By: alaura973
Auto Glass Center
"This place is full of surprises...After spending a day or two comparing prices to replace the rear window of my 2004 Ford explorer and getting nothing but price increases at every turn (the old you-need-this-and-that-will-be-extra routine), I found this cat, Ray, at Auto Glass Center. Now maybe it is because he is from Philly, but he is a no BS sort of guy; friendly, but focused on the task at hand. After going over the particulars, he came up with a couple of different options, one of which saved me over $200. We set up an appointment...and surprise, when I arrived they were ready to work on my ride. It is not a particular easy fix, and he and his crew worked on it till they got it right. My side rear view mirror needs replacement and his quote was half of what the dealer told me it would be...that's getting fixed today. When it came time to pay, however, that is when the big surprise came. It was the same price he quoted me the day before. No added this or that because of this or this or that. They even have coffee and Wi-Fi, so I could work while I waited..."
By: Kyle C.
Casper Screens
Recently my wife and I wanted to get a screen or retractable screen for our french door so we could enjoy the breeze and not have to run our AC so much this summer. We saw an add in one of those Home mailer magazines for Casper Screens and another retractable screen business. We called both, they were both pleasant on the phone but went with Casper because they were cheaper (we had a coupon as well) and had a good warranty. Dale or Dave? showed us the product and installed it same day. We are enjoying the screen!
By: claudia.dodel
Casper Screens
They were great in sending the screen after we sent the measurements. They fit perfectly, they look nice, but beware, they do not warranty unless they install. Installing them was no big deal. However, you need two hands to open and close them. One side does not lock as other retractable screens do. Also they constantly come out of the tracks. You have to be SUPER careful opening and closing. I never had this problem with other disappearing screens. Honestly, I will not order Casper screens again.
By: eleslie646
Auto Glass Center
Originally went to Auto Glass Center last year after my parrot ate the seal around my windshield. Ray and his staff were on top of their game. They replaced the windshield and sent me on my way pretty quick. Everyone there is super friendly and is always willing to go out of their way to help. A lot of times at no cost to the consumer. I recently went back because I noticed some fabric came loose on the side of the dash. Ray explained it was due to the sun but fixed it anyways at no cost to me.
By: nicolee415
Auto Glass Center
I lost a review mirror on my car and tried to superglue it back with crazy glue and gorilla glue. didn't work. there was even a chunk of glass missing from the windshield. They got me in right away to do a work around repair and were able to fix my mistake of putting the glue on to completely repair everything. Out the door for $45. great service, friendly, understanding, easy to chat with, and I even learned a little something. will come back to them for any and all related issues
By: fdsagdf541
Auto Glass Center
Wow! These guys rock! I called by accident before they were open and hung up, since I figured I would just call them back, but then they called me back within a minute. He gave me a quote over the phone, and I was in and out in the same day. I was just getting rear view mirror replaced, but I know it would have cost much more at the dealer. It was worth the drive for me, and the guys are very professional. Great experience all around; I would recommend them to anyone
By: kfrank191
Auto Glass Center
Every once in a while you come upon a business or people who go the extra mile...and this is such a place!! From beginning to end they were amazing in service. From rides offered, to explaining the process of windshield replacement and manufacturing for my truck passenger window, to cost, to quick timelines and even a cold soda...if ever anyone deserved to have a 5 star rating, this place does, and so does Ray who works there.
By: james485487
Auto Glass Center
I must say I am impressed. Service, Quality, professionalism, owner/manager and his assistant helped me out of a bind on a Sunday. How awesome can you get, price, affordability cannot be beat. Answered on the first ring and got me in the next day and got it done. Explained to me what happened, made me feel like my car was special. Auto Glass Center thanks you saved me on short notice. The Best in the City!!!
By: hectorr587
Auto Glass Center
The attention Ray gave me over the phone answering my questions, the accommodation to my schedule, the fact that they had both the Nissan factory windshield as well as the imitation in stock for me to choose, and a price that was about $100 less than I had expected to pay, was good enough for me to make the appointment (I did call my Nissan dealer to get their price as a point of reference. No contest!).
By: maryy865
Auto Glass Center
The best price for my smashed back windshield, got right in, drove out with new window in about one hour. The manager, Ray, and his workmen were all friendly, polite and helpful. They offer coffee, tea, soft drinks in the waiting room along with a TV with all stations and WI-FI. Thank you Ray, working with you was a nice experience

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