By: downtownreporter
El Vitral
Walking past El Vitral along the open stadium of Petco Park, shelves of premium tequila glisten in the restaurant window. Walking into the establishment, it becomes evident that tequila is definitely a theme. And why not? It is a quality product from Mexico, which falls in line with Chef/Owner Pablo Becker’s whole vision. His vision is to introduce all things good from fine Mexican cuisine and changing the way San Diego views Mexican food. If that isn’t the best first impression, wait until you walk into the main attraction, the open kitchen. Floor to ceiling stainless steel wrapped in glass pane, the kitchen is the ultimate centerpiece. Chef Becker compares the development of a restaurant is like fitting together pieces of the puzzle. He knows because he speaks from experience. When he first started in the restaurant business his mentor asked him to start like any other employee with no prior experience; by washing dishes. From there, he went through every step of the business from the bottom up. Today, as a restaurateur, he knows a restaurant inside and out and top to bottom. In fact from the hostess to the bartender, all are trained to answer any questions a patron might have about the décor, the various brands of tequila and most importantly, the food. Also on his team is Chef de Cuisine Norma Martinez. She heads the concept menu and blends items in like grandma’s mole recipe. With Chef Becker’s depth of culinary skills, extensive restaurant experience, and love for the restaurant industry, El Vitral is a definite home run.
By: yourmagazineusa
Mama Testa
Some restaurants don't only speak for themselves, but yell. And you should be caught by Mama Testa, every dish is made from scratch. In an age when fusion is all the rage, Mama Testa is happy to show that going back to the authentic is by no means archaic. Each dish represents a focus on the traditions and techniques responsible for producing complicated flavors and textures. This is all especially true when fish tacos are the topic of conversation. Mama Testa was the first restaurant in San Diego to take on Bobby Flay, as part of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. And although these tacos may not have been the original cause of Mama Testa's good reputation, besting Flay was a great way to prove that it was one fish taco you don't want to miss.What made all this possible is Cesar Gonzalez, owner of Mama Testa, and his passion for Mexican cuisine and culture. He didn't want free range chicken just for the health reasons or because it was the current trend, but because only free range can bring out the flavors realized by the dishes as they are made in Mexico. In fact, all the fresh ingredients are for making Mexican food the way Mexicans do. And Cesar knows that just the food is not enough to give a sense of the culture, so he has made sure that while you dine, you can't help but notice the decor; pieces taken from themes of the golden era of Mexican movies and chairs baring actor's names. The entire idea of Mama Testa Taqueria is to fill your senses with the flavors, smells and sights of Mexico. A goal it has surely achieved.
By: yourmagazineusa
Humberto's Taco Shop
This is San Diego and you can't swing a golf club with out hitting the ball into a taco shop. So what makes this one special? It's hard to say, but it is at the top of my list for Mexican food. The locals are here once a week if they are shy, two to three if they are hungry (in any of the 24 hours of the day,) and more often if they appreciate an excellent, inexpensive, and filling meal. The ratings here might not be good, but that is only because of the fast food tables and styrofoam plates. Since you don't eat those, this place is almost 5 stars. And do not be put off by the bars around the open kitchen-counter they are a quaint tribute to the past when this neighborhood was strictly gang turf. Those days are gone and the neighbor hood and this place are family friendly.It is open 24 hours and is good before or after a Padre game, or if you partied too hard at the Turf Club for drinks and not steaks. A good Carne Asada burrito will soak up all that gin and juice and mitigate your hangover. The Carne Asada Fries are a must have.
By: axelandoutlaw
CUCINA urbana
Order the Squash Blossoms...Order the Squash Blossoms...did you hear me? Order the Squash Blossoms!My friend and I ate here before going to the theater and the biggest problem was I ate way too much and was uncomfortable during the entire musical. Nothing like watching Wicked while turning green yourself! Seriously, the squash blossoms are so delectable and light, full of flavor, and simply one of the best appetizers I've ever had. We also shared the polenta board, which is polenta severed table side with the ragu of the day. The polenta was creamy and delightful, and the ragu is always different ours was filled with summer veggies and full bodied flavors.For our main courses I ordered the spring lamb bolognese rigatoni and my friend ordered the short rib pappardelle. I really wish I had stopped eating half way through my pasta, however it was so delicious I couldn't control myself. Cucina Urbana is totally worth putting on your list of places to mangia!
By: clairebearx3
Brigantine Seafood Restaurant
My husband and I were very disappointed with Brigantine. We wanted a romantic date night and heard this place was fabulous, so we made a reservation for Saturday night and drove almost 50 minutes to get here. Parking was ridiculous, come prepared to park on the street... the "parking lot" is incredibly small and PACKED. Once we got inside the restaurant the hostess made us wait for almost 20 minutes even though we had reservations. When we finally got to our table we had to sit in a dark corner near a window looking into a sketchy alley. Not quite the romantic evening we envisioned. Our service was slow and the food was bland. I've had better seafood pasta at the Olive Garden. We practically had to yell in each others ears to speak to one another because it was so ridiculously loud in there. Definitely won't be coming back here again.
By: Teegan M.
Garlic Shack
I love the Garlic Shack! I had read many reviews before visiting and so was expecting some giant size meals, but OH MY GOSH. My burger was the biggest that I have ever laid my eyes on. And those fries, I cannot even describe how amazing they were. $6 for a large is always good enough for me, but you could make a meal of the fries themselves, there were just so many! Garlicky, salty, perfect; I am in love with those fries. The food was definitely amazing. My friend's Korean Beefholic was huge enough for me to steal a few unnoticed bites and was nearly as good as my awesome burger. Besides the food though, the service was just top-notch incredible! Every single person on the staff is so nice, it's hard to describe.
By: visualedge
Bamboo and Tikis
"Visual Edge Slant Boards have been an excellent resource in my practice. At every vision therapy orientation, I include information on proper ergonomics and healthy visual habits. I strongly encourage EVERY vision therapy patient to purchase a slant board to be used for any near point tasks, such as reading or writing. The Visual Edge Slant Board provides my patients with a more versatile, lightweight board that is excellent for use in the classroom. I have received lots of positive feedback from both my younger patients and their parents after using the slant boards. Thank you Visual Edge for your hard work and dedication to reduce visual stress in the classroom.
By: Carlos M.
Taco Fiesta
Came here with some friends after hearing pretty good things about their tacos. Unfortunately I didn't think they were anything to brag about. I ordered one mahi mahi taco and one salmon taco both grilled. I forgot to order them on flour tortillas instead of corn which was my mistake but a total bummer. I wasn't necessarily fond of the marinade they used for the fish and in hind site I should have gotten the beer battered. It was hard to get really excited about these tacos when Oscars is right across the street. On a different note the carne asada fries were very good with a lot of different flavors in there. Some of my friends has burritos which they enjoyed as well.
By: lebiram.mitre
La Loteria
The place is kind of hidden but worth looking for. Down the old 905 HWY until you hit Sanyo St. turn right, down to Airway Dr then right again and it will be the firts entrance on your left hand side "LA LOTERIA"I work around that area and they are always opening new little places but none good. My co-workers and I thought we'd give this place a shot and we are glad we did. The food has really good flavor and the service is AWESOME!!! Their tortilla soup is to die for but you need to request extra tortillas since you will need them!!! HIGHLY recommend this place!!!9335 Airway Rd San Diego CA 92154Phone: (619) 591-9973.
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By: Vanessa P.
T-Pop Desserts & More
It's a perfect Tuesday for me. This place is a must to try those honey toast and curries. Ramen curry is the best ! This is 100x more better than Up2you because of food variety and service crew for excellent service and make the customer happy for the quality of the food. I would definitely recommend to visit this place and hey, grab the Groupon for a super great deal. Its cheap, clean, and super big serving of the food so go and invite friends because $20 for $40 in groupon is perfect for group of friends !!! Enjoy!

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