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By: bustersd10
Jewel On 5th
How many goldsmiths are practicing their craft in San Diego? The answer: not a lot, let alone master goldsmiths who have 50 years of combined experience under their belt. That is why Jewels on 5th is such a treasure to behold. Owner Julie Harris and Emmanuel Himmelberger have been working with gold for the last three decades. It has only been recently that the partners set up shop in Hillcrest’s business complex (the one with the movie theatres on 5th Avenue). Not only does Jewels on 5th specialize in making custom men and women’s jewelry, but they have also converted their small space into a repair station and art gallery, with painting by local artists adorning their walls. Jewels on 5th presents its wares proudly under handcrafted glass display cases, including the gold necklace that won Himmelberger his ninth best in show award at the Del Mar Fair in 2010. As some of the last goldsmiths to be working in San Diego, Harris and Himmelberger have let their imaginations loose when it comes to fashioning custom rings, necklaces, and cuff links. Name the design and they will create a masterpiece based on your needs and accompanied by their spark of creativity. Often the pair can make a customized ring in 2-3 days and have a number of pieces that are $100 or less. Jewels on 5th might be new to the neighborhood yet the store fits right in with the elegance and originality reflected in the work. When you want to give your loved ones a truly original gift made with gold or have a one-of-a-kind ring when you pop the big question, Jewels on 5th is the one place to rule above all others.
By: yourmagazineusa
La Sirena Silver
Every jewelry piece of La Sirena Silver incorporates sterling silver. Some pieces are pure sterling silver while others have the addition of different gems and stones, giving each piece a unique look. There is jewelry encased in beautiful wooden cabinets, underneath the lights of glassed-in showcases or hanging from different displays throughout the store. The turquoise with sterling silver pieces remain one of the most popular among customers and different styles that include this southwest trend can be found throughout the store. Each turquoise ring displayed has a slightly different cut or shape making each ring one of a kind for the shopper. The décor of the store is vibrant with high ceiling lighting and multi-colored painted furniture on which the jewelry is displayed. In addition to the necklaces, bracelets and rings that are available, the store carries brightly woven pashminas, home ornaments and wind chimes, many of which are displayed along their outside walls and doors. Employee, Elizabeth, who has been working at the store for two years, says she loves when new stuff comes in, making it hard for her not to want always be buying something for herself.
By: yourmagazineusa
Miner's Gems
Once you step foot into Miner's Gems and Minerals, it feels as if you are instantly transported to another time and place. Fossils aging back thousands of years adorn the walls; rocks and gems gleam and sparkle in the window sills. Make your way to the back patio of the store and you are transported from the Creteceous Period to an1800's Gold Rush extravaganza, where families and school groups can be found on any given day panning for authentic tailings from the Stewart Tourmaline Mine in Rainbow, CA. From dinosaur teeth to gemstones set in gleaming sterling silver you will not be disappointed with this family owned store. The owners, Pat and Dana Dugan strive to create an authentic and unique shopping experience. You simply cannot walk out of Miner's Gems and Minerals without learning something new or without taking a little piece of history away with you whether it's a 50 cent arrow head or 250 dollar Shchloenbachia.
By: Alice B.
Highlands Jewelers
Hi, 4 years ago I inherited couple of my grandmother rings and a bracelet, they were all big on me and the bracelet had couple of missing stones. Mr Victor sized the rings and replaced the sapphires of the bracelet, he also fixed the loose parts and sized it for me.When I picked them up they looked brand new and shiny.Since then I keep going back to Highland Jewellers because they never fall of giving me a good customers service. Recently they renovated the store and it looks beautiful and welcoming.To my surprise now they're selling Pandora line and my nieces love it, so now I know what will be their Christmas presents. I recommend them for your repairs and Jewelry needs for all occasions.
By: carrie-v
Ann Harrington Jewelry LLC
I received my ring today and it is PERFECT! Thank you so much for all the time, effort and headache that you put into making my ring . I know that I have to have been the most difficult client that you have probably ever had to work with, and for that I sincerely apologize. I know their were various factors that played into the making the ring which were way beyond your control. I appreciate how polite and professional you were towards me through the whole process and how you went the extra mile to make exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I knew. My husband couldn’t be happier! :-) Thanks Again
By: Lola F.
Bert Levi family Jewelers
I wanted my ring to be just right and I had a whole plan. I did a lot of research on the 4 Cs and went to a lot of jewelers. Since I wanted yellow gold, I knew my color could be a lower rating than if I used white gold or platinum and there were some jewelers who didn’t like that. One spent the whole time trying to get me to change my mind about the diamond instead of helping me figure out a ring. In the end, after about two months of working out details, I chose Bert Levi Family Jewelers. I stopped by about three times before and he always remembered me and he was helpful with no pressure. Love the ring.
By: Olga O.
Bert Levi family Jewelers
I like selling to Bert Levi because he tries to recycle the gold and use it for other jewelry. I brought in some stuff I didn’t want anymore and he weighed it in front of me and worked out a nice price for me. I didn’t feel pressured at all and it feels good to know the gold will be used for jewelry for someone else and not just shipped away to sit in a safe or something. This was the first time I sold anything to them although they resized a ring for me once. I recommend them and will do it again if I ever need to.
By: blakehall944
Bert Levi family Jewelers
I can say Bert's Family Jewelers are our family jewelers because my whole family purchases all kinds of jewelry from them. We not only love their gorgeous jewelry but we also like the friendly owners of the store. Bert and his wife make you feel part of their family. Recently I visited the store to purchase my engagement ring. I found a beautiful stunning ring that I fell in love with. The price of the ring was also great. I often recommend Bert's Jewelers to my friends and now my friends buy from them every time.
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By: Geo J.
PAR Jewelry & Gallery
Since my bad experience with a neighboring jeweler, I have been going to Kamyar. It's now been more than 10 years. He has been my go to guy for ALL my jewelry repairs. He has also helped me redesign multiple jewelry pieces. Last year, Kamyar and my husband designed a one-of-a-kind ring for my birthday using a beautiful morganite stone I already owned. It turned out so beautifully, I could not have asked for a lovelier gift. You can't trust many jewellers, but you can trust KZ Designs. Thank you. Kamyar. Georgene
By: nmalcolm
Stuart Benjamin & Co. Jewelry Designs
My Fiance and I had visited several jewelers in San Diego before we made it to Stuart Benjamin. Getting married is full of new, stressful and expensive experiences so we were delighted to finally find them. In comparisson to some of the others their selection was bigger, their prices were competitive, Barbara is wonderful and above all their knowledge and service far surpassed our expectations! We have definitely found a jewler for life!

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