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By: intellectualgivers
Pizzaplace Cafe
The owner eddie is one of the most down to earth individuals I've ever encountered. I lost my cell phone, and I had a good idea it was in my vehicle, so I had to find someone to call it, I went inside to ask for assistance, he could have said no, been selffish, and been on his way, but he went outside his store and helped out. So I returned his kindness by trying out the food. Being chinese, and having worked at domino's pizza for 4 years as a shift manager, and delivering pizzas on a bicycle in downtown San Diego, Pizza Hut in Mayport FL and Chula Vista CA for 1 year as a driver, Papa Johns for 1 year as a driver, and Broadway Pizza years ago as a cook, I have a pretty good idea what good pizza is, and I am also vegetarian. The pizza is fantastic, their is fresh, made to order and also pizza already made for fast service. They also have other foods and salads besides pizza. If you want down to earth, friendly stellar service, and great food, look no further. This is the place for you! From 1 to 10, I give it a 9.8. I will make YouTube movies later on this business and other businesses.I am also a former professional secret shopper/mystery shopper, I used to write reports for hours on the service of businesses, employees, almost like restaurant impossible, mystery diners and bar rescue, so I know good service when I see it, and if the employees actually care, were human, we make mistakes, I attempt to remain objective and fair. And the customer isn't always right, credit where credit is due.I don't do or care for typing, email, text, and here are just a few reasons why below."Rules are flawed, as flawed as the people and ignorant fools that make them." - intellectualgivers"Freedom of expression, freedom of speech overrides most rules." - intellectualgivers"People want to attempt to sound sophisticated and smart when they sound smug and petty." - intellectualgivers"Religious people try to impose their ignorant close minded foolish flawed morality on others, not knowing any better, nothing more nothing less." - intellectualgivers"A party is like a religion, it straight jackets your mind." Jack Kevorkian May 26, 1928 - Present (age 82) Pontiac, Michigan, U.S."All the big powers they've silenced me. So much for free speech and choice on this fundamental human right." - Doctor Jack Kevorkian May 26, 1928 - Present (age 82) Pontiac, Michigan, U.S."You got every right in the world to do and say what you want, as long as you don't harm or threaten anybody or any property" - Doctor Jack Kevorkian May 26, 1928 - Present (age 82) Pontiac, Michigan, U.S."email, instant messenger and typing inpersonalizes effective communication between people. You do not see there face, you do not know there mannerisms, the sound or tone of there voice. It is substandard communication, and the anonymity of the internet and email has virtually made it impossible for old fashioned personalized effective communication." "It is not the greatest thing since sliced bread." - intellectualgivers"My take on email and typing. The biggest problem I see is being ignored. People can be narcissistic, flatulent, arrogant, condescending, aristocratic, or all of the above. There is nothing more wrong than sending someone a communication via e-mail, you are articulate, like to express yourself fully, taking the time to write the e-mail, sending it, expecting a reply, then never getting one." - intellectualgivers"Hell, there are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something." - Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 - October 18, 1931)
By: C R.
Dimille's Italian Restaurant
What a wonderful neighborhood Italian restaurant! . The menu is excellent, the ambiance is warm and inviting. The patrons are warmly greeted by the manager, Steve Zagen. He makes his patrons feel like he is genuinely happy to see them. When they leave, he genuinely thanks them for coming and says that he hopes to see them again. He visits the tables and makes sure the patrons are satisfied. Who does that anymore?! We actually thought he was the owner. Our waiter was excellent, as was the rest of the upbeat staff. ( He even gave us extra bread to take home. ) The menu is wonderful. The pizzas are fabulous because the dough is light and the cheese is top quality. They certainly don't skimp at DeMille's! The antipasti salad and appetizers are generous and delicious, as is everything on the menu. DeMille's is definitely worth the trip to Kensington. Dress is casual and families feel comfortable, as does everyone else. We will return, again and again.
By: njoan284
Filippi's Pizza Grotto
I visited the newly remodeled Filippi's. I went into the new area and sat down. I was waiting awhile until a waitress named Ashley came up to me and asked had I been helped. I said "no" and she was very bright and helpful. She took my order and made me feel like I was welcomed in the restaurant. I had some items from there appetizer menu which were good. I had previously visited Filippi's and had the lasagna(it is my favorite). The food could have been better, but they may be getting use to the new building. I did appreciate the help and service from the waitress, she was amazing. I will return
By: mischiereaper
Pizza Hut
Great Service and Very niceThey accurately tell you how long it will take and when you order online the estimated time is precise, they are very nice, polite, and offer you specials you might not be aware of. Delivery: they are very nice, don't take long at all.Overall great service, incredibly polite, they do get busy so sometimes it can take long, but its rare and normally they ask if you are willing to wait long or not. The store is always clean.SOOOO 5/5 is my review for them because i have not been dissappointed with their service at all.
By: Lindsey H.
Amore New York Pizzeria
When I'm in PB and my kids and I want pizza this is where we go. The staff is awesome, the food is ready quickly and the music is up to date. It's a nice break from the beach when you are hungry. Their pizza sauce is better then the chain restaurants and the price is right. The garlic knotts are amazing! Their toppings taste fresh and from the looks of it cut in-house. I've had their pasta a few times and my family has never complained. It's as close to making it at home. I would definitely recommend coming to amore if you are in the area!
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By: Mike P.
O'Harleys Brewhouse & Pizzeria
What can I say, but extremely surprised how beautiful the place is. The pictures I had seen on line do it NO justice. Huge assortment of craft beer. We had the pizza which was wonderful and they even split it in to two sides. Buffalo Chicken and the Tony's Mighty Meat. The Mighty Meat is unbelievable!!! We also had an order of Penne Al Vodka. I'm not sure if it is their signature dish, but it should be. Lets just say that I live in La jolla and I would make it a designation trip for the Penne Al Vodka. A must eat! #goodeatsSanDiego
By: bclue
Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co.
The beer is great where they have some good self brewed along with bringing in some other micro IPA's (try the Torrey Pines IPA even if you don't like IPA's). I find the pizza sauce a little tasteless (liked it better when they got their ingredients from Stuft's), but for some reason the Oggi-Sticks are great - can't explain it. The sandwiches are good while they sometimes skimp on the salad content and load up with lettuce. Hit and miss, but always good courteous service making it worth a visit to check it out for yourself.
By: Steven C.
Filippi's Pizza Grotto
Excellent Pizza! This is my favorite...Fantastic Pizza! This is my beloved pizza place anyplace! I used to believe Round Table Pizza was the bomb, but this location is so much better. The pizza is definitely coated with cheese, I mean a lot of cheeses. The crusting is perfect and when you put the toppings, you can't go incorrect. it is actually dated. The place is high in volume but still a excellent time. I usually choose to eat in, since the pizza always preferences the best perfect out of the oven.
By: ginabobeena
Isa Bella Restaurant
MY NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!! New place in my neighborhood of Bay Ho. Cute patio with fire pits and cool lighting. I got the weekly pizza special, called The "Yelp This" (Sorry YP!) It was freakin amazing!!! My sis got a glass of their house red and a Mexicana Bruschetta. She said it was super fresh and all the flavors popped. There used to be a beat down old Boll Weevil in this location. FINALLY, a place we can't hang at locally.
By: denine.clemonshunt
Surf Rider Pizza Co.
This is a great local place to get a couple of slices of yummy pizza and a cold beer. The thin crust is tasty and the slices are HUGE! Off the beaten track of busy Newport so quite mellow. Traditional laid back OB atmosphere, outdoor seating, friendly service. Shop local and support this business! Only complaint: The music being played in the kitchen was a little too loud and could be heard over the nice tunes being played in the dining area.

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