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  • 1.Tupperware Consultant

    110 Warner Ave

    San Antonio,TX

    2.60 mi

  • 2.Tupperware Home Parties

    2202 Benrus Blvd

    San Antonio,TX

    6.29 mi

  • 3.Tupperware

    1844 Grandstand Dr

    San Antonio,TX

    8.30 mi

  • 4.Tupperware

    7302 Mystery Rdg


    12.04 mi

  • 5.Tupperware by Molly Sanchez

    Serving the San Antonio, TX area

    tupperware products,party hosting, gift registrys,Fundraising,

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By: Marilyn G.
K C Dollar Plus
My favorite store for silk flowers and Deco Mesh. Staff are always ready to help. I always seem to find what I'm looking for. Great prices and large variety of items.
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By: Alora W.
Best Bargain
As we were leaving they threw salt onto us. Do not spend any money here. Cheap and terrible people run this place and do not deserve your money.
By: gggjr1
They don't honor their policy. My 10 year old son bought some earbuds and after 10 minutes one side stopped working. I went back to store 4 hours later with receipt. The manager was not helpful at all and wouldn't exchange them because she said they looked used. Well duh he used them for about 10 minutes. Manager not very good and doesn't care about her customers. It clearly states on receipt and on website I have 30 for complete return. I guess manager doesn't know store policy. I will take to the next level. $100 earbuds. Don't shop at this target unless you want to take a chance on your merchandise.
By: Bob T.
Walmart Supercenter
Definitely the place to go if you want to get harassed by panhandlers in the parking lot. It happens EVERY time. HEB is right across the highway and it never happens there. I'll go where management cares about my family's safety.
By: Fernando G.
Walmart Supercenter
Wal-Mart to my eyes is becoming a place where their employees are running the stores to their ways, tonight i had an unpleasant experience at this store .we bought an item and then we realized it was the wrong size ,the so call Manager in charge refuse to exchange the item for the correct size ,because their customer service dept was closed .I then asked him to give me the phone number to a corporate office to complain about this and he said that he was told by management that he could not give me this phone number.But found it in the internet anyway.It is sad to see a sre like Wal-Mart with employee that don t care for their customer.I will have to look for another store to do my shopping considering none of your stores have qualified employees to take care of their customers
By: Evette M.
Walmart Supercenter
it is the quietest place I've ever shoPped
By: Bryan christina M.
Walmart Supercenter
Today is the first day I have ever tried using coupons. I found great coupons on the crazy coupon lady website and thought I would give it a shot at my local walmart. The lines were very buys with 2 register open so I went to the self checkout, it was empty. I scanned my items and tried to scan my coupons. It wasn't working so I requested help from a csm. He walked back and forth and was obviously busy and overwhelmed. Another associate was also waiting for him, he gestured her towards me, to assist me. She came up to me and asked me if I needed help, I told her I have never done this before, I didn't know how it worked. I then noticed she had a lunch bag in her hand. I asked her if she was off the clock, she said yes. I said thank you but I would wait for the csm being she was not clocked in. She said no it's okay, he's busy. I said it is against walmart policy, and against the law to be working off the clock. At this time he came up and looked at my coupons, he tried scanning it and eventually it worked. I said thank you and continued scanning my coupons. He never once told her to do a time adjustment sheet. At this point Assistant manager Shaun walks up and sees me scanning my coupons and asks me if he can see them. I give them to him and he says he is refusing my transaction that my coupons are fake and I needed to leave his store immediately. I tried explaining to him that they are printed from a reputable website and he had no right to refuse my coupons. He told me to shut up and get out of his store before he called Loss Prevention. I told him I wasn't leaving without the coupons that I had already deposited into the system, they were my personal property. He told me to go back tomorrow to retrieve my coupons. I asked for another manager to be called, to call Loss Prevention and to call San Antonio police because he was getting irate and screaming, I was in fear for my saftey. He said he would, the police never came. I told him he should be worrying about sending his workers who are off the clock working and adjusting her time properly, not harassing customers for a 2.00 coupon off of Suave shampoo. He told me to "shut up" he wasn't listing to another "damn word you have to say". He asked another csm to get the coupons out of the machine. As he's removing them he starts putting in his two sense about the policy for working off the clock. Shan never told him to stop, he allowed him to bagger me about my lack of knowledge about the policy. The shift manager showed up, and said mam we can't accept theses. I said if you give me a minute to show you they are legitimate coupons you will see that I am not trying to defraud walmart. I showed him how the UPC codes on each coupon were different. He said yes they are, you are right. He tried to show Asst. Manager Shaun that the were okay and he didn't care to hear about it and got on the defense trying to cover his own back because he was WRONG in accusing me of being a lier and a thief. I was scared, bullied and treated like dirt by Shaun. I worked for walmart previously for almost 15 years and never in my life have I been treated like the scum of the earth, never been so scared and embarrassed like I did tonight. I will never spend another cent in any walmart store ever again! I will also make sure that all of those in my local military community who consider Walmart Supercenter #2864, on 6703 Leslie Rd San Antonio, TX 78254, (210) 688-3626 as their store how I was treated. My husband puts his life at risk everyday for people like this, to treat us like criminals. Not only me but how many others? The sad part is there will be no repercussions, no consequences for the way I was treated and eventually this will happen again.
By: fc009834
Walmart Supercenter
Absolutely terrible customer service! The main phone number rings 20 times before anyone answers and many times the phone transfers to a fax machine with an ear piercing high pitched tone. Then, when you call back and in the unlikely event your phone call is picked up, you hear a click and suddenly get disconnected; this is apparently the store's way of saying we're too busy.
By: pscott23
Walmart Supercenter
I've tolerated the over crowding and long lines because it was a convienent location, but I wont do that anymore. I tried to return something and for once did not have the receipt with me. I used to work at walmart and I knew they could look it up so I figured I'd go in anyway, the worst that would happen would be store credit. No. They could look it up, but that didn't mean anything. I still needed my receipt. That must be new. But even with that aside, it was the insane rudeness of the manager that came over to tell me that that made me decide to never return again. She spoke to me like I was an idiot, despite that fact that she was maybe 18 and had some of the worst grammar I had ever heard. I choose not to support a place that promotes workers like that.
By: miriam.anukem
Walmart Supercenter
I went to the store and purchased one of the best blenders on the market today:NINJA"SAID TO RULE THE KITCHEN." Unfortunately just like any electronics can malfunction, it never turned on, called the store and Erenesto at the store picked up on first ring, and got the UPC code got me another one, and asked me to pick it up at the Customer Service Center. Great customer service!. I had gone to the Tyre center several times cause I get a leak in one of mine, they will drop everything they have at hand and will fix that Tyre FREE of charge more than three times now. Keep up the good work! Miriam Brown.

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