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  • 1.Monumental Workx

    4807 Mercury St Ste E

    San Diego,CA

    7.90 mi

  • 2.Monumental Workx

    7352 Trade St

    San Diego,CA

    11.98 mi

  • 3.Monumental Workx

    5292 Eastgate Mall

    San Diego,CA

    11.74 mi

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By: Roman C.
Car Audio 1
Just came into Car Audio One today to buy a stereo and get it installed, I was impressed with the great price that they had for my purchase and installation, great place nice people, I super recommend this place...
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By: Private N.
Platinum Auto Sports
items totaling $7k, ALL not the right things put on. Didn't get some items for 11 months, serial numbers were not valid, genuine stickers missing, tires were 11 years old. joy rode my car and a tracking system I have installed showed it went all over town and on the beach-sand was in my leather seats. don't come here. Also tracked my car going to multiple different shops and then found pictures of my car on their websites. I disabled my car top speed to 80MPH with beeping warnings at 60 and 70 which really pissed them off when they were screwing and driving around in it- my other system I had installed showed they were red-lining it almost 100% of the time they were screwing around on drives with it. Also was told if I financed it would be cheaper and the actually interest rate vs what I was told was 36%. They tried to keep my car over deployment and wouldn't give me my keys after 2 months of trying to get my job done. I feel ripped off especially because I am a young service member who never modified a car before let alone a brand new off the lot muscle car. Ended up just paying it off in cash then using a different shop out in town to do my other custom work. HIGHLY recommend you stay away from this place. Run past your Chief what you want done and if the deal is good lol. Probably would've saved $3k and not had a fully bad set of "new" tires too with two blown up mwahahaha. Oh, and one more thing, they change their company name every year or two to make it so claims can't be filed. Same people working there. Like the guy below- same company, same employees, same items in the shop. Found that out later. Additionally I found out that he $950 exhaust system I paid for they flat out didn't install they instead cut my stick exhaust after the H pipe and put in their own pipes that were 1/2 smaller than stock instead of my system I paid for plus labor that was 3" pipes from cat back with an x pipe and different mufflers. This place is a scam.
By: Marcos R.
Car Audio 1
Come look for adam if you wanna get hooked up on anything you need he hooked me up with an orion 8000 watt amp and new front speakers for the low low i just HAD TO REVIEW THESE GUYS AND SAY KEEP IT UP. ill definately be back for anything i need
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By: Qublan A.
Stereo Depot
One of the best car stereo in San Diego customer service installation five star All The Way A+A+A+A+
By: A. G.
Car Audio Heaven
Travis and his staff have installed sound systems in all 3 of our vehicles and they all sound great. After each install, Johnny made sure we had the basics covered. If we had any problems, we were encouraged to bring them back and they made sure we understood how to use the sound systems before we left. The crew at Car Audio Heaven are knowledgeable, professional and a real pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good car stereo, good install and great customer service before AND after the sale.
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By: Victor P.
Audio Expert & Custom Auto Body, Inc.
Don't waste your money and time here they have the worst customer service. Erick gave me the wrong product and now they wont take it back after he said that if i didn't like it they will take it back so looks like suing them will be the the best way to finish this. Erick and his boss hide from the customers that they have problems with they won't take their calls and thats not right so DONT come to this place your just going to get ripped off, lied and the worst product
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By: Julian W.
Platinum Auto Sports
This place is 100% unprofessional and doesn't hold true to their word! I purchased a groupon only to find out I have to jump through hoops and pay more money. They are dishonest and don't know how to run a business. AVOID THIS PLACE
By: Eman S.
Audio Expert & Custom Auto Body, Inc.
I went here a few years ago and forgot to write a proper review until now. I feel the need to post this now so that people will be aware of the risk of paying this business. I had my car taken into this shop after the car was in an accident and suffered damage to the rear door and axel. They were assuring that they could fix everything like new and promised to REPLACE the door but they only REPAIRED the rear door (meaning instead of putting a new door which was agreed upon and paid for, they bent the car-accident stricken door back into shape, buffed it down, and painted it). Instead of replacing the door as promised, they did a cheap replacement with a crappy paint job. The paint job started peeling off a few months later and the repaired door makes noises when driving because of air sifting through the door into the car. They were dishonest about the agreed upon repairs and did a poor job repairing the car. Do not go here even if they offer cheaper alternatives to dealerships because you get what you pay for. Be smart and invest a little more money and get it done at a dealership where you will get professional quality work done and service.
By: Franklin P.
Stereo Depot
Brought my Jeep in with a fried alarm system from last weeks rainstorm. They were able to isolate and fix the problem on the spot with no issues and had me on my way in less than 10 minutes. This place is extremely friendly and helpful, and I am happy with my decision bringing my car in to this small business.
Audio Tint Proz
These guys are really on the ball! I had them install 2 flip down monitors in my car and they were able to hook it up to a portable dvd player that I already had. My kids were able to hook up their Xbox to it which keeps them occupied during road trips. They kept costs low compared to a few other local places that I looked at. I'd definitely recommend checking them out.
Tips & Advices
A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical component that is able to store energy, thus they are often found in power supplies. They can be especially important in a stereo system because they can exhibit frequency dependent behavior. What this means is they can be tailored to be used as noise filters to reduce the appearance of a frequency, or they can be used to enhance it. This is particularly effective in differentiating and isolating the ranges in a subwoofer and a tweeter, and in filtering out the potential noise or feedback from the power source.
Most aftermarket speakers are compatible with your factory stereo system. There can be exceptions, for instance, if you have speakers that need extra amplification to drive them to maximum performance, such as large subwoofers, your factory deck may not have the power to drive them adequately. They will play, but not to their potential. Basic speakers should be able to plug right into most standard decks. Factory stereo systems have evolved dramatically over the years and can even meet or exceed aftermarket products.
To install a basic car stereo you will need a minimum of tools. First you may need a puller to remove the existing deck (if there is one). Usually it’s just a thin bar that hooks onto the unit to pull it out. Once the unit space is established, you will need crimpers and wire cutters to strip, connect, and crimp the wiring units (to the speakers and to your power source). It’s a good idea to use connectors for the wiring contacts. It is a simple and basic process. In some cases, you might need some additional basic tools like screwdrivers if you are mounting anything or customizing the dash.
With a basic knowledge and minimum of tools, it is not theoretically difficult to install a car stereo. It is even easier is you are replacing the old deck because the wiring for the speakers and the power source are already in place. Most existing units can be pulled easily from the dash and replaced quickly. This of course depends on the sophistication of the system and the skill of the installer. If no modifications are necessary, it is not an overly difficult or complicated process. There are many sources of information and instructional videos available on the internet to guide you.
A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed to produce sounds on the low end of the audio scale. Subwoofers are usually paired with tweeters, speakers that produce sounds on the higher end of the audio scale, to create a balanced sound.

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