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By: Larry C.
San Bernardino RV Park
I have lived here in the S.B. R.V. Park for 3 years now,with other retirees that have lived here on a long term basis,We feel like this is our community and that it is a close knit community that feels very safe & secure, as we have an informal community watch & we look out for each other and also celebrate holidays with barbeques and social gatherings just to get to know each other well and have fun like flying drones and other R.C. Cars ect... The Facilities are immaculately maintained and kept clean at all times,Our landscape is maintained daily and it shows- this is a really nice clean R.V.Park.We longterm Residents welcome Visitors that are passing through on vacation, as if they were longterm residents because we want them to enjoy their stay here and we get to meet people from all over the States and stay in touch with some of them as if we are old friends(actually youd be suprised at how many good people you meet here that often return and you develop good friendships!) the Staff here are helpful & very friendly with everything from helping you hook up your rig if you need it,giving you directions to the local markets or conventions you may be attending. Actually ive seen them help out visitors with mechanical problems as well ! We have an elaborate security system that includes a gated community,with security cameras located throughout the premises. If You should have a complaint regarding anything- which is very rare, call the on premises management- even after hours and they will respond immediately and happily remedy it. This really is a nice community, with nice residents and nice visitors. The rates are very reasonable- & You wont find another R.V. Park thats so conveniently close to the major interstates, thats afforable,and Safe ! This is the best one by far ! I would reccomend San Bernardino R.V.Park to my friends, Children,Grandparents and my Mom & Dadb Im sure you will feel the same after your stay here. I am just astonished at a review i read, making ridiculously false accusations about this guys (he is unstable) 75 lb. Pitbull being attacked by every dog in the park ? As 90% of the dogs here are under 20 lbs and non agressive breeds. I can only thing of 4 dogs in the whole park that would be considered medium to large, most of these dogs are friendly chihuahuas,poodles & other small mixed breeds. The residents here are cognizant,respectful and follow the leash rules, they walk their leashed dogs to our gated doggie park or in cirles aroud the park and back to their r.v.'s without any problems,in fact ive never heard of a dog fight or a dog biting another peron here in the Park, why anybody would lie and claim that his 75lb. Pitbull has been attacked by every dog in the park just astonishes me! Who know's maybe im reading some 3rd graders idea of a prank, because there are so many mis spellings i can hardly make sense of it all !? At any rate that review was false to put it mildly, and i felt it my responsibility as a longterm resident living here in this community to right a wrong and tell the truth ! I hope that You all have a great experience while You Visit this top of the line San Bernardino R.V. Park, its a great place to rest and relax ! Have Fun & welcome !
By: bcbounders2
San Bernardino RV Park
San Bernardino RV Park is a clean, gated park with large, level RV sites. All of the facilities are immaculately clean, well maintained and nice. And the park manager was exceptionally friendly and helpful... and was around to help us any time we needed him!We stayed here on our way through San Bernardino while heading home after snowbirding in the desert southwest for the winter... and have to say we were pleasantly surprised by how nice this park was. Hidden behind the wall and gates, it's like a little oasis... with beautiful palm trees and nice landscaping.Being close to the Loma Linda medical center, they also offer a discount for patients receiving treatment... which is a great way for family to be close-at-hand while dealing with a difficult time.We really had a nice time during our stay... and we'll definitely stay here again!

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