised me on my return, walked me through every fine detail, and made sure I was happy with my decision before signing my life away. I’m not a huge review guy and I never actually write reviews but after I bought my car from AJ I knew right away that I had to share my experience with the world. If you’re shopping around for a car and you need a great deal, service, and a knowledgeable sales men AJ Maricial Is you’re guy! I’m happy and fortunate to have purchased my vehicle from him! Thomas C
By: webactors
Galpin Honda
We really were not in the market to purchase a car, but were just looking around to see what was out there. We were interested in the Honda Fit since out friend couldn't stop talking about his. We had gone online and, because of the stellar reviews, decided to try Galpin Honda. We met with Nannette Ballesteros and felt right at ease. She treated us with respect and did not pressure us at all. Although the process to actually purchase the car took a while, it was not any fault of Nannette or Galpin Honda as there is so much paperwork. During this process, Nannette made sure we had drinks, even bought us lunch. To say she went above and beyond what we expected would be an understatement.Unfortunately, we did end up with a flat tire 6 days into our purchase (and are still scratching our heads as to how that happened). We originally thought it was a factory defect but were told by Angela Mancini, one of the Service Associates, it looked like there was damage to the side wall of the tire. We did not purchase the Tire Warranty so were extremely bummed when we heard this news. She offered to help us out and give us her employee discount for a new tire. After talking with my wife, we decided that was still too much and wanted to let the Service Manager, Steve Steinert, know that we wouldn’t be replacing the tire there. However, Steve stepped up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park and gave us a new tire for free (a one-time ‘good faith’ offer). Because of this, I am CERTAIN we will definitely be back to Galpin Honda to purchase our next car. We are a young couple and because of the GREAT customer service, we will be giving Galpin Honda our business for years to come.Thank you Nannette, Steve and Angela. We cannot tell you how appreciative we are for all of your help.
By: my3babygirls
Galpin Honda
Part 1Over a month ago I started my search for our next family vehicle. After daily searches on autotrader, craigslist, and dealership websites for an Odyssey Touring, I started to contact salesmen laying out our situation and criteria. Most of them including 2 from Galpin Honda worked on it for a day and I never heard from them again. Almost giving up hope I gave it one more shot at Galpin. MARTIN picked up the sales call, heard what we were looking for, and was on point. Delivering exceptional customer service with every follow up call; providing updates and keeping us in the loop. The day came when it was my husband's only day off in the week in which Martin should have been off as well. Martin came in and met us along w/our 3 little girls. He was nothing but attentive to our family breaking up what should have been a long 5 hr visit sitting around a dealership. Thank You Martin! You are awesome!!! We were definitely well taken cared of, 100% satisfied, and absolutely blown away by you going above and beyond to meet our family’s needs. We are proud Honda owners and know that we can call on you for any questions or concerns. Part 2We purchased a family vehicle last Thursday, 21 Feb 2013 from Martin at Galpin Honda in Mission Hills, CA. He made the headache of purchasing a new vehicle and spending hours at a dealership a thing of the past. He sets the bar for delivering higher standards and exceptional customer service. Immediately, we knew when the time came we would do it again in a heartbeat. We didn’t expect it but it’s only Wednesday and we were back. Bottom line 2 purchases within 6 days. We are very happy with Martin and would highly recommend our dear family and friends to come see him.
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By: beneficial
Galpin Honda
I just traded my Toyota 2010 Prius for another Toyota 2015 Prius. Mike Fogelman one of the top salesman at Galpin went above and beyond to help me find the car I was looking for. They didn't have what wanted on the lot so, mike spent 3 days working on finding me the exact car and color I wanted. 3 DAYS is all it took to get my car delivered to Galpin. I couldn't be happier with my decision Mike always goes above and beyond to help his clients get exactly what they are looking for. That's exactly why I didn't go anywhere else but Galpin Honda of Mission Hills. Just to give you a little preview of what kind of service Galpin Honda gives their customers, I was transferring all my stuff from my old Prius to the new prius and I noticed that there was hub caps on my black stock Toyota rims which is was awesome because that's exactly one of the most important features I was asking for so, anyways as I was putting my things into my new used Toyota Prius I noticed that the hubcaps were on and there was no Toyota symbol on the center of my rims. Literally as I turned around to grab the last of my things there was a service tech taking the hubcaps off for me and putting the Toyota symbol on every rim of my new Toyota Prius and by the time I was finished loading my stuff it was drive away ready. Seriously guys I couldn't of asked for better service here at Galpin Honda of mission hills. I recommend anyone that is thinking about getting a new or used car to head down to Galpin Honda of mission hills today to experience some of the best service a car dealership has to offer. I will definitely come back to Mike at Galpin Honda when I'm ready to get a new used car.

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