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By: Michael D.
A Plus Japanese Auto Repair
I’ve been going to A+ Japanese for about 2 yrs at the time of this review, and have had services ranging from an oil change to replacing the timing chain and other major services performed on my 2005 Pathfinder. I purposely waited to provide a review to them (or any other service vendor) until I have dealt with them more than 2-3 times, as that’s when their true colors seem to reveal themselves. The first couple of visits to any business can always be great (or even awful) and skew the true quality of a business. Additionally, I’ve been dealing with Justin, specifically, even prior to his move to A+ from Boardwalk Nissan and it was a pleasant surprise to find him there when I first decided to try A+.Recently, I took my Pathfinder in to take advantage of a Fall special which included an oil change, tire rotation, etc. etc. About a week later, I called Justin at A+ to express my dissatisfaction about my most recent visit who immediately wanted to make things right. Without getting into details, Justin heard me out and didn’t try to justify anything that I was upset about; he genuinely expressed understanding and a desire to retain my business. With my truck at almost 100k miles, I brought it back in to have work done that was recommended by their mechanic (no kidding – these guys are good, too), Justin and the mechanic walked me through what and WHY they recommended the work by visually showing me and educating me along the way. They taught and empowered me to make an educated decision versus a blind, emotionally reluctant decision to have the work done. Also, in prior service visits with them, they have actually taken numerous photos of the areas of the vehicle that required service and emailed them to me while I was at work so that I could see what was going on. This was unheard of and really impressed me.After the walk through, I was more than happy to have the work done (new front brakes, replacing front/rear differential fluids, and various other fluids, new spark plugs, and more), and not only did they do another really quality job, they even bent over backwards and provided me with an overnight rental car on their dime without me even having to ask for it. Now this was true customer service and a class move on their part. They didn’t have to do that. It made me feel like they recognized my patronage in the past and that they really did want to keep my business and were willing to do whatever it took to make up for a poor experience after having established a good relationship with their shop.I picked up my Pathfinder the next day after work and it was cleaned up and running well. Justin also informed me that they chose to use an upgraded quality part at no additional charge to me. Businesses can and will slip and/or make mistakes occasionally, and it’s great to see that when A+ does, they are not above apologizing and willing to go reasonable lengths to make things right. Because of their demonstration to committing to good customer service, I will continue to support, promote, and bring my vehicle with A+ Japanese Auto Repair. If you’re tired of bouncing from garage to garage, or even dealerships and their outrages prices, take your vehicle to A+. Hats off to Justin and the management/owners.
By: sancarlosautorepair
A Plus Japanese Auto Repair
This San Carlos Auto Repair shop is the best. They have been repairing my Honda Accord and my wife's Acura MDX for about 4 years. We used to go to the dealership and then met one of the owner's, Eric at a San Carlos Chamber event. He was pleasant guy and thought we would give a local repair shop a shot. I am happy we did.I have always found that they are honest and fair priced. I like that they send out photos with their recommendations, although I trust them with the repairs and it is still interesting to see what I am paying for. I highly recommend if you need auto repair to go check out A+ Japanese Auto Repair.
By: Trina T.
A Plus Japanese Auto Repair
I used to take my Acura to the dealership for my auto repair & service. I found out about A+ Japanese Auto Repair from a co-worker and now they are my go to shop. They are close to Electronic Arts where I work. The staff is friendly and very knowledgable. They provide a ride to work when I drop my vehicle off and pick me up when it is completed. The prices are less than the dealer. I really enjoy the family owned atmosphere and how low stress the auto repair shop is to work with. I typically work with Justin or with the Owner Adam the it is time for car repair or maintenance.
By: Adam S.
A Plus Japanese Auto Repair
I had a growling sound from the brakes on my Toyota. I brought my car into A+ Japanese Auto Repair for an inspection based a friends referral. The shop expertly diagnosed that my brake pads and brake rotors were overheated. Apparently I cooked the front brakes coming down a steep hill in San Carlos. Front brake repair & service was performed on my Toyota on the same day and I am back in business.
By: liz.phipps
smog x-press
I am really surprised Smog X-Press doesn't have more reviews! Smog X-Press certainly deserves all 5 stars. Le is honest, very efficient, and his prices are reasonable. His business is small but that's all he needs; a place to smog cars/trucks, etc. He gets the job done and I am one very happy customer. I can always rely on Smog X-Press!
By: Danny T.
Yao's Auto Services
24.99 oil change....done in 15 minutes...transmission oil change was suggested... 50K already, Why not. Went to Jack in the box across the street for lunch and comeback, the car is ready. Fast and pro.
By: cushita195916
San Carlos Service
best place on earth to take your bimmer you will save $$$$$$$$$$ don't waste your time taking it , to a dealer.
Tips & Advices
  • Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Alarms
  • Smoke, CO2, and flood detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Panic buttons
  • Door and window stoppers
  • Spot lights/floodlights
  • Etched window glass
  • Combination safe
  • reinforced locks
  • Placing signs and sticker for security systems outside home
  • Personal safety items (firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, etc.)
No, it is possible to install a home alarm system yourself. Some systems are specifically designed to be installed by homeowners. These systems are often cheaper and more customizable. However some systems require the expertise of a professional and installation should be left up to them to avoid making any errors. Review the specifications of the system and/or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about its installation requirements.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and does not require any drilling or modification of the home.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Can be taken from one home to another during change of residence.
  • Can be combined with a hardwired system.
  • No need to change any batteries, as with wireless systems
  • No interference from other signals
  • All hardwired systems run on essentially the same technology so products and services from different companies will be compatible with each other.
  • If moving to a home with a hardwired system already installed, you can save money by bypassing installation costs.
  • New security equipment for these systems is less expensive than for wireless systems.
  • Can be combined with a wireless system
  • Hardwired: A system that uses cables to connect all sensors to a central control panel within your home. The cables are usually installed within the walls or floorboards of your home. The control panel then uses your home’s landline connection to call for assistance (police, fire, medic).
  • Wireless: A system which uses wireless technology (wi-fi) to connect all sensors to your home’s central control panel. The panel uses the established network to communicate with the outside for assistance.
  • A combination of hardwired and wireless: Custom systems can be configured to have a home totally hardwired and equipped with wireless outside communication (no landline), or have a totally wireless home and hardwired outside communication.

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