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By: Tim J.
R & D Pest Services Inc
I have lived in the San Diego area for over 30 years and have tried several pest services. This is by far the best ant and pest control company that I have ever used. Their prices are very affordable too. Stop your search now and use these guys! They come out about once every 2 months and we almost never have any insect intruders into the house or any problems outside. If we see any ant or spider activity at all then all we have to do is call them and they send someone out immediately to perform another treatment for free. Mark is just great! He calls us a day in advance so we can make sure that our courtyard gate is unlocked the next morning. He is always on time, very polite and efficient. Once, we had an invasion of tiny bugs in our pantry and he came inside and helped my wife empty the pantry and find the culprit which was a bag of rice which she forgot about that she had tucked away a while ago. The bugs managed to make a hole in the bag and were helping themselves to the contents. He is very knowledgeable. Problem solved! Trust me, you will be happy you used them!
By: mamanidenden
R & D Pest Services Inc
I've had problems with pesky ants for a long time. Tried all sorts of pesticides and nothing seemed to work. I had ant infestation in and outside of the house. The neighbors across the street have been using R&D for so many years I asked them to rate them. All they had was excellent words about their service. I called them and immediately got a response. Being as skeptic as I am, I told myself I'd give them a try. The gentleman who came to the house, Jay, was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very thorough and explained what to expect. He was not pushy. He even told me to give them a try and if I am not satisfied, he will correct the issue and if after still not satisfied, I don't have to use them again. After the first visit, I was sold to the idea and is now a regular customer. Keep up the good work, R&D Pest Services. You are highly recommended!!
By: relkin
R & D Pest Services Inc
When we moved here almost 4 years ago, we called a nationally known pest control firm to address our ant problems in hopes that they would be better than the rest. After 2 very frustrating years with okay service but unsatisfactory results, we finally called R&D after seeing so many positive reviews. The improvement in both service attitude and results was immediate with R&D and I can't imagine ever needing to change again. If you're unhappy with the results of your own efforts or less than impressive results from your current pest control company, this is definitely the company to select. Then you can start searching on best restaurants instead of pest control companies.
By: Jenny X.
R & D Pest Services Inc
I have been using R&D Pest Services for the past year since we moved to San Diego. I have been very satisfied with their services. Both Mark and Dave are very professional. They come over when it's due for services. I don't have to call to schedule an appointment! They are also very knowledgeable about pests and always address my questions or concerns very thoroughly with scientifically based evidence. I also like their ant control method - they only spray outside, not inside the house. The treatment has been very effective. I haven't seen another ant inside the house since I started using their services. Highly recommended!
By: Jeffrey B.
R & D Pest Services Inc
My wife, daughter and I moved from University Heights to Torrey Highlands this past summer. Our house was inundated with ants, and there were a lot of spiders, too. Ants were coming in through the outlets and in all the bathrooms and sinks. My wife woke up one night with ants crawling all over her in bed. That was the last straw. R & D was fast and friendly: we never even knew they came. They only applied their formula outside the house, nothing inside. Since then, we have seen not one ant or spider in the house. Problem solved. They come back every other month. The price is reasonable and totally worth it.Jeff Blankman
By: marisab
R & D Pest Services Inc
I have been using R & D for over 10 years. When I bought my home we had uncontrollable ants inide the home especially during the summer months. I could not leave any food containers out as I would wake up to millions of ants in my kitchen. It was awful. We also had many black spiders. I tried other services but had little control. After R&D came out for the 1st time I noticed a HUGE difference and after a few more times my problem was gone. I have kept them on a maintenance plan which has been fantastic and affordable. Thanks R&D!
By: ashhen
R & D Pest Services Inc
We've been using R&D for almost two years and have been very happy with the service they've provided. They taken care of most pest problems and are very friendly and easy to work with. They are great at answering questions and giving advice. Once they came to spray and we were still noticing spiders and ants more frequently than usual, so they were great to come out and spray again for free that month.
By: erin.williams
R & D Pest Services Inc
This company has been wonderful. They have been helping us for 7 years with ants and some black widows. Only once have ants come inside and R & D was out the same day to help us. Many of our neighbors have ant problems. Dave and all of the other employees that we have met have been friendly, courteous and efficient.
By: mrskimrobertson
R & D Pest Services Inc
The best! R & D Pest Services will take care of your pest issues. I've been using the same company for months and I am officially pest free! They are great at answering your questions and are considerate of your family with their low volume method (I have 2 kids and a dog). Better than the bigger companies!
By: jillreilly
R & D Pest Services Inc
I've been using R&D for 12+ years now and have the San Diego bug problem under control. I'm set up on a regular schedule with them, they call to set up a service date/time, and I give them access to my yard to come if I'm gone. I trust them and they come when I call if I need extra help for any reason.
Tips & Advices
Certain key differences separate bees from wasps and hornets. Hornets are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in length, and they may be black and white or brownish-reddish in color. They can can become very hostile if their nest is disturbed. Wasps are usually under an inch in length, and they come in a wide variety of colors. Yellow jacket wasps can be hostile, but paper wasps aren't likely to sting unless they perceive a threat.
Both live bee removal and extermination work quite successfully to get rid of bees. However, with extermination, the pesticides used may contaminate other beehives in the community, and this may wipe out local colonies. With live bee removal, bees are trapped and relocated without the use of harmful pesticides. This type of bee removal can be a lot kinder to the local ecology.
Yes, there are several steps you can take to keep bees away from your property. Bees will be attracted to structures that can house their nests, so it's a good idea to minimize outdoor clutter by removing items such as unused appliances and lawn equipment from your yard. If you have previously had a bee problem, make sure the hive and all traces of honeycomb are completely removed, since these bear pheromones that might attract new colonies.
The bee removal process can be handled very swiftly if it is tackled by professionals. If you have a hive on your property, bee removal experts can locate it and remove it within an hour or two. Bee removal professionals have the resources and training to ensure that the process is handled both quickly and safely.
Unlike other types of bee removal, live bee removal does not kill bees. Instead, this type of bee removal relocates bees to an agricultural locale or bee apiary where their pollination abilities can provide maximum value. Live bee removal is available to both commercial and residential customers, and it works to support and preserve the dwindling bee population.

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