By: mdunakin
Music Rental Co. & Pawn Shop
You guys are the best!You don't even remotely feel like a pawn shop or something, seriously LOLYou seem far more like a normal music store, except with decently priced merchandise and high quality items at that!!! Always very helpful, willing to let you take your time, no rushing you or anything like that at all, and you let the customer test things out and play with the instruments long enough to really decide if that is what they truly want, how cool are you guys, THAT cool, that's how cool heheheYou will always from now on be my regular place to buy great used, anything musical related items, from the first thing I ever bought there, a capo, to the Yamaha KB I just bought that obviously completely rocks! And then I find out you have a 30 day thingy, wow!.You all are the best, keep it up, and this is why I just had to post my comments to spread the word about my new favorite little music store, it's not a pawn shop, no matter what you may want to call it hehehethanx guys.................from a very satisfied customer......md ;)
By: apekkala
Mission Gallery Antiques
These crazy two antique dealers are at it again. They are still looking for wonderful rare antiques...........Jim say's it harder than ever. I drilled on them because of this economy and guess what! I got the piece!I love these guys, I love the antiques, the deals and the personalites! Look out for Randy.........although he is the one with the smarts. Jim just wants to sell!!!I love American Antiques and English Antiques and vintage wrist watches!
By: Jana T.
Samuel's Golden Fox
I was in need of a watch to give as a gift to one of my friends so I went in here. Luckily, I was able to find what I need. Thank you and see you again soon.
By: Clark M.
Aquaforce Watch Inc
This store caters to my needs as a watch lover. The selection of time pieces is definitely diverse and amazing. I will recommend this store for sure.
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By: Tracy P.
Music Rental Co. & Pawn Shop
This family owned busines was very professional. Scott was pleasant to work with. I felt comfortable in the store. Will go back.
By: John H.
Posh Pawn
Best pawn shop in San Diego hands down. Very professional and beautiful showroom. You won't be dissapointed with this place.
By: acfilippone
A. Gunalp Horologist Watch & Clock Shop
Came in last week and worked with Asim for watch service. You can just tell he knows his business. Thank you for the help!
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By: Steve D.
Royal Loan

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