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By: Daniel L.
Summerbrook Apartments
When I first moved here, I came in a panic asking for a place to live in a hurry lol Veronica helped me out A LOT I owe her big time. Since living here, I've had numerous situations where I thought I was going to have to leave the apartments (military related) and the staff in the leasing office have been MORE THAN HELPFUL with every step of the way. I just want to say THANK YOU Veronica and Cynthia for being so incredibly FLEXIBLE!! You guys are the BEST! Apartments are nice and pool is amazing. Service for broken or problematic apartment issues is great. They always get on it and fix it in a timely manner. I would highly recommend these apartments to ANYONE looming for a great place to live.
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By: John B.
Cresta Bella Apartments
My wife Cheryl and I moved to San Diego last October from Los Angeles. After 3 months of researching and visiting dozens of apartment communities, we selected Cresta Bella. We met, without a doubt, the most competent leasing agent and one very good man. We love Cresta Bella's amenities and our apartment, but I do have to add that our leasing agent, Zeplin, was the deciding reason we moved in. He is honest, hard working, and keeps his word. It's a great place to live, come see and talk with Zeplin.
By: david.j.vermette
Utopia Management
Horrible Management Company, rented a home through them, got caught in the middle of the landlord and the management company. Landlord is awesome, Utopia is a joke, mismanagement of funds, dirty disgusting house which they claimed to "clean". Refused to repair items which were damaged by previous tenants, claimed we were lying when we reported the damages to the home in the 10 day property report. Blinds were hanging off the wall, broken in several rooms, carpet was dirty, my wife spent 6 hours cleaning the kitchen. The refrigerator was broken (refused to repair, I ended up fixing myself). The list goes on and on. They also turned the power off to the property when the tenants moved out and left raw chicken in the refrigerator of a "clean house" which bakes in the heat for two weeks. I have no hard feelings though, we love the house we are in, landlord turned out to be wonderful, she is suffering from this company still though, just found out last week Utopia never paid the homeowner dues the whole time they managed the property and now she is being sued by the homeowner association. To prove they are incompetent and have no idea what they are doing, when we moved in they gave us the rules of the homeowner association, well come to find out, they gave us rules to the wrong homeowner association lol. Pure and complete IMCOMPETENCE! I wouldn't trust them with my dog house!
By: Mignon B.
Utopia Management
Great service. Prompt response. Very helpful. Easy to contact. Only a phone call away. Reliable and fair. Local offices. Made renting the property very easy indeed...
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By: Bret T.
Utopia Management
Utopia Management Inc have been very helpful and extremely professional in our recent move. We are very pleased with how the move went and would like to say a big thank you.
By: Cannabis M.
Bella Posta Luxury Apartments
Awful awful awful. The front desk Eric, I think he believes he's part owner in RA Snyder companies or something, or maybe RA Snyder's son. Make sure you check the Yelp reviews on there. The 5 star reviews are fake accounts just a heads up.They will nickle and dime you for every little thing possible. The rents keep going up and they no way justify this type of living. All my neighbors moved out as fast as possible, I sadly got stuck an extra month and had to stay.The maintenance guys can't stand the staff themselves as they continuously let residents know when fixing your apartment. And you'll get to know them well, the apartment will need something pretty much every month.Pros:Convenient LocationLiquor Mart a Block Away (You'll need it to live here)Cons:Your plumbing will be out on a monthly basis for a minimum of 24 hours.Literally no parking. Good luck after 8 p.m. finding a spot.The rent no where near justifies any rhyme or reason. (RA Snyder needs to make its money back from the purchase of Padre Gardens ASAP).The Staff (Maintenance guys are cool as hell though, and tell it how it is).Residents can't stand the place, still amazed how many people move in and move out within a few months.Cars are consistently broken in to in the parking lot (Mine got broken in to 3x in a year). They have 1 security guard who is more concerned finding people to tow than actually watching out for people's cars.Enjoy the roaches...Homeless people rummaging through the trash on a daily basis.The Gym is absolute crap.I had a leak in my sink, and the lady Stephanie literally blamed it on me and said it took too long for me to notice. When I said "Am I supposed to check under the sink every week to check the plumbing?" Her reply "I do. That's where I keep my cleaning supplies". My reply, "I don't keep stuff under the sink". Seriously lady?Awful awful awful. Feel free to direct message me on Yelp as well if you have any questions! They'll try and say it's all false info but I have no problem talking to anyone about it.
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By: Abim W.
Utopia Management
customer service SUCKS! this is written as a prospective tenant. i've not yet to be approved or denied BUT the entire process has been VERY unprofessional "to me". i only applied due to being told that i could receive an answer or an approval within 24hrs "samantha"{had all my paper work in order} WHICH its been over a week plus. what a waste of $45. when i phoned to get status update. the person who answered the phoned DIRECTED ME TO THEIR WEBSITE??? "keep in mind, i stated HELLO, i'm calling to get information ON AN APPLICATION for....." she says you can go to our website. I SAID FOR A STATUS OF AN APPLICATION ON A PROPERTY? I then get a vm? wouldn't recommend this company AND again, its not been an approval or a denial. i DON'T want to imagine their approach with maintenance request. i'll pass, i'm not interested. i gave one star because at least they answer the phone.
By: Mike J.
Pebble Cove Apt Homes
Great apartments, really clean and a great value for the area. It has new landscaping and the place has really changed since mid-2016. This is a clean, safe affordable complex that is gated and kept really nice. Residents are nice. Good place.
By: cecill182
Utopia Management
I have rented from Utopia since May and have had no problems at all. I love that they send you a monthly statement, so you never forget that you need to pay your rent.....which happens from time to time when life gets busy!
By: mairene.juarez
Bridgeport Properties
RENTERS BEWARE!!!.The manager at these apartments is insane. There is no other way to describe her. She is rude, not helpful at ALL, and they take no responsibility . Management was so bad I HAD to move. There was no other way. DO NOT RENT WITH THIS LADY, unless you like to be treated like dirt. They are all managed by the same lady. LETICIA

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