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By: Marianne G.
Pebble Cove Apt Homes
My family and I lived in these apartments from 2013-2014. I am going to be giving my honest opinion about our experience at Pebble Cove apartments. The application process was a breeze and Carlos the manager is a nice guy. Now about the apartments, the day of our move-in the apartment was kind of filthy. They were re-doing the bathroom as we were moving in and they only replaced the living room carpet. The apartment was not ready for us when we moved in. My husband and I had to clean the kitchen ourselves because it didn't look like it had even been wiped down! There was crumbs, stains, dead bugs, in the cabinets and the fridge was just as gross. The one thing that bothered me the most was the fleas. Yes, the FLEAS! I was eaten alive and still have the scars on my legs to prove it. They did not change the carpet in the 2 bedrooms (which my husband and I had to deep clean ourselves by renting a deep cleaner vacuum from Home Depot which was $100!) My son wasn't even 1 yet and he was getting bit as well. The manager did call pest control and it took 2 visits before they were killed off. Don't count on getting hot water in the shower either, EVER. The ceiling walls are pop corn and neighbors who have dogs sometimes (most of the time) leave their dogs droppings on the floor, so I never felt comfortable letting my son go out. Neighbors over-pact their back patios and the front as well making the complex look really ghetto. The blinds in the house would always fall off and we were told we'd get charged the next time we asked for replacements when they never replaced them in the first place! There's also not enough trash bins so everyone's trash is literally overflowing. I wish I could give this place a higher rating because the manager was nice. I believe the ratings below come from management. I would like to give potential renters a look at what they're in for.
By: janeyjane
Cedar Shores Apartments
Would be OK if they kept it common areas clean, got rid of all the mold inside the walls if possible, and actually told you when Fed Ex has deleivered a package to the office with your name on it. Very lazy staff except the maintenance guy (Armando?) who is very quick and good at fixing things. Good parking. You can dump a flower pot full of dirt in one of the hallways, and the management will step over the mess for days without cleaning it up or asking someone in the staff to clean it up. OK update...they got rid of the maintenance guy who had the drunkard son a few months ago, and it feels safer, and they replaced a bunch of moldy extertior wall wood siding. Yeah! But now there is invasion of dogs living here! The common halls are starting to get infested with fleas. My ankles are getting bitten...yuck! Hope they don't get into my apartment! I don't want to live with pesticide chemicals. Just glad my immediate neighbors don't have one. I often hear them barking from the parking lot late at night etc.
By: smthngucrave
Cash 4 Cars At Meza Towing
I just spent the last 2 hours calling around to different tow yards and impound lots looking for cars for sale that are reasonably priced and honestly cheap but running. My boyfriends car got stolen on saturday so we are left with no transportation. when i called Meza's Towing Danny was so helpful. He kept it real with me and told me what not to do and what not to buy. This info is seriously helpful cause hes right, we are in a bind and dont need to spend our money on something thats gonna end up costing us more money than we have. Meza's Towing is an honest upright business and thats Awesome... Thanks Danny!!!
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By: Jesus P.
Utopia Management
Today I had to call Utopia Management regarding my rent. I was confused as to why my rent had not been withdrawn from my account. So I gave Utopia Management today to get this resolved. I spoke with Sarah P. at accounting regarding the issue. She explained that the automatic re-occurring payment was not activated on my account, and that it can have been an accident. Instead of making the situation worse. Sarah told me to make the payment ASAP -which I did, and she waved the late fee due to issue of re-occurring payment. Sarah was extremely helpful, and hospitable. Thank you Sarah P.!!!
By: Ayesha C.
Mesa Village Apartments
I usually don’t write reviews but I had to for this place because I had seen many bad reviews for it. This is a great apartment complex if you are looking for a studio. The price is very affordable and set up is good to where the apartment doesn’t feel so small. The management is great and easy to work with; they are always professional, courteous and responsive. The apartment complex is quite and location is very convenient. The property has a nice pool and barbeque area. I highly recommend it if you are looking for an affordable studio.
By: Marlee E.
Utopia Management
I just moved into the condo unit on January 2014 that I am renting from Utopia. I loved how it was easy to apply and Nancy was great to work with through the application process and lease signing. She always followed up with us promptly. Maintenance is good too. We had a couple of things replaced that were not working when we moved (heater went out, dishwasher didn't work). Maintenance came out promptly and had the items replaced. I love living in our new place and great management company helps make our living worry free.
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By: David G.
Tony's Lube & Tune & Brakes
I have been blessed in knowing and trusting Tony with all of my vehicles for many years. I only send any friends and family to him and his talented people, with whom he surrounds himself. Tony works with his customers with honest and professional knowledge and guarantees his work. His prices are more than fair and I feel safe on the road because of the trust he has earned from me so many times. Of all the shops and mechanics out there, "Tony's lube and Tune and Brakes" is the absolute best. Trust me, you can trust Tony.
By: Alexanderdjjh05@hotmail.com A.
Utopia Management
Utopia made it an easy transition into my new apt. They send you monthly invoices which make it easy when you're busy and don't want to find an envelope, the address, etc. They send it with plenty of time to let you make a timely payment. I had a couple things that needed work when I first moved in and they took care of it right away. Lorinda helped me out through the approval process and it was easy. I recommend using Utopia and Lorinda for managing property. Thanks Utopia!
By: carrie.johns.35
Mr Brakes
When your husband is out of town and you need your car fixed without a run-around...Mr Brakes is the place to go. A rather average looking shop in appearance it makes up for it in quality service! Dave and Gabriel are super guys!!! They checked out my power steering 4:30pm, order the parts and had the car finished the early next morning. They also kept the old hose to show me the hole warn in it. If you need a smog check it's just behind their shop too.
By: Uriel L.
Utopia Management
I am again writing about how pleased I am with Utopia,they have always responded immediately to any maintenance issues.They have always addressed any concerns I have like obtaining new window treatments.I am involved in the customer service industry myself,and I really appreciate how they go the "extra" mile,and I cannot imagine any one being dissatisfied...they have been exemplary,and I have rented exclusively from them for more than eight years.
Tips & Advices
Ceramic brake pads are made from dense, durable ceramic. They are favored for their relative silence while driving compared to metal or organic brake pads. They also have little wear and tear on the overall brake system and are very reliable. However, they are more expensive than metal or organic brake pads. Additionally, their performance deteriorates in extreme driving conditions.
Brake rotors typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.
Brake shoes are used in drum brakes--rather than disc brakes--which is the original braking system designed for vehicles. Just as brake pads are the friction component of disc brakes, brake shoes are the friction component of drum brakes. When the brakes are applied, a wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoe against the brake drums, which spin while the vehicle is in motion, and causes the vehicle to stop.
A squeaking or squealing sound when applying newly replaced brakes is normal. It comes from the rotor vibrating against the new brake pads. It should quiet down after about 250 miles, and should be more or less silent by 750 miles, when the brake system has had some time to synchronize itself.
This depends on the car, the brake system, and the car owner's driving habits. Typically, a car's brakes should be replaced after about 50,000 miles, but some car's brakes may last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Car owners shouldn't wait for a magic number to replace their brakes. They should check them regularly, and pay close attention if they hear any weird noises or if the car feels shaky while braking. Brakes are a critical safety component of a car, so it's important to stay on top of brake maintenance.

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