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By: John S.
I walked into the store and walked over to a phone and I tried to pick it up and I could not do so. I then said to a sales man I want to look at this phone but it will not let me pick it up. He then said all you need to do is ask. He then proceeded to unlock the phone from its stand. What he should of said is I will need to unlock it for you to pick it up. I did not know he needed to unlock the phone. Then another sales man walked up to me and ask what he could do for me. For some reason I started thinking they thought I had no money to buy any thing there I was just wasting their time. I then left the store. I would never go back to this store.
By: Froylan D.
El Gallo Universal
I used to go to El Gallo to send Money To my Family In Mexico, But Suddenly The Company they use, "VIGO" Started to cancelled the money I Sent For my Family. ���� I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND TO SEND MONEY WITH "VIGO"
By: garmac
Mobilepc Inc
Placed an order with the company. Got affirmation email with shipping and delivery dates, but after two weeks, nothing. On checking found that the order had been cancelled because they didn't have the item they advertised.Never received any notification of cancellation or anything about the order. Only by contacting them did I find out the item wouldn't be arriving. This is the worst kind of customer neglect and is poor business ethics. Apparently they see no problem with this way of dealing with their customers.
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By: Pete C.
Verizon Authorized Retailer - Victra
Swindlers. WORST wireless phone experience EVER. In town from PHX over Labor Day week. Needed a new phone. Told me the out-the-door price for a new 4G phone was $140. Free & clear, reset my 2-year contract, DONE. Come to find out they switched my contract to month-to-month WITHOUT MY CONSENT so they could bill me the full price for the phone. Manager Rashaad Doiley is a MASTER at avoiding contact & responsibility for his dishonest business's practices. WILL NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS. Verizon's miraculous 360 Feedback process is a JOKE as I have heard NOTHING back from Verizon OR this business & been fighting this battle since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Absolute horsesh!t. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. I unfortunately could not award NEGATIVE STARS.
By: Mohamed Y.
Mobilecity Wireless
I've been looking to buy a phone after I forgot mine in a taxi and we all know that if you forget anything in a taxi that you aren't getting it back. I found out about this place while driving on university Ave. I went in and right away they were helpful and friendly. They are the cheapest spot in town with great professional service.
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By: Matthew M.
Wireless Advocates
OK Sting R. You want to call me and my brothers pot heads, How's this for a pot headed Moran Learn every phone price on every service plan on three separate carriers. Then quote them to skeptical, snotty and arrogant people like you, with enough persuasion to make them buy. Oh and by the way, you wouldn't think it very polite if I just cut off conversing with you so I could pick up the phone for someone who was calling ten times just so they could get their way. We were busy, ok. Busy !! You don't even know Gabrial that guy is a genius, he is an amazing brother. Oh and my "pot smoking " manager just got a high end job with Samsung because he's Intellegent as well! This is what really happened. You didn't get your way, because no one bent over backwards and rolled out the red carpet for you. So you came in and still didn't get your way so you whine and and complain on the internet about people you don't even know including me who have never done drugs in my life who served in the military honorably and try to help people that are angry and ungrateful and critical every single day then get labeled on the Internet by someone I never talked too. Shame on you. Shame on your coward ways don't ever come to our Costco,
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By: Kosol R.
Legacy Mobile
I'd give no stars if I could. Total ripoff, liars, thugs and horrible customer service. Went to get iphone 4s screen replaced. When I got it back the top portion wasn't working, I pressed that top portion lightly and the screen cracked. Called the shop, spoke with Lisa, told me to meet her at the shop at 1, this was a Saturday. I got there before 1 and they were already closed. Sunday passed and they were closed. Btw, Lisa acted like she barely spoke English. I went back there Monday and I spoke with their technician, kept saying he's not authorized to change anything without speaking to Lisa and kept giving us the runaround. There was another guy working back there who kept staring but said nothing. So we left and later Lisa called and now speaks good English and says to bring the phone back in the shop because they want to see if it's been dropped. We went there and obviously there's no evidence of a drop but now they're saying well it can still have been drop and there be no evidence. She says we both must take a loss and she'll charge me $30 to replace another one. I said no because I already paid their original 50 to replace it the first time that they did wrong. She storms off and now the guy that was sitting and staring the whole time comes up and talks in a threatening manner. I will never go back nor would I ever recommend this crooked business.
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By: Sting R.
Wireless Advocates
Had a few questions so I decided to call the store rang about 10 times and no one answered decided to go in with my wife and a young guy with spike hair I want to say his name was Gilbert or Gustavo gabe Im not to sure was flirting with my wife infront of me as I was asking about the tmobile plans i received awful costumer service, was disrespected not to mention the people there smelt like weed including manager. I suggest a drug test for all employess! Do not recommend this place what's so ever
By: mikaela.reyes.75
Sprint Store
Stay away from this sprint store. Went to upgrade to the iphone for life for the 6. The store associate told me the only way for the other phone on my account to get the unlimited data (my mom had a 4 at the time) 60$ a month plan was if i purchased 200$ in accessories. Asked 3 times if he was sure since I had been a customer so long and he said yes that was the only way. After my visit i called the sprint line and the representative on the phone told me she didnt know why he would tell me that and that he didnt even make the change!! So she changed the plan and advised i go back to the store. When i called the mananger they gave me no explanation when i asked what happened and just said i could come return the accessories if i wanted to. They were so nonchalant about the whole thing like it was no big deal that someone lied to me im assuming because they would not tell me what happened. Manager was also rude and didnt apologize for the inconvenience of me having to drive all the way back to the store to return materials i never wanted in the first place! Dont go here you cant trust what they tell you, they dont want to help you and certaintly dont care about customer service...No wonder it was so empty
By: coastie66
4G Wireless
If you don't mind being misled, lied to in your face, and ripped off, then do business here. This is by far the worst customer service experience that I have ever had and they don't deserve the one star I gave them. In addition to that, I truly feel that they take advantage of elderly customers as my mother was lied to from day one and talked into a mobile internet service when she doesn't even need that and never uses the internet away from her house. That happens to be the only internet service for computers that they provide. Should have stayed with Time Warner. She was talked into a wireless internet service and never told that it came with only 2 gigabytes per month which was exceeded of course. When we approached the store, we were told they would take the overage charge off and we would see it in 2-3 weeks. Well that was over two months ago. And then we were told 4-6 weeks and not anything yet. And then the following month another overage charge and we went in and same thing. And the worst thing is that we were told several times that they would call us back and they never did. And then I was told that they did call and left messages and I thought it may have been the other phone but checked all the numbers and they lied to me, they never called! Not only are we currently out several hundred dollars but lost our email account which we were told that we would not and each time we go in there to bring up the continuous issues, they disappear. We give them a phone number to call and NOTHING. AVOID THIS PLACE!

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