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Uncle Biff's-Hillcrest Store
“Best cookie on earth,” says “Uncle” Biff Ledgerwood when asked to describe his product. All the employees nod their heads in agreement and add that the cookies are made from only the best ingredients, too. This is no lie. For the past twenty years Uncle Biff and his cookie crew have been supplying Hillcrest and Pacific Beach with some of the tasty treats in San Diego. Chocolate chip, with or without nuts, is a classic choice, but the Original Killer Cookie and the variety of peanut flavored cookies are what really make you drool. The shop is simple and to the point: you walk in, you see the rows of freshly baked cookies in front of you, and you walk out happy with a few boxes in your hands. While the cookies are usually warm and soft, the service at Uncle Biff’s comes with a dry sense humor. Biff and his employees like to joke around with each other, as well as their clientele, so do not start eating your dessert until you have vacated the premises (it could be a choking hazard). Typically there are no major sales or discounts on cookies, but Uncle Biff’s does off a standard “buy one dozen cookies, get two free” deal. The neon sign that hangs in the store window reads: KILLER COOKIES because of the fact that once you eat them, you will feel like you died and went to cookie heaven. Make sure that the next you’re your sweet tooth is acting up to kill it with this sweet cookie.
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Profitwise Accounting
The staff of Profitwise Accounting are definitely experts when it comes to money management. You can really tell they've been doing accounting, and all that tedious work that comes with it, for many years. Normally perfectionists make me impatient, but this is one area where I wouldn't want anything else, and Profitwise Accounting people take care to be as careful and accurate as possible.
By: Bonnie D.
NDS Accounting Services
For anyone looking for a trustworthy accounting service please talk to Nancy, Troy or Liz at NDS accounting services . After 10 years of service with NDS I have no complaints! They are smart, conscientious , professional and caring. Top Notch!
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Corner Store

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