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By: James L.
Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning Sn
I had just purchased a house, and wanted to have the floors cleaned before moving in, so I checked out Angies list and bought a coupon for this company that covered 4 areas of cleaning. I called them to receive an updated quote for the extra game room, hallway, and staircase that would also need to be cleaned, and scheduled an appointment a few days later.I received a call a few minutes before the service was to be done letting me know that they were going to be a few minutes late and were on their way, but stuck in traffic. No problem, I work from home and was going to be there all day anyway. Two guys, probably in their 20's, show up and put on plastic booties to keep the carpets clean as I give them a tour of what needs to be done. One of them uses a measuring tape to get the dimensions of each room, while the other comes to me to try to up-sell additional services. These services included Scotch-Guard treatment and Deodorizer/fragrance treatments. These were left out of the quote I was given over the phone, and are meant to force you into an impulse buy because you don't have any time to think about whether you actually want these things, or if they are worth it. They tell me it will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the cleaning, and show me an updated price. I was using an Angies list coupon for 4 areas of cleaning, so I understood that the price would be a little higher, as I was quoted a more realistic price on the phone.After declining the up-sells, the main guy looks visibly irritated and just walks away to one of the rooms to work with the other guy in cleaning, and doesn't say a word to me again until I am forced to call him later. In less than 45 minutes, they are all packed up and ask me to sign the invoice and cut them a check. Did they cut corners to save time or did they overestimate how much they had to clean, and therefore, my bill? I offer them a bottle of water, I write the check, and off they go.I start walking around the house to inspect the job they did, and I notice that there is a bright pink stain in one of the rooms that is only visible when you are inside the room and the door is closed. I immediately called them up and asked if that part of the room was cleaned. They acknowledged that they saw the stain there and that they were not able to get it out. That's something that they should have mentioned before they left!I realized that I didn't even have a receipt for the cleaning, which was all contained in the invoice that I signed for them. I also started feeling suspicious about the math that was done to calculate the price. On the phone, I asked the guy to send me a copy of the receipt. He said they could mail it, but I recommended he snap a picture with his phone and email it to me. About 30 minutes later I received an email from him with no contents and no receipt. I immediately replied back to let him know that the file did not go through, and tried to call back but he did not answer. I called the main office and asked them to send me a copy of the receipt, and they said they would mail it to me. The woman at the office said that they didn't have a scanner to be able to scan it and send to me, so I would have to wait for it in the mail. Two weeks later, I call them up after not receiving any mail from them. They tell me that they will print it out and mail it to me right away! It's now two weeks after that, and I still don't have a copy of my receipt.I'm very unhappy with the service. The pricing is very subjective, and the cleaners appear to be incentivized to up-sell worthless upgrades to you. They don't tell you when they see stains that they didn't get out, and they don't provide you with a receipt for your purchase or make it easy to get a copy of it. I will not be using Masterclean again.
By: Brandy R.
Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning Sn
Carpet cleaning of three rooms/900 square feet, including stairs, landing and hallway. The stairs and landing were extra and were discussed and priced at the time I made the appointment.I chose Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning because they were offering an San Diego carpet cleaning Special and their scores were very good. I called and made an appointment that was about three months from the date I called. I told them I wanted additional cleaning done that went beyond the three-room/900 square feet special they were offering and was told what the extra cost would be. It was acceptable. The owner called the day of the carpet cleaning appointment to tell me they were on their way. I appreciated that since the appointment had been made three months earlier. They arrived and we walked walked around and looked at the work to be done. There was one problem spot where a plant had been over-watered several times and stained the carpet. I was told of the probable outcome of the cleaning of that spot, and why. They did not try to sell me additional San Diego carpet cleaning services, such as pre-spotting and stain guard. However, they did pre-spot one place in the bedroom and did not charge me for it. The plant water stain came out much better than expected. They explained the special way they cleaned that stain and that if handled the same way in the future the stain would probably be completely gone. Overall, the job done was very well done. The one thing I would mention is that there was some water spotting on the wall underneath the stairs. The stairs are unusual in that they are open tread and I think that some of the spray overshot the open stair and landed on the wall below. I easily wiped it up and this did not detract from my overall satisfaction with the San Diego carpet cleaning. In fact, they did an excellent job cleaning some very soiled stairs and the landing. I found the owner and associate very personable and professional. They did an excellent job and I recomend them.
By: montagna12
Alexander's Carpet Care
I really needed my carpets cleaned before I moved out of my rental unit. I needed it done professionally for the terms of my lease and I wanted the most out of my deposit back. I had some spots on my carpet as a result of having a pet and being careless with spilling some things. I was worried they wouldn’t come out. However, the technician from Alexander managed to make my carpet look spotless again, at a very reasonable price. I was attracted to them for their prices and I’m glad they don’t compromise service and quality because of that. I got all of my deposit back after I moved out too – thanks a lot.
By: Therese R.
Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
What a fabulous man Mr. Higgins is! I just called him in desperation needing advice on how to get urine out of my mattress.I reached him as he was driving and he pulled over to the side of the road and spent at least 15 minutes telling me what to do. He's very knowledgable and so generous with his time explaining water and vinegar proportions. This was all free of charge and I've never met him or hired him . I certainly will now. I'll report back on the success story. have to go buy my white vinegar and a hand vac!
By: shawn.l.patten
Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
My living room carpet/rug was in bad shape. I have two little dogs and well you know how that story goes. Mr. Higens was awesome. He contacted me the day before to confirm cleaning. He also followed up 15min before scheduled arrival. Mr. Higens came in and gave me a fair and honestly great quote. After that, he got right to work. He was quick, careful and thorough. My carpet looks fantastic and smells great. I would recommend him to anyone for a routine cleaning or deep clean. I will definitely be calling again.
By: missprissygp
Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
My carpet has not looked this good since shortly after it was installed several years ago. I have used many carpet cleaning services and have also done the work myself, but from now on I will be calling on Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. They could not have been more obliging or professional. They worked me into their very tight schedule and took the time to do a beautifully thorough job. I am so happy with the results. I will definitely be calling on them again.
By: emeraldecity
U K Carpet Cleaning
If you have a pet that has made a mess in your house or some other carpet catastrophes make UK Carpet Cleaning your first call. UK Carpet Cleaning is every pet owner’s best friend! Owner Richard Midgley is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. When he finished cleaning my home in Poway, the odors and stains were gone. Even the red wine stain disappeared and did not come back. Simply excellent and a 5-star company
By: jonnavikdal
Alexander's Carpet Care
Another carpet cleaner was scheduled to clean my carpet but they didn't show up. I called Alexander from the Yelp website. He was at my house within an hour like he said he would be, was extremely pleasant, and did an excellent job cleaning my carpets. They are cleaner than I have ever known them to be, they are drying quickly, and the stains are out. I will use him every time I need carpet cleaning from now on.
By: ann.korstad
Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
I have to say, I have had many of the "Big Name" carpet companies clean my carpets. Higens Carpet Cleaning was by far the best. He did a very professional assessment and was able to get all of the stains out of my white carpet, including pet stains and odors. I would highly recommend this company to everyone I know.
By: alfredhanley
Pacific Shores Carpet Care
In my opinion this is the best carpet cleaner I've ever use. I would happily refer this company to my friends and family. The gentleman who did the work was friendly and courteous. Beyond that he did a great job with my carpets that were in desperate need of a good cleaning. That's again pacific shores!
Tips & Advices
Homeowners can purchase carpet cleaners ranging from compact units to full-size industrial-strength machines. Some models specialize in removing allergens from pet hair, while others may work better on tough stains. Some carpet cleaners can be bulky and require ample storage space. Other features you may want to consider for in a cleaning unit include: attachments that work on upholstery, stairs, bare floors, or small spaces; brushes; and a removable hose.
Renting is usually much cheaper than owning a machine or hiring a service. But not all rental units perform equally, some might require extra drying time or the use of special solvents that will cost more. - Renting a unit means you must also move furniture yourself and pay close attention to ensure you're operating the unit correctly. Making a mistake could mean damaging your carpet or the unit itself. Improperly drying carpet could allow harmful bacteria and mold to grow.
Yes. This may involve specifying exactly what services you would like performed, as well as the size of your home's carpeted area. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in a quoted price. Some businesses may charge extra to move furniture, clean stairs, or use special treatment methods. Ask questions if any detail about the quote is unclear.
Decide which method you want to use by taking into consideration not only cost, but how long the process will take from start to finish, including drying time. Don't always go with the service offering the lowest price, or hire a service who advertises door-to-door or over the phone, unless you have done thorough research on them. Ask if the company conducts background checks on employees, as well as if they are insured in your state. Without liability insurance, a mistake that results in damage to your home or furniture may be your responsibility to pay for.
Using powerful solvents to break down dirt and stains, dry cleaning puts less physical stress on the carpet, and thus might be better in the long run. However, dry cleaning is usually more expensive than hot-water cleaning services. In addition, the chemicals used to dry clean carpets might irritate pets, people with sensitive skin, or anyone sensitive to strong odors.

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