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By: Gaby S.
Born 2 Move Movers
I too used born to move this past weekend. I submitted a request on thumbtack for quotes and they were the most reasonable price quoting me at $125 for two hours and two men. I called Chris and discussed the price and he clearly stated what he had quoted me was correct, i asked him if not 5 times if there were any extra charges i should be aware of so i coule be prepared, the 5 times he assured me that nothing extra, every half hour extra would be $35 but nothing else. Well sunday comes and i get a call prior to them arriving trying to push a three man crew on me adding it to $160 and $35 half hour to which is said thats not what i wanted. Half hour later two guys show up amd start describing the billing: extra cost for nything past 40ft of distance from the apt to the moving truck, $25 for each tv because their insurance didn't cover liability for them. I was upset and told the worker Chris specifically said bo extra charges, he was polite about it and waived the distance fee and i had to say no to moving my tvs so id not get over charged. 2 and hrs later they finally finish loading and we head to my new place, upon arriving my grand total was $271.88. They charged me an estimated extra 1 and half for unloading AND for being on a second floor which was again another charge i was NEVer informed of i had no option but to pay. The movers were vreat and very polite but Chris tricks of using then to overcharge and come up with random extra charges is very unprofessional. I know its a though job and i appreciated thier service but id be happier if i had been told straight up what to expect. I even texted him to clarify why i was being charged that if my math gave me $250 with tax and his $271.88 to which he never replied. He replied hours before the move in regards to how to want me to pay in cash bit after that he just ignored me since he had his $. So just be cautious that they will swear and promise no extra charges but will suprise you with plenty once they are there.
By: melina98
Born 2 Move Movers
FANTASTIC AND FUN MOVING EXPERIENCEThis was by far the best moving experience I have ever had and coming from a military family I have moved quite a few times. I was very skeptical using any moving company because I have so many nice things and was afraid of trusting others with my belongings. And as you know if you are familiar with the military movers they are always breaking things. So, I decided to do a GOOGLE search for the "BEST MOVERS IN SAN ANTONIO" and Born 2 move Movers came up with actual testimonials videos. I must say I was actually shocked to see all the families they had moved in San Antonio. Convinced by the video testimonials, I called and scheduled my overwhelming move with Chris. He was very friendly and explained everything to me which made me feel so comfortable. The movers showed up at the scheduled time and were just as nice as Chris, they treated me like they knew me for years. I am so happy I decided to use Born 2 Move Movers! The best part about the move was the reasonable price that couldn't be beat! I called around just to see the other prices out there and every mover was at least $80 higher and they all charged extra fees for travel time and appliances. I was so impressed with this company and I highly recommend them to anybody looking for affordable and professional movers. I promise you will not be disappointed. I read some of the other reviews and it just can't be the same company I used. I actually including the link to the testimonial video because once you see the testimonials you will know exactly why I chose them and why they are the best movers in town! Also at the end of my move they asked me to do my own testimonial and I happily obliged!!
By: Jennifer B.
Gunn Nissan
I have bought 5 cars from Gunn; the last 3 were from Gunn Nissan. Every single time, it is a pain-free, pressure free process. Because the sales people are not paid on commission, they are more invested in making the customer happy than making the next sale. John Alvarez has been the salesperson I have worked with for my last three auto purchases, and he is always knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. This last purchase was no exception. My husband was looking for a small work truck. I called John, described the features we wanted, and by the next day we were driving our new Nissan Frontier truck.The other thing I love about Gunn Nissan is the customer experiences I have had after I purchased the car. Any time I need to get the oil changed or get maintenance done on my vehicle, I have had a positive experience. They get me in and out pretty quickly, and they also provide nice amenities for their customers while you are waiting. One Saturday morning, they had a massage therapist giving complementary chair massages to waiting customers. What a great perk!
By: Lenny H.
Red McCombs Toyota
Before moving to Texas, I would always buy cars from private owners because they are not selling cars to pay the bills and dealerships are. But Red McCombs Ford and Toyota have both given me great deals on two vehicles since moving here. Service at R. M. Toyota goes way above and beyond. When a second key fob didn't work on my used car, I was told the other one probably just needs a battery. A new battery didn't fix it. Sales told me the one working fob was the deal, but they would look for a similar fob to be turned in and then I would just pay to have it programmed for my car. After a month I went there to see for myself if a similar fob was turned in. The parts manager took the fob and said he'll see what he can find. After 20 minutes I sat down at a table. Soon after the manager came to me and dropped a new fob on the table. I thought, "Great, now I have to spend $100+ for this." He said, "There you go, have a nice day. No charge." I couldn't believe it. In my mind, you can't do better then Red McCombs Toyota, or Red McCombs Ford.
By: Karen luckemeyer ..
David Munoz was dedicated to assisting me with finding the right vehicle to suit my needs. He was available to assist me whenever I called or whenever I showed up on the premise. He worked his schedule around mine to be there at the dealership. I appreciated this greatly and it made everything go smoothly and I was able to coordinate around my work schedule which decreased my stress. David Munoz was very courteous and professional throughout the process. I enjoyed his assistance and he made this car buying experience go smoothly without any bumps. Exactly how I like it. Quality with expediency. All of the staff were very professional/polite. Very welcoming, comfortable and clean environment. Very my needs. I appreciated that. Continue to keep the same characteristics I have mentioned throughout my survey. I would like to see more incentives offered on the overall price of a vehicle. That would make me feel better to know that I am getting the best price compared to the overall market.
By: Lyle W.
I would just like to say that was the very best car buying experience ever. The vehicle was sold to us by David Garcia. He was extremely nice. David found the exact vehicle we were looking for with no problem. He thoroughly explained everything to us from beginning to end. Best of all, he never tried to trick us, hassle us, sell us something we did not want, and he never bashed any of the local dealerships. My wife and I have purchased 9 vehicles in the past 10 years, and this was by far the best and smoothest deal of all. David was great! The service department is top notch as well. We always took our previous Toyota to Alamo for servicing, and never once had a bad experience. You definitely get luxury car treatment. I plan on leaving an excellent review on google for the world to see. Definitely the way car buying should be! Thank You David Garcia, and thank you Alamo Toyota! You guys have the recipe for success!!!!
By: Rosa rodriguez ..
My salesperson was very attended to what I wanted and made sure that I got everything in a timely manner and it was perfection! They all worked with my budget and try to get me into the price rage that I was looking for. I would had like to get it even lower but I do understand that the FJ is an expensive car. The paperwork was done in a timely manner and with respect to my need of time, with only what a needed to have for the car, not more just to sale me items not needed, this I love about this part of the sale person It one of the best, and I say this because this is my first Toyota am a Honda drive and I just loved this vehicle that I had to have it! Clean and with everything that was to be in the vehicle and sale personnel went over all the paperwork and items that the vehicle hs The counter service, in all the areas in the dealership I would have love to get a lower monthly payment on th FJ vehicle.
By: eliseo.montalvo.180
Ancira Volkswagen
I have to say buying a car here was not only the easiest transaction there could be I have never felt so at easy that I wasn't evening screwed. As soon as I drove up and walked to the used car area I was greeted by CHRIS BROWN when inquiring about a used car and my situation he informed me how difficult it could be and told me they can make something happen with a new vehicle because of all the insensitive normally I would think they only want an up sell and really aren't looking in my best interest I was totally wrong from the moment I drove my new Metra to getting the paperwork signed not only was I.excited I got the payment I wanted with gap and.extend warranty CHRIS is professional extremely nice. My only mistake Was.going to.other dealerships ad not going to Anita.
By: siddriver
Most satisfactory. Service representative(Greg Phillips?) was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and informative. Same with the Toyota rental lady. Very nice rental car while the recall work on my Prius V was being done. We really like the location and the facility lay out. The collection or billing ladies were very efficient and pleasant. We enjoyed speaking to the owner, Don, when he does his walk through of the facility and visits with customers. Great popcorn, donuts, fresh fruit, and excellent coffee. Friendly and helpful van driver. Clean bathrooms. I have considered just coming by and staying and visiting because I enjoy Alamo Toyota so much. It is more than just another automotive dealership for me. Thank you for all the efforts made every day.
By: Michael W.
Gunn Nissan
From inital visit through proudly driving our new Nissan XTerra off the lot, we were treated with exceptional professionalism, every question answered fully and quickly, and every reasonable courtesty extended. Our sales consultant, David Valdez, ensured our experience at Gunn Nissan was by far the best we have ever had in my 38 years since getting my first car. He worked quite hard to ensure our needs were met, he listened closely to what we had to say, and overcame a few bumps in the road to getting the new vehicle we sought down to the last detail. I would give my strongest recommendation to anyone interested in a new Nissan to give Gunn Nissan a chance to show them what they offer. Total 5-star experience from a local middle school math teacher.

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