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By: Heather M.
San Diego Taxi Company
Im writing this review today for one dirver in particular. I've actually never have been to fond of other taxi companies in San Diego. I almost always try to avoid having to take a San Diego cab each time i visit my sister in Southern California. Rought expereinces being siad. On halloween night visiting my sister in la jolla i was ready to have a fun night out. I was originally picked up by Andy our dirver when i got into the San Diego airport last wednesday. It was mid day so getting a taxi in San Diego was not very difficult. I was glad i was able to get one so quick and that my syster didn't have to leave work early to come pick me up. During the ride from downtown San Diego to my sisters home in La Jolla, Andy and I had brief taxi cab to taxi rider conversation. During the conversation we talked about the upcoming Halloween and how its one of the most busist nights of the year for cabs in San Diego, California. I knew me and my sister were planning on going out. And so i asked andy if it was possible to make reservations even though they are so busy on that day and preobably just want to use there car to pick up quick rides. He gave me his word he could pick us up the night of halloween. Take us to the location in El Cajon, California where we ended up spending Halloween night having fun. Then pick us up after. WHen halloween came around i gave Andy a call. HE didnt pick up at first. I immiedetly started to panic. INstead of staying calm is started going down the list of San Diego taxi cab compnaies and giving each a call. WIth it already being 7pm i was afraid i had no chance to get my sister and i a cab and that one of us would have to make the drive from La Jolla, CA to El Cajon, CA just as i was getting ready to tell my sister about the bad news of us not being about to find a taxi in San Diego to pick us up. Andy from San Diego Taxi Company gave me a call back and said he would be keeing the orignaly reservation. Two hours later right on time he was there to pick us up. And when we were ready to head home. He was there like he siad he would be. Not alot of La Jolla taxi drivers would do this type of thing on one of the businest night of the year for Taxi cabs in San Diego. I commend Andy for keeping his word. And he will for ever be the first San Diego cab dirver i call each time i visit Southern California.
By: dolcibella
City Captain Transportation
What can I say about City Captain they always come through and take care of us! Why take a cab when you can ride in style! Great prices with amazing service! Whether its a big group heading out to the club or just a few of us, City Captain is always our #1 choice! When ever we get dropped off they'll be ready to pick us up anytime...The moment I knew City Captain cared was one night when we took the limo van downtown for a birthday party. I ended up getting a little too drunk and when we got picked up everyone had already made their way to the van while I was still drunk in the club having a good time. None of my friends were calling me trying to find me they were pretty much ready to go home (I dont blame them, they were probably as drunk as I was) But who waited there and after 10 missed calls from the Captain. I finally get the message and head down! Captain Joe made it his responsibility to get a hold of me and make sure I got home safe! I've been with plenty limo services and if you aren't there when they get there. They don't care who they leave behind. But that was not the case with City Captain. Ever since then I haven't thought twice about another limo service or taxi! City Captain cares about their clients!We've used City Captain for Company Events, Birthday Parties, Del Mar Opening Day, Random nights to the club and will continue to use City Captain for all our transportation needs! Thanks Guys!
By: dizepe
City Captain Transportation
Convenience and friendly service... seriously absolutely amazing service!!!! We were heading out of town to visit family. Our flight out was at 6:30am so we needed to be picked up at 5am. Being my typical worrier self I was concerned that such an early pick-up if missed would be a major problem since we'd be screwed... NOT the case. The car arrived at 5am sharp. Our bags were loaded into the car for us and we were on our way to the airport. We were traveling with our two little dogs and they were welcomed into the car with us. We had a very calm and relaxing ride to the airport. When we arrived at the airport it was very relaxed. The driver unloaded our bags took them to the curb for us. Our drive was extremely friendly and accommodating. When we arrived back from our trip, we picked up our bags, stepped outside to the curb and our car pulled right up and picked us up. We had a relaxing ride home. Both rides were in a luxury sedan.City Captain has great prices and amazing service. Worth every single penny. I don't care to pester friends or family to drive us to the airport. I will be using City Captain permanently!Taxi, super shuttle, airport car services, limo, watch out for http://citycaptain. com
By: Belma H.
San Diego Taxi Company
I called San Diego Taxi Company early one morning when my car wouldnt start and i had a flight out of San DIego airport and my boyfriend wouldnt answer his phone to pick me up. I called another taxi cab San Diego service company but they told me it would be another 30 minutes before they could get a driver to me. San DIego taxi company sent mike and he arrived with in 5 minutes of my call. It was so nice not having to pay for airport parking that i think next time i fly out ill just take a cab from san diego taxi
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By: Teshamo D.
City Captain Transportation
I was searching for airport transportation from our home in Rancho Penasquitos and was surprised to find City Captain's car service was less expensive than the big airport shuttle company out there. We utilized City Captain for a ride to the airport and a week later, JT was there waiting at the curb when we arrived from our flight. It couldn't have been any easier! JT was also very friendly and courteous to our family. I definitely recommend City Captain and I will absolutely be using them again!
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By: Joe C.
San Diego Taxi Company
Call them for some service.The person who answer the phone understood were I want to be pick-up and drop off. Very good company.was a litte worry, Cause I had them pick-up my grandkids to bring to my house. they were there on time for the pick-up and didn't get lost on the way to my house. kept in touch with me on the phone. Thank you San Diego Taxi. Will use them if I need to. Joe Cortez
By: rick j.
City Captain Transportation
I was about to go to airport and was wondering here and there, then suddenly my friend gave me the idea about captain's cab, I never had a ride with them,that was the first time,and they were fantastic,they didn't let us down and we arrived on time, the driver was awesome and friendly as well,I recommend every one to hire them at least once.
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By: Diane G.
City Captain Transportation
The only company that would provide car seats for a toddler and infant. Everyone else wanted our kids to ride without and have a sign a waiver. City Captain was super helpful and friendly. They even play children's music in the car to entertain my son.
By: Patricia D.
San Diego Taxi Company
Always great experiences and friendly drivers with san diego taxi company. Not amazing or over the top But good service over all. Will use until a better san diego taxi service comes along as of now options are pretty limited with bad service.
By: Ram R.
City Captain Transportation
I recently used their service to the Airport and booked for my return pick up; NO NEED To follow up were there on time, very COURTEOUS, KNOWLEDGEABLE; PLEASURE using their Service

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