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By: Matthew M.
Wireless Advocates
OK Sting R. You want to call me and my brothers pot heads, How's this for a pot headed Moran Learn every phone price on every service plan on three separate carriers. Then quote them to skeptical, snotty and arrogant people like you, with enough persuasion to make them buy. Oh and by the way, you wouldn't think it very polite if I just cut off conversing with you so I could pick up the phone for someone who was calling ten times just so they could get their way. We were busy, ok. Busy !! You don't even know Gabrial that guy is a genius, he is an amazing brother. Oh and my "pot smoking " manager just got a high end job with Samsung because he's Intellegent as well! This is what really happened. You didn't get your way, because no one bent over backwards and rolled out the red carpet for you. So you came in and still didn't get your way so you whine and and complain on the internet about people you don't even know including me who have never done drugs in my life who served in the military honorably and try to help people that are angry and ungrateful and critical every single day then get labeled on the Internet by someone I never talked too. Shame on you. Shame on your coward ways don't ever come to our Costco,
By: garmac
Mobilepc Inc
Placed an order with the company. Got affirmation email with shipping and delivery dates, but after two weeks, nothing. On checking found that the order had been cancelled because they didn't have the item they advertised.Never received any notification of cancellation or anything about the order. Only by contacting them did I find out the item wouldn't be arriving. This is the worst kind of customer neglect and is poor business ethics. Apparently they see no problem with this way of dealing with their customers.
By: Mohamed Y.
Mobilecity Wireless
I've been looking to buy a phone after I forgot mine in a taxi and we all know that if you forget anything in a taxi that you aren't getting it back. I found out about this place while driving on university Ave. I went in and right away they were helpful and friendly. They are the cheapest spot in town with great professional service.
By: Salvador C.
Postal Connections
I absolutely love coming to this place. It's a family ran business. They do everything here from shopping with all couriers, printing, making keys, big or I ts, computer's, mail boxes and more. The owner is a nice lady and very accommodating.
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By: cdenniss
Western Safe & Vault Co Inc
I had a safe moved by this company and they were real pros. They were there when they said they would be and moved a large safe (1700 lbs) like it was a toy box. I highly recommend these guys.
By: watermankustoms
Coconut Peets Surfboard Repair and Trade Co.
Coconut Peet's Is the best bang for your buck. Whether you are looking to repair a surfboard or trade in to get another. When it comes to surfing, Coconut Peet's is always my first stop.
By: gusalt
Gj Wireless
I went into GJ to get my screen fixed because I cracked it like an egg on the concrete. It was busted up pretty bad. They had a new screen on there in ten minutes.
By: craig.stern.52
Gj Wireless
GJ wireless is a good place. I walked in and got exactly what I wanted, which was a used iPhone and a month to month contract. Done and done. I'd go back.
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By: northcounty123bob
A 1 Locksmith
Terrific service when I called the other day.They were helpful on the phone and even better when the locksmith arrived.I could not be more pleased.
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By: Alan D.
Servicios William Diesel road service
I have spoken with the person of this company , he has alot of knowlegde of diesel trucks, forklifts, air brakes. Hes a great person.

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