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By: yourmagazineusa
Dream Wellness
During his senior year of college, when most American kids are either drunk or hung over, Brian Stenzler was cultivating an idea that shaped the future of his professional career. He realized that there was something missing in the pool of health services available in our country. He believed that healthcare was really more like sick care, and that the focus was almost completely on symptom response rather than prevention. What he came up with was a single business that would offer a wide variety of services and a comprehensive focus on holistic well-being. D.R.E.A.M. Wellness on Camino Del Mar is one building that houses services in chiropractic, massage, nutrition, empowerment coaching, yoga, group fitness, personal training, acupuncture, personal development, surfing, martial arts, and even organic cooking classes. The first step for every client is a test using surface electromyology, which is completely painless and non-invasive and pinpoints specific areas of stress on the nervous system. In this way, the instructors and practitioners at D.R.E.A.M. figure out exactly how they can help you. And in addition to whichever service you are receiving, you will also receive guidance in how to live the dream through Diet, Relaxation, Exercise, Adjustment, and Mental wellness. At D.R.E.A.M. the well-being of every single client is of principal importance, and the programs that they provide can truly change your life.
By: downtownreporter
Crossfit Invictus
It’s time to get fit. If you want one on one or group coaching, Crossfit Invictus is the gym for you. With a unique open gym setting without any machines, Crossfit focuses on intense full body work outs using your own body weight as the main focal point for the weight. They have a wall lined with dumbbells and kettle balls for a variety of workouts. You will also enjoy unique stretching, lunges and intense core workouts.The head coach and owner, C.J. Martin, has a background that will kick you on your but`t just after reading it. Known internationally for his Martial Arts, he brings the experience, energy and dedication to making you feel and look better. The uniqueness of his art brings a new thought into “personal training.” His thought process is to have every one of his students show up to their workouts without having to think about what they’re doing. It’ll allow them to listen really well and focus on the intensity of each workout.Come on, what are you waiting for? Dust off your 1980s spandex outfit, leave the fanny pack at home and come be a part of a hip way to be fit. Crossfit Invictus, it’s infectious.
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By: Rosaelena L.
Alpha Trust Chiropractic
Dr. Reyes was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend and I must say she was right on! He has been not only my Chiropractor but my PRIMARY doctor for every dis-ease I have experienced, from lower-back pain, allergies, car accidents...you name it. In fact, my allergies have disappeared...which still amazes me every summer/spring season when people are suffering from allergies and swallowing all kinds of allergy medication and I'm not! I have been under his care for about 10 years and I look forward to 50 more years of his magical experience and expertise in the field. I tried various chiropractors before seeing him and there is no one like him. Not only does he master the field of chiropractics but he truly cares about the well-being of those under his care.Regarding his service, he's a ONE MAN SHOW! He answers your call, he schedules you, he'll follow up and most importantly, he's always AVAILABLE should you need him and/or have an emergency. His flexibility has truly been a blessing with my crazy work schedule.Blessings.
By: yourmagazineusa
Better Health Chiropractic
One generally doesn't look forward to a trip to the doctor. Long waits, impersonal care and drugs with multiple side effects make for an often excruciating experience. Such is not the case with Better Health Chiropractic. The knowledgeable staff treats clients with compassion and kindness, demonstrating an adroit understanding of the client's specific health needs. Utilizing the latest in non-evasive technology, the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station allows Dr. Stan Shapiro to objectively diagnose whatever malady menaces your body. Because of this, he is able to accurately create a treatment plan in order to address the specific needs of the client, thereby increasing significantly the patient's potential for perfect health. Finally, with over 11 years of experience, Dr. Shapiro and his superlative staff (Sara Hightower, aka the Massage Queen, and Hadar Elbaz, L.AC, et al.) will without a doubt develop, enhance, and otherwise enrich your wellbeing.
By: tashasmama
Matthew Bruhin & Associates
I am surprised at the review posted below saying that Matt does not care, I am one of the clients he saw a few times for a reduced fee because he knew I was experiencing a difficult time in between jobs with a newborn and wanted to help me. All of the other therapists I reached out to before him told me to go fly a kite so it's kind of odd that someone would expect a therapist to just work for free. Besides that, I just wanted to say Matt has helped me immensely in all areas of my life. Getting back to work, repairing my marriage and becoming a better mother to my daughter. For anyone going through overwhelming life changes Matt is great because he really helps you sort it all out, issue by issue without making you feel like your life is a total mess... So thankful for finding him!
By: Laura V.
LA Fitness
Have been going there for a few months now and dont really have any complaints. I have 2 kids and my husband on our membership and the price is right. At another gym i had previously signed up at the price was almost double for all of us. My only complaints would be that they only have childcare open during what seems to be the busy times and I often have trouble finding an open cardio equipment, and although the ladies in childcare are soo sweet and my children LOVE being there, my older son has told me about how the bigger boys punch and kick him sometimes :( , the staff has been responsive with my concerns though and I still feel ok bringing him there because he LOVES it sooo much!
By: andyfmann
Matthew Bruhin & Associates
I found Matt several years ago off Google when searching for an addiction therapist in San Diego. I was really nervous about the entire thing but my parents pretty much gave me no choice, they were kicking me out unless I got help. I am not sure how other therapists work because this is the only one I have seen but he really made the process positive and overall a good experience. I was also nervous about seeing a male therapist but again Matt was great to work with. He always made me feel like he was an older brother sort of figure, never judgmental or too invasive. I still see him from time to time as it's always good to check in. Would score him 10 stars but it stopped me at 5.
By: Jenifer D.
Mission Bay Chiropractic Center Paul Farrell Dba
I have been going to see Dr.Farrell for years now. This is actually my first ever Yelp review. I feel that strongly about sharing, the message of how effective he is at pinpointing the exact spots on my body that our in distress. He listens to me. He personally calls his clients to follow up. He has magic hands. Dr Farrell's office staff are also top notch, Gerry, Joy, Butch, they have all contributed in keeping me mobile. Thank you!!! Sincerely J Dulmage.
By: mariobbt
Life Within Chiropractic
My first visit here, they took the time to explain everything to me that was going on, what was beneficial and why giving me a lot of peace of mind. Whenever I needed an appointment after this they took me in right away and at times convenient for me. As the general sales manager at Bob Baker Toyota this is very important to me. With my schedule I don't have a lot of free time and they make me feel like a valued customer. I recommend them to all of my employees.
By: mariannekim
Matthew Bruhin & Associates
Therapy was a last resort for me so when choosing a therapist I needed someone who could actually convince me they can help me with the issues I am experiencing. I can honestly say I previously have been unable to connect with any other therapist besides Matt, he seems to truly understand the issues I have and offers continuous solutions that actually help me. I have sent two other of my girl friends to him, both love him just the same! 5 stars from me :)
Tips & Advices
During the first session, the participants might talk about the issues and goals of their relationship, as well as what to expect. Subsequent sessions might involve learning tools to communicate better.
The average cost of a session with a counselor in 2017 is around at $90 an hour. The cost ranges from $60- $130 an hour. Some counselors offer package deals and might take insurance.
The length of relationship counseling varies depending on the therapist’s technique, and the couple’s goals and needs. But some couples may see improvement after a few sessions.
The 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires coverage of counseling services to be equal to physical health coverage. Check with your employers’ plan benefits or as your HR representative or insurance company directly.
Pre-divorce counseling is required in some states, while others have bills pending making it a requirement of divorce proceedings.

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