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Dream Girls Clothing Co
Nestled in the heart of Ocean Beach at the west end of Newport Ave., Dreamgirls is a quaint and attractive woman's clothing store and boutique. The owner, Bridget McGirr, is passionate about what she does. She has a hands-on staff that reflects her enthusiasm. Bridget and her team are excited to serve whoever walks through the door whether they are a frequent customer or just passing through. They take pride in helping unravel the personality of each customer in order to find what suits the individual best. And don't be surprised if the employees and Bridget make you smile and laugh in the process. Should they feel like their store is unable to provide for a potential buyer, they will let them know having no qualms about not making a sale. Because Dreamgirls is located in Ocean Beach, which has its own vibe, the range of her clientele varies greatly. The locals bring a different flavor than vacationers from all over the world, but Dreamgirls likes them all. This is why the personal approach the Dreamgirls staff takes with the individual is so important in regards to figuring out what is suitable for that specific customer. They are constantly on the move trying to find their customers the perfect wardrobe for any occasion. There isn't a shi-shi fru-fru, arrogant air about the store and staff, but this is not a grungy, grassroots boutique either. If you haven't been to this store before, now is a great time to stop in. The staff at Dreamgirls can't wait to meet you.
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Five Loaves Two Fish
Unique. Vintage. Colorful. You will find yourself uttering these words as you walk in and out of Five Loaves Two Fish clothing. Located in the heart of Little Italy in downtown San Diego, this little clothing shop reeks with ambience you can taste from the moment you set foot in the door. Vintage fabric and a very unique style of design is what these designers focus on.Kit and Heather specialize in hand made clothing designed for girls, teens and women. They do the traveling themselves to find you the highest quality of clothing with a variety of tastes. With a very relaxed, calming and inviting atmosphere, you will find yourself exploring fabrics from around the world made into colorful self expressing outfits.With an unforgettable name like Five Loaves Two Fish, grab your daughter and spend a girl’s day out exploring their unique little clothing shop. You might just find yourself with five dresses, and two smiles.
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By: Trisha D.
Looks Better On Me
great little shop.. Very good customer service. Every time I go in they have new stuff and they change the lay out to try and keep the place looking good. Sometimes I go in and don't find anything and then I go in and find lots of things. Their prices our good as well. I will be back .
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By: Kendra r M.
Horton Plaza Westfield
I really love Horton Plaza. It is my favorite place to shop. It is clean and it is safe. If you are in San Diego and want a pleasant shopping experience I highly recommend checking out Horton Plaza.I hope this helps!Sincerely,Kendra R Mikkelson
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By: Lorne L.

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