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By: Willette R.
Comfort air zone
Mark from Comfort Air Zone is very professional, honest, polite and punctual. He is also very courteous. When he came to my townhouse to look at my AC problem, he slipped on boot covers so that he would not track dirt into my residence. No one has ever done that before and I thought that was very considerate! Over the past year, I have had several AC companies come out to fix my unit and the same problem would arise and it would stop working. Mark stayed for hours and figured out the problem. He returned the next morning with the needed parts and my AC has been running fine ever since. He also called the manufacturer to see if my warranty was still good (very honest to do that). He also returned and fixed my cement slab which was sliding towards the pond and leveled it for me. He spent hours with his helper and they fixed it. They saved me from having to buy a new unit and replacing the cement slab, which was very expensive. The owner of the company Ari always answers his phone, no matter what time or day it is. I wish there were more companies that shared his work ethics. 5 star for sure! Definitely use him when you have any AC problems!
By: David L.
Comfort air zone
I had my mini-split ductless AC unit installed last week and I am confident enough to already write my review. As I type, every room in my house of 20 years is finally cool. No more use for the big central ac units ever again! For the first time, my house is cooling down evenly and it’s all because of Ara & Ricardo. They made the right suggestion based on the size of my house to go with 2 units on my main floor. They were completely honest and knowledgeable on what was best for the house and the price they gave was about what I expected to pay from my research. He told me everything that he would do before installation, and he was on point on all his recommendations and information. The installation crew were courteous to call ahead to let you know when they were 10 minutes away, and were always on time! For installation, they moved my furniture for me, covered any necessary furniture from dust, and cleaned after when they finished their job. Ara is great at what he does and the way he runs his company and you should not hesitate to give him a call. I am really happy with the job Comfort Air Zone has done.
By: Linda S.
Comfort air zone
HONEST TECHNICIAN ALERT! Shout out to Comfort Air Zone, My A/C at my rental property stopped working last week. Tenant said It was kicking on and off for about a week - and then it stopped blowing cold air altogether. I had another company go out and said that the unit was very low on Freon and had to do a complete leak test and add all new Freon the (old stuff) approximate cost $900.00. I came here and the very first company to respond was Comfort Air Zone. I spoke with Ara (owner) who happened to be in Encinitas, said there is no charge to come out since he’s only mile away. Guess what the problem was! A clogged air filter, which caused low air flow and dropped the Freon pressure causing armature techs to think that it was low on Freon. He replaced the air filter and performed complete tune up for $89.50. Fast, honest and efficient. My tenants are so grateful, many thanks!
By: Amelia H.
Comfort air zone
I needed help with a heater that was not working and wanted to be sure our air conditioners were ready for the summer. I checked Google and found Comfort Air Zone. Ara came by and after a discussion; we decided to have them install a new heater and two new air conditioners. It was all installed today. They were here on time. Ara called the day before to confirm the appointment. There was a crew of three, plus Ara, the Field Supervisor, came by to inspect how the work was being done and to answer any questions I had. They did a great job and left everything "white glove clean." We now have units that are far more efficient than our previous ones and all for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend Comfort Air Zone to anyone with HVAC issues.
By: Andrew L.
Comfort air zone
I had no idea how expensive ac repairs can cost. I called 2 hvac companies for a quote on repairing my Ac unit. Both said there was a freon leak in the system and finding, repairing the leak will cost just as much as installing a new air conditioning unit. I had to get one more opinion, so I called Comfort Air Zone San Diego Air Conditioning. The technician Ara was able to locate the leak and repair it in less than an hour. Now my Ac is working great and it's cooling the house supper fast. The technician was honest, experienced and saved us thousands of dollars. I highly recommend this company!
By: Larry H.
Comfort air zone
This company is top-notch. They have been caring for my 5 ton heat pump for quite some time. The system finally gave up after 20 years and I asked Comfort Air Zone to install a new system. Their price was competitive, the work was done on time and when the techs left, the home was as clean as when they arrived. There has couple of minor glitches since (nothing to do with the equipment or installation). But Comfort’s after sales service was just as good as pre-sale. You won't go wrong with this company.
By: Whitley Z.
Comfort air zone
We love the fact that we were able to work with the owner directly! No salesman, no middleman, no managers. I'm giving his company 5 stars for service, professionalism, quality, Convenience and price!
By: Kathy W.
AC Care
Very good, quick diagnosis and service and quality work. Very personable too. My car turned off while driving it, so the fast diagnosis and repair was appreciated!
Tips & Advices
Your car's AC may emit a bad odor due to a dirty filter. The unpleasant smell may also be caused by mold or mildew growth within the AC's evaporator. These problems can eventually cause clogged lines or parts failure, and it's important to get them taken care of quickly to avoid increasing the cost of your repair bill.
Weak air flow is common sign indicating a problem with a car's AC. If a car's AC needs repair, you may also experience warm air blowing from the vents. There might also be a foul smell coming from the  AC vents, and the AC system might make unusual noises when it's running.
Replacing a condenser in a car's AC typically costs between $570-$830. Labor costs for this service usually average $280-$350, while parts can cost $290-$470. If a car's AC condenser needs repair or replacement, you may experience warm air blowing from the AC vents.
On average, it costs $200-$280 to recharge a car's AC. Labor costs for this service can run $120-$150, while parts can cost $80-$120. Before recharging the system, the technician will typically check a car's AC for leaky seals and perform replacements, if necessary.
For effective functioning, a car's AC needs ample refrigerant, and, if levels run low, a vehicle's refrigerant will need to be replenished. This process usually involves evacuating all the old refrigerant and replacing it with fresh fluid, and the replacement aspect of this process is known as recharging. Cars use only a small amount of refrigerant each year, so a vehicle's AC may never need to be recharged. However, if there's a leak in a car's AC system, a recharge will be necessary.

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