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By: Allison S.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
This is our second year at Carmel Mountain Preschool and we are still loving it. Our son is just turning four and loves going to preschool, which speaks volumes. I am impressed with CMP for a number of reasons. First, they really care about your child as an individual and there is a genuine feeling of family throughout the school. They call me or email me regularly to update me on the progress of my son, or just events that are happening at the school. Our son's teachers are Miss Triana and Mrs. Chrystal and are incredible. There is nothing better than to see your child hug his teacher and say, "I love you" at the end of the day as it confirms he is in the right place! Plus, the educational experiences are top-notch! In the past few months they have had an African-drumming performance, a Hullaballoo band performance, a field trip to the pumpkin patch, an interactive book performance (the kids acted out the scenes in a book as a play), and a SNOW FOAM DAY where they played in snow made of Dr. Bronner's soap, and more. This school embodies what I call "Whole Child Learning." They have an incredible core curriculum that explores all the areas of traditional learning where they experience reading, math and rad science experiments, but they also incorporate music into lessons, visit the art studio regularly, practice fitness every week, and learn about social skills daily. There is an amazing art studio, a nature lab, and a garden called "The Glenn." Additionally, CMP cares about the health of your child and feeds my son wholesome organic snacks. They seem to be constantly thinking of how to incorporate new ideas, better educational products, and fun experiences into every day. You just can't go wrong with this preschool!I feel 100% confident that CMP is establishing a love of learning within my child, which is linked to future success in school and later in life. As a parent I am so grateful for the foundation it has set for our son.
By: David L.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
Our now 2.5 year old started at CMP in February after spending his previous days with Grandma. We toured several day cares in the area but somehow overlooked CMP in our initial run. Luckily, we were referred by parents at our neighborhood park and made the great decision to check it out. It was a rough start for our little guy with all the unfamiliar faces and surrounding, but his teachers in the toddler class (Ms. Ellen, Ms. Maya, Ms. Marguerite) were very patient, kind, and loving in helping him get adjusted. While the drop offs were rough for the first few weeks, with him not wanting to be put down and crying when me or mom turned to go, he gradually warmed up as he became more comfortable. I'll never forget the day when it all changed and he walked over to play with one of his new buddies. It has been so encouraging to see his development really take off under the guidance of the teachers in his toddler class, and now with a few new teachers in the 2 year old class (Ms. Ariel, Ms. Lisa). We love how he will start singing songs he's learned at school, and he loves talking about his friends and even has named some characters in books at home after the teachers at school. He now gets excited in the morning when its time to go and will grab his lunch box and head out the garage door. They keep the kids engaged with a ton of different activities, time on the playground, storytime, messy art at the glenn, nature talks with Mr. Joe, time in the campus garden, and more. Our favorite thing about the school is the community of teachers that are involved in his life. From the his own teachers, to teachers in parallel classes, to the administrators at front, they all show that they are personally invested in building our son up to be a confident, curious, and happy toddler. With an upcoming move out of state, we can only hope to find a new school that offers everything as CMP. We will definitely miss it and know our son will too.
By: Angie Y.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
My 3 year old son started with Carmel Mountain Preschool three months ago and we couldn't be happier with the set up. He had been with a full time nanny since he was three months old, but we wanted him to have more integration with other children so decided to enroll him for half days when he was 2. We were pretty nervous about the whole thing and visited a lot of preschools. With most of them we walked away feeling a bit disheartened. Carmel Mountain Preschool has great energy and the grounds are beautiful. There is so much space and such a variety of things/places for the kids to explore. We don't feel he's been cooped up in a little classroom all day which is how we felt about other preschools we visited. We walked away from our tour feeling like we would love to have our son attend this preschool. Our experience so far has lived up to our expectations. Our son loves going and always has stories to tell us about the fun things he's done - bounce houses, fire trucks visiting, planting seeds, etc. His classroom posts pictures once a week, so we get to see what he's been up to all week and talk to him about it. He's established a close bond with his teachers which as a parent, you love to see. He was partially potty trained when we enrolled him and delayed in his speech. He's made big strides in his language skills since he started and is also completely potty trained which is huge. We love Carmel Mountain Preschool, and plan to keep him here until he's ready for kindergarten!
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By: Charlene P.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
My daughter has been attending Carmel Mountain Preschool for 6 months now. She started when she was 18 months old in the toddler program. She absolutely loves it at school. She’s learned so much already – letters, numbers, colors, shapes, counting, etc. Her vocabulary has grown tremendously. Every day and every week there is something new on the class schedule. The school hosts lots of fun events such as the Hullabaloo concerts, police car and fire truck visits, snow days, bubble days. There’s just so many to list. The school has a garden where the kids can do hands-on activities and learn about life science. They also have an outdoor art studio where the kids can get messy and a musical garden where the kids can try out some cool instruments. There are separate playgrounds for each age group which is wonderful so you don’t have to worry about the older kids overpowering the little ones. This school has so much to offer to keep your kid engaged with fun learning activities. The staff genuinely cares for your child like their own. The teachers and staff are just awesome and they all do such a great job with the kids! The tuition may seem high but it is well worth it. Although this is a large preschool with many students, the staff is very personable and treats you like family – very welcoming. We plan on enrolling my youngest when he’s old enough.
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By: Cory M.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
5 stars. Without a doubt. We moved here from out of state and had no idea as to the preschools in the area. Upon our first visit to CMP we had no doubt that this was the preschool for our three boys. The facilities are amazing, including multiple, age-specific playgrounds, The Glenn, where the kids learn about gardening, The Studio, where kids learn art with CMP's Master Artist, and even a soccer field. Music classes, hip-hop dance, Spanish, yoga, ballet, gymnastics and PERK classes are all available to CMP students...and the kids love it!The CMP staff is beyond dedicated to each child and to keeping children's families up to date about all things going on at CMP; we love the fact that the teachers email us pictures of our boys and their friends playing and learning together throughout the week.As one would expect, a school this dedicated to an amazing learning environment leads to kids who receive an unbelievable advantage when they move on from CMP. Our now eight-year-old son graduated from CMP and moved on to his elementary school and it quickly became apparent that he and his CMP classmates were VERY well prepared for strong success, with exceptional reading, math and social skills.As you can tell from the above, we are big fans of CMP and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a preschool that stands out among the rest!
By: Linda S.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
I write this as a grandmother and speech pathologist. I have worked for 40 years with children and for the past 20 years with the preschool age population. As a speech pathologist assessing many children each year, I visit 1-2 preschools a week to observe a child I am testing. I’ve seen the best and the not so best! When the time came for my daughter to look for a preschool for my 18-month old granddaughter, I was somewhat stressed, knowing what I hoped she would find. Carmel Mountain Preschool is it! The BEST! I have seen my granddaughter thrive! She is a wealth of preschool knowledge these days! Katelyn knows pre-academic skills such as letters, colors, numbers and shapes and more importantly she is developing all those learning to learn skills that she will need throughout her education. I have met several of the staff members at Carmel Mountain and everyone has been kind and enthusiastic about working with this young population. It’s not an easy task! I particularly love the pictures of Katelyn that are sent to her parents which are forwarded to me! Seeing her actively engaged and so happy truly warms my heart. Communication is essential between parents and teachers and it doesn’t get any better than at Carmel Mountain. I feel blessed that my granddaughter is able to participate in this amazing program.
By: Michelle M.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
We love being a part of the CMP family! We've now been at the school for almost two years. When a work promotion gave us only a few weeks to move, our biggest concern was finding just the right place for us. As soon as we walked onto the campus at CMP, we knew we had found a school unlike any other. The staff was warm and welcoming from the very beginning. We loved all of the amenities available to the students. Over these past two years, we have enjoyed field trips, family concerts, Snow Days, and other special events. What I love the most (and my son too!) are the gardening, science and music programs in the Glenn as well as Messy Art activities. We have never been part of a school that is so well-rounded, not only academically, but offers such amazing opportunities for the kids to explore nature, science and art. I love that the school’s snacks are organic and that they use all natural soaps and cleaning products. These things are very important to us in our home, and it’s wonderful that at school we don’t need to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals. Thank you CMP for being an extension of our home and providing our son with a loving, nurturing environment!
By: loveroflifeforever
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By: Esther H.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
My daughter started here this past summer and it has been about 2 months since she has been attending CMP. We had grandma watching her for the past 2 years and my daughter loved being with grandma all day so we were worried about the transition to an all day school, but CMP has been fantastic for our daughter. She loves coming and has even said that she'd rather go to school than to stay at home with grandma. She has had Ms. Aishlinn and Mrs. Chrystal, and my daughter loves her 2 teachers! They post photos up on a separate Shutterfly account everyday which we love to see and I greatly appreciate this as I feel like I get to see what my daughter does each week! There are always so many fun activities for the kids and I send her to school each day knowing that she is in good and caring hands. I am so happy that we decided to send her to CMP and am excited for her future years at the preschool. I would whole-heartedly recommend CMP to anyone looking for a great environment for your little ones to grow.
By: Tyler H.
Carmel Mountain Preschool
Our daughter started at Carmel Mountain Preschool this fall when she turned 18 months (the minimum age). My wife had attended CMP in the 1980's when she was little, so she loved having our daughter share the same excellent facility that she had learned, played, and gained social skills at in the years before elementary school. Some of the original staff are still around making CMP great! 30 years later and they have now expanded their school footprint with multiple buildings, playgrounds, fields, and even solar panels! The class our daughter is in is taught by two loving, sweet and amazing women. We get e-mail updates regularly with photos and the school regularly hosts family interactive activities (concerts, picnics, school performances) so there is definitely a real effort by CMP to keep the parents involved. We will very likely have our daughter at CMP for all 4 years till she starts elementary school. Thanks Carmel Mountain Preschool for being a safe and amazing place for our daughter!

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