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By: bessy22
American Dental Clinic
As a mother of three it is so hard for me to provide extra money to treat my dental needs.... for so long I've been feeling so insecure about my teeth.. I have this over bite that every time i look at myself in the mirror... i dont see my self pretty enough... I can still remember when i was little girl. till now I will always get teast about my teeth... i will get called rabbit teeth, etc.. and even someone close to my heart had called me buck teeth, or rabbit tooth... or if only have straight teeth i can close my lip .... It hurts me inside but i dont really show it off.. I can still remember before coming to america my mom took me to the dentist and tried to get my front tooth pull out. But i got away.... but inspite of my condition i've always try to take care of my teeth... until one day Dr. Emmanuel Aguilar mentioned about considering me getting braces... i was somewhat relucktant to do it becfause it cost so much... But Mrs. Aguillar had work with me on how i can pay them.... And how I will look after getting my braces.... Finally i've decided to get it....YYYEEEYYYYY.... Reason is when i was in the philippines everytime i get a toothache my dentist will pull out my tooth... so I got 3 missing tooth ... 3 moollers are now gone so i got gap in between my teeth... Dr. Emmanuel Aguillar took couple of x-ray and had showed me... so over time my tooth are now laying forward.. and he said if i dont take care of this i will loose my teeth... and i dont want that to happen.... I got them Aug. 4th 2011. I'm now 35 years old... so by the time i'm done with this i'll be close to 38 years of age... To tell you frankly... I get more compliments about my braces... it boost up my confident and i've notice i smile more... And also during the procedure Dr. Emmanuel Aguillar and the staff are so nice to me... Made me feel more relaxed and i know i'm in a good hands... thank you guys... till next visit again i am looking forward on seing you all ... God Bless
By: Alex A.
I had an implant done at De Anza dentistry by dr. Akef about a year ago. He also did a crown lengthening for between two other teeth after another dentist in Carlsbad totally messed up my teeth. I have had other bad experiences with root canals, crowns & so forth at different dental offices throughout many years so i am usually skeptical about doctors and dentists in general having some medical research background; but i should say that the dental implant experience i had with this doctor was the most comfortable and easiest procedure i have ever gone through. Now after a year I am very satisfied with dr. Akef's work and i do recommend him. I thought that i had to do bone graft after many years of having an empty spot but the dr. akef said that he would do his best to avoid bone graft if he could and he did. I do recommend him highly. hopefully i wont need another implant for another tooth but if i do without hesitation i would go back to him.
By: nsusan427
American Dental Clinic
It has been a year now that I have been going to Dr. Noel Aguilar for basic dental work. This year, 2012, I decided to have Dr. Aguilar worked on my upper front teeth for a complete change not only for aesthetic reasons but more for comfort and the ability to eat and chew my food better. I have been wanting to bite an apple for a long while. Not only do I looked great now for the perfect job the whole staff has done but my self esteem shot up immediately like a rocket for the results they promised to deliver. DO IT NOW!! For all of you who have been wanting to have a perfect smile, it will change your life. These procedures are more than a wardrobe change but a gift from GOD for a very skillful dentist who share his talent to his patients. Thanks to Mrs. Aguilar and the staff, my visits were all worthwhile.
By: aishaa666
American Dental Clinic
I drove all the way from Huntington Beach to see Dr. Aguilar about my tooth. I had a root canal elsewhere years ago, and apparently I got an infection beneath the root canal, which caused major swelling and excruciating pain (I wasn't eating or sleeping for two days because it hurt too much). Dr. Aguilar explained to me what was going on and what needed to be done to alleviate the pain and to release the infection/swelling that was building up way deep in my gums. In any case, I have nothing but praises for Dr. Aguilar. He has light and careful hands and knew exactly what was to be done. His staff were all friendly and helpful as well, which is always a plus when you're already writhing in pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Aguilar to family and friends.
By: bartlomiej492
American Dental Clinic
My experience with Dr. E. Aguilar was phenomenal he explained the necessary procedures needed to be done his staffs are compassionate and professional. He has such a gentle way of extracting my tooth that broke off almost level to my gum line. At the same time I have a partial denture that is very old and needed to be replaced. I have been wearing partial denture for a while surely I have never experienced such dental precision; one time measurement, one time fitting. He gave me a brand new smile and restored my self confidence. Thank you so much...
By: Dave C.
I was referred to De Anza Dentistry by a family member. I have always been skeptical of dentists because I had a bad experience many years ago with a crown that failed and I had to have it done over. However, Dr. Akef reassured me that I should not worry too much because he has handled thousands of cases similar to mine. I am getting 4 dental implants and bone grafts and I am very happy with the total cost the procedures. Finally I will be able to show a full smile for an affordable price...
By: kristy2376
32 Dental Arts
I had a very pleasant experience at 32 dental. They have a Cerec machine that made me a crown during the same visit and everything is digital there, digital xray, digital camera & etc.! Dr. Cheneweth was very friendly and knowledgeable. I liked her because she really showed care and told me what was absolutely necessary and what was just for look. I have been to many dentists around the area and she is the one I trust.
By: vickyy517
American Dental Clinic
I have been a patient of Dr. Aguilar's for more than 10 years. I know he continually educates himself and in turn shares his knowledge of new developments and trends with his patients. He has dealt with me honestly and openly- You get the service you pay for. Most of all I trust him not for his credentials, but for his upstanding character all these years that I've known him.
By: aimeee284
American Dental Clinic
I'm a patient of Dr. Aguilar for more than 10 years. I know he continually educates himself and in turn shares his knowledge of new developments and tends with his patients. He has dealt with me honestly and openly. You get the service you pay for. Most of all I trust him, not for his credentials but for his upstanding chracter all these years that I've known him.
By: aangelina232
American Dental Clinic
Dr. Aguilar is the best dentist we've ever known. he is very knowledgeable in his chosen profession. He is impeccable in all phases of dentistry. He makes sure that the welfare of his patients come first. For sure we will continue seeing him for all of our dental needs. Additionally, his staff are very courteous.
Tips & Advices
Depending on the circumstances, there might not be a safe or effective alternative to dental implants that would not impact your health and quality of life. This is because healthy teeth are essential for maintaining a balanced diet and proper nutrition. In the case of a single tooth damaged from a cavity or infection, a dentist might opt to perform a root canal procedure to remove the infection while preserving the tooth itself. However, this operation often still requires replacing the top of the tooth with an implant known as a crown. In general, the best alternative to implants is preventing the need for them through proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay that can eventually lead to loss of teeth and other dental problems.
Start by looking into what is and is not covered under your health or dental insurance to understand and estimate costs. Then work with your primary dental care provider to understand treatment options and get recommendations for practitioners. You may also research oral and maxillofacial practices online.
Coverage of implant procedures varies depending on the specifics of your health or dental insurance. It may also depend on whether or not the implants are considered medically necessary as opposed to being an elective or cosmetic procedure. If you are a member of a Medicare health plan, most elective dental procedures are not covered. Medicare may cover some costs for procedures that involve dental surgery, like reconstruction of the jaw following an accidental injury or emergency surgery. Check with your health plan provider for information on how dental implant services are covered.
Full recovery from an implant procedure can take several weeks or months. Assuming the surgery is completed without any serious complications, patients are usually sent home within a day to recover. For the first day or two after surgery, patients are advised not to disturb the implant site or perform any kind of strenuous physical labor. Gauze pads will need to be periodically replaced to control bleeding for the first day or two. Pain medication to reduce discomfort and swelling is also prescribed for at least the first two weeks. Doctors will advise patients to avoid hard food, hot food or liquid, or use of a straw for the first days after the procedure. The best foods are purees and soups that require minimal chewing and can be eaten with a spoon. Patients may also need to rinse implant sites for a few days after surgery. Follow-up appointments within the first few weeks are often required to ensure recovery is progressing.
Those who perform dental implant procedures are known as oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These physicians are generally certified as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) as well as one or more special degrees for dental surgery or osteopathic medicine. Becoming a dental surgeon requires at least 12 years of academic and professional training in the United States, and requires certification with the state medical board. A general dentist with specific training in implantology can perform implant surgery, as well as certain specialists:
  • Prosthodontist – specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon – specializes in dental surgery
  • Periodontist – specializes in periodontal (gum) disease

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