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By: yourmagazineusa
Furniture & Treasures
When a neighborhood gentrifies, it risks losing its identity and character as the storefronts and owners change hands from old to new. We have seen a lot of this over the last two decades as Hillcrest has undergone a dramatic change from a depressed business section to the bustling mecca of small bars and independent owners that it is today. Furniture and Treasures owner Amin Usman faced this challenge when he moved his business from La Mesa, where he had become an established member of the professional community for over ten years, to the main street of Hillcrest. Now the dilapidated walls have been replaced by a light sage color covering the completely renovated interior. The smell of exotic woods fills the room as the light walls contrast and compliment with the rich and dark colors emanating off the aged Indian rosewood (shisham), teak, and elm furniture. A majority of the 10-20 artists and collectors whose work is featured come from China, India, and Indonesia. Each handcrafted piece is personally chosen by Amin, and with over 20 years experience, he knows quality work and wood, when he sees it.Born in Pakistan, he spent much of his youth traveling Asia and Europe. After settling in Paris where he was partners in a fabric shop, he came to the United States to help his parents as they began to age. In the '90s, conversations with several friends on the condition of Indian imports began to stimulate his interest in carving, carpentry, and lumber. During that time, a depressed economy in India was only just beginning to emerge as the globalization and export capital it has become.In this early stage, the lumber was being shipped damp, causing it to crack and split a few years later as it dried. "The first thing I did was buy a moisture meter. I never lost any money on it, and almost no one was using them." Checking each shipment by hand, Amin quickly gained a reputation for quality pieces from artists, craftsman, and supplies in the east, and from customers here. With his help, the industry matured, and the highly prized shisham began to be cured and air dried in the deserts of Rajasthan. In 2002, due to his work and reputation, Amin was personally invited to India to the newly built Indian convention center's first furniture show. The bright exteriors mottled yellow and white is reminiscent of the desert from where the wood gains its distinct characteristics. Featuring a wide variety of styles, from colonial pieces, like the rustic rosewood console table with fluted legs ($495), the antique styled cabinet made from a centuries old modified doorframe, inlaid with ornate flower patterns ($1500), and an oriental styled coffee table lined with drawers with metal ring knobs, an aged dark stain stripped back so the warmth of the woods beneath glows through, and accented with a deep maroon on the legs interior ($695). Between customers, Amin has designed several of the smaller pieces on his own. Some of the decorative lamps and candle holders are his creations. But design is not his focus, the people are. "To prosper, you must have a niche market, good prices, and great customer service." So he spends most of his day with clients, working with them and helping to find and select the perfect piece for their home or office. Amin makes each client feel at home, offering them drinks on hot days, welcoming them to take their time and relax in each item. "For me, it is about building long term relationships. Someone will browse, three, four, ten times... but on the eleventh time, they will find something." He describes browsing as like a billboard, something you see everyday and never really think about until you need something.
By: sdjerseyboy
Eurolux Patio
My wife and I are so happy to have found Eurolux Patio. We first went to 1 Stop Patio and liked a sectional and dining set there that we were quoted about $4,000 for. Then a 2-3 week lead time. My wife decided to look around before we committed and I am so glad she did. We found Eurolux and we spent $2,000 for our backyard (yes, a 50% savings). Best part was that the delivery was the next day and they even threw in free outdoor throw pillows so we can have everything be colorful. That saves me money because knowing my wife, she would have wanted to go out and find some throws and spend another $100.The delivery was not a half day or full day window like some companies make you wait, I knew exactly by the half hour when my goods would arrive. And boy, were we sooooo happy!They saved me a lot of money and It was nice being able to deal with the owners, a super nice couple with a small delivery and warehouse staff. Support your local small business and tell them Jon Samuels sent ya! WE LOVE OUR PATIO! I wish I could have bought interior furniture from them too. I know I would have saved and loved the experience.
By: alma.gutierrez.9277583
Premier Furniture Solutions
My family has done business with Premier Furniture Solutions for a few years. They have always provided us with excellent customer service and have helped us restore our credit. If you're looking for a chance to rebuild credit or just can't afford to finance furniture for your apartment or home, I would definitely go with these guys. They provide you with a courtesy call on the day your payment is due. And yes, they definitely give you the chance to decrease your overall costs if you choose to pay off early, but that hinders your chances of restoring your credit. This is important because they report your payments to the 3 major credit bureaus. Thanks to Premier Furniture Solutions husband now has over a 650!
By: militaryrat79
Eurolux Patio
Don't go anywhere else. Amazing prices, great quality, I really liked the owners. Very personalized service. They even accomodated our same day delivery need since we are procrastinators and had a party the same night.Don't know how they keep their prices half of what all the other patio stores in SD charge, but the quality is amazing. Their club chairs are so much more comfy and spacious than what we saw at 1 Stop Patio and they were half the price. They also had nice loungers we will be going back for when we redo our pool this summer. Our sofa set is so nice. We are the envy of our neighbors at our housewarming party without breaking the bank.
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By: Roxana S.
Jerome's Furniture Scripps Ranch
I came in for a bed frame I had found on the Jerome’s website. After being greeted by Scott and taking a walk around the showroom, I ended up with an even nicer frame that was in my price range. Ricardo was extremely knowledgeable, and efficient in helping me through the financing process. After a technical issue that resulted in their system being down, both Scott and Ricardo problem solved to ensure my purchase was painless- and in record time too. My purchase took only minutes, giving me time back in my day. Thank you Scott and Ricardo.
By: david95894
Comfort Furniture Galleries
I went into the store a few weeks ago and they gave me many different samples to choose from for a custom love seat that I wanted. I was impressed by all the samples of fabric and designs they had and after an hour I picked a color and fabric that I wanted. It took three weeks which was pretty quick for it to be delivered to my house. The delivery people were so nice and pleasant and the love seat looked better than I visioned it! I was really happy at the great service that they gave me and the quality is excellent!
By: Amir R.
Comfort Furniture Galleries
Hi guys. i love my sectional . it is beautiful and comfortable and we are so glad we found your store right on time, we made our sofa in just 10 days , with the best price and great quality and service. thank you and we will come back for sure with friends and family soon. Thank you baran for your help and we are your face book friends now, we GOT TAX FREE just with your help. THANK YOU
By: Mojan V.
Jerome's Furniture Scripps Ranch
Mike Sande was an exceptional sales person! He was very patient and knowledgeable! We purchased our king mattress from him! At first we were hesitant to spend $2000 but we are so glad we did! 2 years later we are still enjoying our good night rest! Since then we've had family and friends visit mike Sande and they are all pleased with his hard work and knowledge!Thank you Mojan
By: James J.
Comfort Furniture Galleries
We got our couches delivered about 6 hours ago and we haven’t been off them yet!! We had them custom made from the fabric to the arms and they came to us exactly as ordered. Not only are we so pleased how they look, but they are SO comfortable. For couples that can’t agree on a standard couch, go to Comfort to have yours custom made. We couldn’t be happier.
By: marynn655
Comfort Furniture Galleries
Came here in search of that dining room set but instead found some interesting living room pieces. Most furniture stores have the same style going on but this store is very unique. The quality of the material looks really good as well. It isn’t cheap but it is fairly competitive with the market. If you want something different, I would come here

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