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By: Erica T.
Jennings Tax Law
THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME SERVICE!!! Going to Jennings and his team was the best decision that I could make. I wanted to take my mother in to write up her Will. She is not doing so well and I wanted to make sure that everything was in order for the day that God decided to take her home. My mother has a few estates and investments that she wanted to split up with the family. I had no clue how to do that. So when I went online I found Jennings Tax Law saw all the service that they provide and he was perfect because even after writing the Will he could help with many other things that we would need when the time came and know our family situation. I called the office with many questions on what the process would be. I knew that I would have to gather documents of all the estates and investments my mother had. So, when the sectary answers the phone I had a list of items. I informed her of that my mother needed help writing up a Will. We had a small brief discussion on what my mother was looking to do. She then set up an appointment for the next morning and for me to bring my mother and documents that I had. Next morning I showed up with my mother. The sectary welcomed us with a smile. Jennings came out greeted us with a strong hand shake and smile. We discussed with Jennings the way we wanted everything split up. He explained to us all the legal matter that would be involved with splitting up everything and making sure that when the time came there would be no problem. I leaned a few things in writing up a Will. The meeting took up a few hours before Jennings told now all he had to do is draft up the Will for my mother to sign and his team would get to us sometime next week. The following week we came in to look over the Will before my mother signed it. It looked GREAT. My mother and I were very happy!!!!
By: jerome
Golden State Law Group
WOW! What a service! I was going through a Loan Modification and I was suddenly presented with a Auction Date and it was for September 7. I went in to the Mission Valley office and met with David Weil personally. He was able to file my case the same day and allowed me to make payments on a portion of my fee so we could stop my auction sale! I was so impressed with all the staff. The case Manager Joe was very respectful and friendly. My paralegal, Vanessa was very smart and fast! I went from ready to jump out of a building to driving home with a big smile on my face! I had a to take a deep breath before I told my wife that we did not have to move in two days! I owe my happiness to all the staff at Golden State Law Group!! They are all amazing people...
By: richardreviews
Jennings Tax Law
Teaming up with Jennings was a great decision. A few months ago I was presented with the opportunity of buying a beautiful fourplex property. Although I own other properties, this would be my first time dealing with a fourplex purchase. I needed some direction on this project. A friend of mine who had used Jennings Tax Law before to draw up a business contract referred me to them.I called and asked some questions and they informed me they could help me with researching the property and landlord-tenant agreements. I made an appointment and the rest is history. Jennings team helped me with the whole process in buying the property from beginning to end.I enjoyed working with Doug Jennings and his team.
By: iamdebtfree
Golden State Law Group
I was up to my neck in debt and I had a lot of assets. A good friend told me I would have to give up all of my assets to file BK so I did nothing for months. I saw a commercial for GSLG and I went in for a free consultation. David Weil met with me personally and he was able to protect all of my assets and get rid of all of my debt! I wished I would have gone in much sooner to protect my credit. David Weil and his entire staff is very professional and they literally saved my marriage!
By: mariojuarez
Golden State Law Group
This place came highly recommended from my boss. I was getting creditor calls at work and he told me to call Golden State. They stopped my creditor calls the same day, and they helped me protect my house and car while wiping out all my other debt. I am very happy and grateful for their services. My boss is happy that I am not distracted at work, and my wife is happy that we can actually eat something other than Top Ramen every night! THANK YOU!!!
By: cassiewolfe
Golden State Law Group
My experience with your agency was very positive. From the initial consultation to the end of my process, staff was always very accessible and helpful when I had questions. However, the attorney that was present with me at the hearing wasn't as prepared at I expected him to be. He had very little knowledge of my case and didn't have some documents the judge requested. Fortunately, I did.
By: gorgefontain
Golden State Law Group
I came into Golden State Law Group after a referal from my boyfriend and three other friends. They were able to get me in, do all my paper work, and get me into court within just a few months. They took care of everything and made it so easy for me. The service is great, the staff is very polite amd respectful, and they make you very comfortable. Thank you!
By: jakev1
Golden State Law Group
Great Attorneys , Great Services , and they always returned my calls ! I love this place its definitely a breath of fresh air from your typical law firm or attorney service . They actually took the time to make me feel comfortable and confident in what i was doing in the process that i was going through ! Free Consultations Highly recommended Firm !
By: patriciadunhamu
Golden State Law Group
If you are in over your head with bills, don't hesitate to call Golden State Law Group. They are professional, affordable, and easy to talk to. All the staff goes the extra mile to keep you in the know. My creditors stopped calling and it feels like I just pushed the restart button on my life. I Totally recommend Golden State Law Group!
By: gimusa
Golden State Law Group
My experience at Golden State Law Group was fenomenal, everybody was very pleasant to talk to, my agent was very knowledgable, attentive to my needs, she made me feel valuable, it was great working with her, I rate her 110%. I will definitely recommend Golden State Law Group for your great service and professionalism. Thanks for all you do!
Tips & Advices
Yes. Communicating with the IRS can become complicated, especially for the layperson who isn't well-versed in the field of tax law. A tax attorney can help ensure an individual is taking the right approach and is staying within the law.
  • What do you specialize in?
  • Do you have references?
  • What credentials do you have? Are you licensed to practice in this state?
  • What is your hourly rate, and what is the cost of an initial consultation?
Yes. Tax attorneys must first earn a law degree. Then, they must pass the state bar exam specific to the state in which they practice. Some may choose to further their education by obtaining a master's degree in taxation law or taking the CPA exam.
Though both are experts in matters related to taxes and taxation law, there are some key differences between certified public accountants and tax attorneys. Tax attorneys focus more on the legal side of tax law. They have a law degree and have passed the bar exam. CPAs focus more on the financial side of tax law. They have passed the CPA exam. To take this exam, individuals must have 150 or more college credits, and typically some work experience.
Yes. Tax attorneys can help clients with back taxes.

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