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By: rninsd13
Pacific Lipo
Well, i'm back to write my 2nd review for my 2nd procedure I had done at Pacific Lipo. Again, Rod and the staff (Stefani, Becky, Leticia & the rest!) at PL are amazing!! They are all very attentive, caring and are with you every step of the way. They are available after hours (after you've had surgery) with a direct number to Rod in case you have any questions or concerns and the girls are always available during office hours if you need to call in.My 2nd area (which had way more fat than my 1st) is coming around nicely. Rod had advised me that with the amount of fat that was there, there would be more swelling and a little bit longer healing time. No worries, I'm patient because I know the end result will be good. While I'm still in the healing phase, I must say I already see a difference. I make sure to follow all of Rod's instructions in between appointments to make sure that I'm properly taking care of the area and massaging as much as I need to get the best possible results. I'm thrilled with my progress and I can't wait until the area is fully healed. The procedure itself, again, was minimal in regards to discomfort, the first couple of weeks I was tender and a little sore, but that is to be expected. Nothing major though, I was still able to go to work (I have a desk job) and do my daily usual things with the exception of any exercise per Rods directions. All in all, I'm thrilled and ready for my next procedure at PL - I'm just waiting for Rod to give me the green light!!PL is the place to go not only for great results, but for honest advice and a staff that really cares for their patients. :)
By: joannefennech
Barbara Denysiak MD
Well, there are several things I'm looking for when I seek out a family doctor. I look for professionalism, efficiency, compassion, and quality care. I was hesitant at first to go to Dr. Denysiak because of all of the negative reviews I've seen. I didn't have much of a choice as I had just moved to San Diego and preferred a female doctor (she was one of the few accepting new patients). I quickly realized by the smile of the receptionist and the ease of getting into see Dr. Denysiak that those reviewers must be bitter, spiteful people. Dr. D was gracious, smart, and listened well and was absolutely insightful into my worries and concerns. She told me she would help counsel me if I didn't want to go to a psychiatrist about my recent divorce, etc. etc. She diagnosed me with Major Depressive Disorder and put me on SSRI and throughout the following 2 months, she always supported me and helped me get to a good place. I also feel confident about her well woman exams, she's mastered it down to an art form. I usually get anxiety whenever I get Pap smears and pelvic exams. Dr.D put me at ease and was calm and professional. I'm thankful to Dr. Denysiak and her staff-- the nurse, Selena(?) is absolutely great! The only complaint I could possibly have is that sometimes the Secretary puts me on hold for too long. But at least the hold music is fun! Now, I'm just babbling. Well, I definitely recommend Dr. Denysiak to my best friend or anyone for that matter. Cheers and God Bless You.
By: lettyg
Pacific Lipo
This week I had the lipo procedure done at Pacific Lipo on my inner thighs and I am SO EXCITED! My inner thighs have always bothered me because they rub together. It has only been 2 days and the rubbing is GONE! I've been working out really hard lately and even ran my first half marathon a couple months ago. Now I feel much more confident doing these activities knowing that the bulge on my inner thighs is gone. I am so grateful for the team at Pacific Lipo that helped me and ready to get my first swim suit!--> Now It has been one month since my procedure with Pacific Lipo and I love my new legs. I just love them. There is no rubbing between my thighs. I look at my legs now and I feel good, I really do. I feel good. I put on some jeans yesterday and there was NO bulk any more. They were skinny jeans and I felt sexy.Thank you to Rod... there are no words for how grateful I am. =)
By: gtiffani
Pacific Lipo
I came to Pacific Lipo after my appointment with a different practice had been canceled. On very short notice they did all they could to squeeze me in on the schedule. The staff was more than friendly and extremely helpful. The office was very professional. I finally made my way to my visit and was pleasantly suprised with the honesty and genuine care exhibited by the medical director, Rod. He advised me that my situation was not best suited for lipo. I was paid in full and ready to go, but his honest opinion stopped me from making what could have been a huge mistake. No other doctor cared enough to keep it real with me. I was a little sad and disappointed that I couldn't move forward with a nip and sip, but I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I would definitely recommend Rod, Stephanie, Letty, Becky and the whole practice to anyone considering having lipo done! :)
By: Mimi J.
Pacific Lipo
I'm not a yelper but I had to write a review. I just had my procedure done a few weeks ago. The whole experience was amazing and wonderful.The numbing part was definitely the most difficult.I was really nervous and anxious, but when I met Rod, he guided me through the whole procedure which made me feel comfortable. I noticed results immediately, even with the swelling. Rod was exemplary professional, attentive and caring. I'm still in the healing phase and there's definitely a big difference. I'm thrilled and excited with my progress. Rod may God bless the works of your hands. You're very much appreciated.The girls were friendly and amazing. Letty, made sure I was comfortable and well cared for the entire time.Joyce.
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By: Katie C.
David I. Levy, MD
A few years back, Dr. Levy performed two embolization procedures to reduce the size of an AVM in my head in order to make gamma knife treatment possible. In doing so, he shut off two aneurysms, which cured me of daily headaches that I had suffered since childhood.Dr. Levy is both a great doctor, as well as a phenomenal human being. Case in point, a friend of mine was recently in need of a second opinion. She had gone numb on one side of her body. The neurologists that she had seen could not identify the cause of her symptoms. I sent an email to Dr. Levy asking for help. Not only did he respond, but he provided a name and contact information on another doctor for her to see.
By: kathii77
Pacific Lipo
My experience at Pacific Lipo was absolutely wonderful! The staff is incredible! Stefani is so caring and answered all my concerns about the procedure and gave me the perfect schedule date and time. Rod Davis is by far the most talented professional physician I have ever met! He really knows exactly what is needed to obtain the perfect results and when you meet with him you can talk to him about your concerns and he realistically will tell you what can be accomplished with Lipo! The procedure was painless and the recovery time was minimal. I am extremely happy with the way my upper arms turned out. Thank you Pacific Lipo!
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By: Raquel W.
David I. Levy, MD
I really love this Dr. Dr Levi is the most kind and personable Dr I've ever come in contact with. He did brain surgery for me, and not only did he help me, but also allowed my family to understand what was going on with my head, and made them feel at ease, under those hard moments of our life's. I can't be more greatful for having cross paths with him. He even gave my husband his personal number to unswer any questions, even after I was released from the hospital. Who does that?? Needless to say I am alive because of my God and Dr Levi! I will be eternally grateful! I will give him 10 stars!!
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By: Sve K.
Charles Chia-Lin Liu DO
I never had a better experience getting vaccine shoots and blood drawn. Went there for the medical exam which I need for my immigration process/green card. I could not eat for days and had cried ever since I heard about that I have to do all those tests. I usually get sick just walking into a doctors office. I am so happy I went to Dr. Liu. His staff took so much time talking to me when I first called. I already felt relived. They are so nice and took time chatting and making my feel comfortable. I felt very save. Amazing! Thank you very much!!
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By: James K.
David I. Levy, MD
I was refered to Dr. Levy several years ago. At the time, traditional neurosurgery seemed the only option for my particular problem; however, the side affects - at least in my case - would have been calamitous. Dr. Levy performed two intravascular procedures over the course of three months which not only saved me from being institutionalized or worse, but had no lasting side affects. He was nothing less than patient, kind and highly professional. Should a similar problem arise, I'd be on the next plane for San Diego.
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Many family doctors deliver babies, especially in rural areas without a nearby OB/GYN. However, most family doctors only deliver for low-risk pregnancies and do not perform cesarean sections.
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