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By: teeach
Victory Martial Arts
We have been members of Victory Martial Arts - Leon Springs since April of 2012 and I can't say enough about how much we LOVE this Martial Arts school. Originally we called to sign my 2 1/2 year old son up because he was at the age to begin activities and Martial Arts had always been an option my husband and I had considered. At our first introduction, the instructors asked us what our goals were for the classes, areas of improvement, etc. and we said things like discipline, physical fitness, flexibility, self confidence, concentration (listening skills), etc. The instructors went through a short demo with both my son and my daughter (5 1/2 years old) who also expressed interest. Then we signed them both up. Let me tell you, my husband and I have been so impressed it's hard to express in words. Victory Martial Arts - Leon Springs (as well as all the other VMA School instructors we've been introduced to) has more than delivered! Our children have improved 1000 times in the areas we discussed + some. Not only have our children benefited from the program, but my husband and I have as well. Since we signed up as a family (2 members = family plan) all 4 of us are able to attend the classes. They have kids only classes, family classes where you can participate with your child, and adult only classes at all times during the day and evening to easily fit your schedule. You can attend as many classes a week as you want (recommend at least 2) for the one price. If you ask me this is a total bargain, especially if you take into consideration that no other activity we've had my daughter in (dance, gymnastics, music, etc.) allows for the entire family to attend every day of the week for that one monthly price. And, this is the ONLY activity my daughter has not fussed about not wanting to attend (as young kids typically do). The high level of positive reinforcement really works. The instructors (Mr. Turner, Ms. Collins, and Ms. Sammon at Leon Springs in particular) are professional, caring, engaged in each individual's improvement, and lead by example. We are forever grateful to have found Victory Martial Arts for our family!
By: loriwitt
Victory Martial Arts
My adopted son is 4 years old. He was born addicted to heroin. Unfortunately, little ones born with a drug addiction often have problems such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and other behavioral problems. I could not get my son to listen or be responsive to direction. We walked by Victory Martial Arts and my son wanted to watch the class. One of the instructors gave him a 30 day trial pass. I was very hesitant because of the issues he was having. I spoke with Mr. Turner and he didn't seem worried in the least about enrolling my son. I went ahead and signed him up. Within a matter of 3 weeks, I already began to notice very positive changes in my son. He listened better, and was starting to respond to direction. It has only been two months since he started and I am happy to report that the progress continues. He is more respectful and has stopped virtually all aggressive behavior. Mr. Turner is amazing! He has done more for my son in several weeks than behavioral therapists have done for him over the last year and a half. My husband and I are very grateful. Every parent of a VMA student with whom I have spoken, tells a story of the growth and development of their child since joining VMA. I would suggest to any parent who is considering VMA for their child, to enroll him immediately and watch with amazement how your child grows. This is simply the best decision I have ever made. It is an investment in my son's future and I know he will be successful!
By: jaime.gage.9
J J K Hapkido USA
I also put a review on Yelp. I enrolled my oldest son (8 yrs. old) into JJK Hapkido a few weeks ago. He immediately fell in love with it. Two days later, I enrolled my 5 yr. old and he fell in love with it. I then learned that this school had a huge discount for family memberships, plus it allowed us all to attend every weekday if we wanted to so I couldn't pass up the opportunity and I enrolled as well. When I was twelve, I was an excellent Tae-kwon-do martial artist and I thought that what I learned then was a ton of information. I was wrong. What I have learned in the first two weeks in Hapkido has been more effective techniques than I had learned in the years I was in Tae-kwon-do. And now, I am in love with this style. It includes ground defense, joint locks, pressure points, punches, kicks, grappling, and includes weapons defense (guns/knives). In other words, it is a very practical, realistic, and effective system that is far more than I expected. I recently discovered that this style of Martial Arts is taught to military special forces as the foundation for their combat skills and to law enforcement as a foundation for apprehending and subduing suspects. I highly recommend you check out this amazing school and instructor.
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By: Lost M.
Elite Karate
I highly recommend Elite Karate! Not only does Elite specialize in teaching Olympic-style Taekwondo to children, teens, and adults, the World Taekwondo Federation certified Academy also helps youth in particular to develop many of the skills needed to excel socially and academically. I know first-hand! My 12-year-old son has been attending Elite Karate for nearly four (4) years and it has been an awesome investment of time and effort. He has learned so much and it has mostly been self-discipline, stick-to-it-ness, and humility. And this is has been reflected in his school performance. In addition, he has been exposed to student mentors who have gone on to Stanford, Princeton, and other amazing endeavors. And it's obvious that their beliefs, values, and practices have rubbed off on him. And I am watching my son's beliefs, values and practices rub off on others! I could go on but I will stop here. So, give Elite Karate a try! They are an awesome organization of people led by the highly experienced and dedicated teacher, mentor and master of the martial arts - Master Raymond Hsu!
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By: Dale T.
The Home Depot
This store, this one on Military, has to have the most amazing management that you will find anywhere! We built a 6,000 SF home in 2015. Our GC allowed us to select and purchase as many of our construction materials as we desired. We selected this store for the majority of those purchases. Store Manager, Melissa Dovalina and key members of her team: Stacy, Stephanie, and Brian to name just a few, made the entire selection, purchase, delivery (some returns and/or replacements) almost effortless. I won't deceive. Yes, there were some tense moments (and conversations) when special orders or replacement orders didn't arrive when expected (or needed). Building a house can be frustrating and extremely time consuming, as can working in retail... and tempers can flare. Those tense times were few and far between, and everyone on Melissa's team moved past them with graciousness and professionalism.Amazing service on the part of this Home Depot staff!
By: Leasonna B.
Xtreme Martial Arts & Fitness
Our family has been very happy with our experience with Master Willie at Xtreme Martial Arts & Fitness in San Antonio.I believe the reason that Master Willie is so successful is because he is very passionate about teaching people about the sport and discipline of Tae Kwon Do. You can tell that he loves what he does. You can see it in the way he interacts with his students, especially with the children. In addition, the program director is also very committed in providing a fun and positive experience. I recommend to people of all ages to join Tae Kwon Do with Master Willie. Not only do the kids learn what respect, perseverance and self-control mean, but they also gain confidence and self-esteem. They learn to set and achieve goals. Adults get a great workout and learn how to be humble.Fullers
By: Angela G.
Sa Kickboxing
IloveKickboxing ColonnadeI became a member of ILKB after my first class, and I am so happy with that decision! The instructors are really what get me to come back – they keep me motivated and (especially) accountable. They’re so friendly and high-energy – exactly what you need in a fitness instructor! They are also really good about making sure that you are doing the moves correctly to maximize your workout and avoid injury. The workout is amazing, and definitely kicks butt! While there is a routine-element (15 minute “warm-up” [it’s intense!], same stretches after, bag rounds, partner rounds) it is constantly changing, so you will never get bored with it. I love this place!
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By: blackbelt01
Talamantez Family Karate Center Red Land
I have enjoyed this experience very much especially my two sons. I have notice alot of differences between myself and the boys being here, especially being able to grow and progress into young men. With my youngest son his confidence, attitude, and his own self-discipline has shown regardless of his speech impediment, and gladly appreciate what this program has done for my youngest. My oldest son, he is hard-charger and once he got involved his attitude has changed and has began to set high goals for himself. I would highly recommend this school for any family, because this experience has made a stronger relationship between us.
By: Angela H.
Kim's Tae Kwon DO Academy
My son and I have been students at Kims Academy of Tae Kwon Do for about three years and absolutely love it. All the instructors at Kims Academy are very skilled and dedicated to teaching and helping the students become better at not only Tae Kwon Do but also better at handling situations of everyday life. Grand Master Kims' Tae Kwon Do program has changed my life. I would recommend Kims Academy of Tae Kwon Do to everyone, from children all the way to adult. It's never too late. The values you learn here are priceless. Thank You Grand Master Kim!
By: jennifergrant03
Eddie Real GCS
We used Eddie Real GCS to remodel our house back in nov 07. We wanted new carpets upstairs, woodflooring in living, dining and entry, and tile in the kitchen,bathroom floors and shower stalls. They also did our countertops and painted the entire inside of the house. They did all this for less than other places where trying to charge without countertops or paint. Everyone was nice and always showed up when they were expected. It took a little over 2 weeks. And we are extremely HAPPY! I am glad they were reffered to us.
Tips & Advices
If there is ever a dispute regarding payment over the course of the project, a contractor or subcontractor could place a payment claim, or lien, on your property. To avoid this, ask the contractor to sign a lien release, which is a legal agreement that states that any payment accepted is final. This can come in handy if a contractor has his or her own payment issues with their subcontractors. Signing a lien release form certifies that any payment made by a client to the contractor is enough to pay for any goods or services rendered.
Absolutely ask. Paying too much up front offers the homeowner minimal leverage if the quality of work does not meet expectations or contractual specifications. Try to establish a reasonable pay schedule, such as paying 10 percent of the total cost for each 10 percent of the work that is completed. Include this payment plan in the contract, as well.
Before any money changes hands, there should be a contract to sign. Make sure the specifics of the work and all costs are listed in the contract, including details. If you forget to have something included in the contract after signing it, there's rarely a chance of recourse.
Ask the contractor for proof of their certification before signing anything, as well as their proof of insurance. You should also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if they offer coverage for contracted work. You may want to call your insurance provider and ask for more details on what your plan will and won't cover.
Yes. Plans for how the work site will be cleaned at the end of each day as well as at the conclusion of work need to be put in writing. An experienced general contractor should make every effort to keep the workspace clean and prevent dirtying or damaging any other area. Even so, talk with the contractor about the daily schedule, the logistics of transporting workers and equipment, and how cleanup will be handled.

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