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By: bustersd10
Dirty Del's
The Ciabatta bread was absolutely wonderful. I had the option of adding any veggies to the sandwich and asked to have a little bit of all of them. Perfect mixture of fresh veggies, fresh bread and quality meats and cheeses. A very well constructed sandwich. Complimented by a tasty dill pickle. The same can be said for all of the items reviewed here. Brian “Dirty Del” Delprino knows his sandwiches. And he should, he has been dreaming about this business long before it opened about two years ago. For what he has added to the San Diego Restaurant scene, and a right near Petco Park, add to the mix that he is an SDSU you Grad and one can almost forgive him for his OC roots. Dirty Del’s is small but its impact is big. 6 flat panels are spread around ensuring that on those packed nights (and there are many) one is guarantee to see the game. Heck, the pro’s both Charger and Padre do occasionally pop in too. “It’s the happy hour that really pulls the crowd in,” says bartender/server Lauren Shortliffe. Those run Monday to Saturday from 4 to 7pm and again from 10pm to midnight, and all day Sunday. The draw - 1$ shots, 2$ Bud/Bud Lite, and 4$ cocktails.I disagree, I think it is the sandwiches. Dirty Del’s should be on your list of places to visit.
By: Angel R.
Vitality Tap - Downtown
I come to this location nearly everyday for their Avocado toast, Popey Juice and Manhattan Mocha. I am addicted to these three items and recommend them to everyone! Try it at least once because you'll always come back for more. The best qualities that I love about this establishment is their organic options, everything is organic, even the Manhattan Mocha is made with organic coffee. The juices are by far some of the freshest I have ever had and I truly believe this health and wellness juice bar sets the standard for all other juice bars. When you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle like I do you need a place that can provide cleansing juices on the go and online. I also love that this local is ready to go with your juice cleanses and you can even have them delivered fast! when ordering online. If you haven't tried Vitality Tap then you MUST! I believe in their products, like I said. I am here nearly everyday at least once per day.
By: hayesvalleyhedon
710 Beach Club
I really love the location of this bar and that it has great live music, however... For PB the drinks are a bit pricey (I'm from SF so to me a 5 dollar beer on tap is SF price, not PB) but because of the close proximity to the ocean most places in this area will be pricey. I also HATE when bartenders don't bring you back your change. If a beer is $4.75 and I give you a five don't assume that you can keep the quarter. Bring me back my change and I'll decide how much to tip you. My rule is a dollar a drink, but if you don't give me my change then your tip is that quarter you basically stole from me. Get over yourselves.
By: hayesvalleyhedon
Johnny V
On Friday this place offers a free appetizer with every drink you buy! The appetizers are delicious and the chicken slider (with fries!) is almost a meal. The last time I was there the bartender was overwhelmed and got my order wrong twice... It was as if he wasn't even trying to listen. Another bartender stepped up and he knew how to run a busy bar. Friendly guy with a Brooklyn accent, he knew what he was doing so I tipped him fat. Why are so many bartenders such a$$holes?? Get over yourselves and do your job!!
By: mamamaryshow
Analog Bar
I had my 40th birthday party in the back room at Analog and had nearly a perfect night. If you go, you have to try the sliders and the lobster corn dogs. Everything I have tried there is good actually, even their hummus is divine. The staff are young and hip and easy on the eye and the live band karaoke is one of the best entertainment options I've ever experienced. Gotta love the decor around the room, including the cassette tapes and album covers. Analog all the way!
By: Alisa A.
Bar West
I can't stand going out in PB most nights, but whenever I go to Bar West I have a great time. Why people wait in lines to go into PB Bar & Grill when Bar West is just around the corner with half the line and a completely upgraded setting is beyond me. I say, leave Garnet for the tourists and go party at Bar West! It's always a super fun and hot crowd on Thursdays, awesome music too. If your friends are getting a table ... get the one with a stripper pole in the back.
By: Dionte E.
Bar West
"Went there on a Thursday and a Sunday...got there by 10pm and it was already busy. The music was already rockin' and the staff was ridiculously good looking (Isaac was amazing)...the crowd was alright too. By 11:30pm, the place was out of control...real good times!!! Good dj's, great guava mojito's!...and they serve ciro's (which i love!) at the end of the night....all in all, I would HIGHLY recommend it as a great alternative to going downtown...cheers!!"
By: Paul L.
Bar West
Bar West has literally saved me so much money in cab fare ... I used to trek downtown to Hard Rock or somewhere to party on Thursdays until I realized how fun it is to party at Bar West on Thursdays. I love, love DJ Mikey Beats and it's rad that he spins most Thursdays in PB. Finallllllllly I can stay at "home" and have a super fun night!
By: wesleyy585
Bar West
It's a cool place with cool people. You can avoid cover charge if you call and get on the guest list or send a message on Facebook. At the end of the day, it's a night club not a bar. If you like the neighborhood dive then this isn't the place for you. if you are looking for a nightclub experience then you will enjoy your visit.
By: Sd L.
D Bar San Diego
They removed their delicious Coke Cola braised ribs from their menu.Prior to the removal, the chef made the Coke Cola braised ribs were disgustingly too salty - so obviously salty that it couldn't be digested. That chef should be relieved.The menu options were uninteresting - not enough eclectic choices that enticed my palate.

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