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By: sature82
Sushi Deli 1
This place used to be my absolute go-to sushi place (from the days when it was located on Broadway & 10th). Not only was it cheap, but the rolls were delicious and fresh (for the price at least) - it was so worth the wait. Ever since they moved to this current location on Washington in Hillcrest/Mission Hills, I've seen the quality of the food, cleanliness, and even service go steadily downhill, to the point where I was extremely disappointed the last time I went a couple of months ago. The only thing that's stayed consistent are the low prices and the long wait times. Oh, and the ever-tasty hot hot california roll, for which I'm giving them 3 stars!
By: Casey R.
Sushi Ota
I actually downloaded the YP app specifically to give this company a review. I was so impressed by their quality of sushi I had to leave a review. The yellow tail and salmon sushi is amazing! It's one of the best I have ever had. This place is a true gem.
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By: Tony R.
Happy Sushi
Customer service was cool maybe because I was the only one there. Its been so long since i have eaten here. And now I remember why! the sushi was horrible! When it comes to sushi I'm all about texture and of course taste. My roll was bland and soggy.
By: Jennifer C.
Sushi Ota
Hands down the best sushi restaurant in San Diego, maybe even in California. definitely sushi spots in the United States. The Touro is spectacular. Try the golden eye and the yellowtail bellies. the sushi just melts in your mouth. I love this place.
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By: Shannen H.
Kimiya Sushi
It took us a year to find such great sushi back home in Phoenix. This place we found first try. It is so amazing! Excellent sushi. Great service. And the prices were awesome. Don't question whether to go. It's the best!!!
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By: Sarah J.
Taka Restaurant
Awesome little sushi joint. Good variety of wraps no matter your tastes. Fish is super fresh and light and all the flavors mix well together. Great seating outside when the weather is nice. Which is almost always!
By: Sarah C.
Fish Market Restaurants- Inc
Great bayside seafood restaurant next to the US Midway museum. Our seafood entrees were fresh and amazing! We brought our 3 kids along and felt like it was very kid friendly.
By: Susan H.
Sushi Tadokoro
This restaurant has great authentic sushi. We got a sashimi platter and the fish were from Japan, Hawaii, and Spain. Great service and food was quick to come to the table.
By: Tony C.
Sushi Ota
One of the best sushi spots I've ever been to. Fresh fresh sushi. Yellowtail is incredible. Yellowtail belly is delicious. And the O Tours is mouth watering.
By: Scott L.
Hive Sushi Lounge
I have been to sushi bars but wow. Best tasting and prepared sushi I have had. Awesome atmosphere great service. Can't wait to ho back

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