By: ryancola
Phillip Simon Jewelers
You would do well to visit Mr. Phillip Simon for watch repair. I brought him my complex kinetic chronograph that other shops wanted way too much money to fix or ship off for who knows how long. I read many reviews for local watch repair/jewelry shops and even mail in watch repair shops. After numerous phone calls, I decided to visit Mr. Simon in downtown San Antonio. Within 15 minutes of walking into his little shop, he had my watch taken apart, diagnosed, fixed, and on my wrist while I was there having a conversation with him. He charged me too little money for the whole thing in my opinion, but would not take a penny more. He is a 65 year veteran horologist who seems to really know his stuff. I am never thrilled with going downtown, but this trip was very painless - I was able to park in the garage on Travis and St. Mary's (behind the Sheraton Gunter), cross the street, have Mr. Simon fix my watch on the spot, and get back to my car to pay just $3 in parking (it would have been $2 if we didn't keep conversing). When you go to see him, make sure to bring cash as I don't think that he has a credit card machine. In my humble opinion, he is a true craftsman and a rare find these days. I will be visiting him from here on out.
By: Bob cairns C.
Phillip Simon Jewelers
Bob Cairns 03/28/2014I looked for a watch repair shop near where I live and couldn't come up with anything very close and happened to read RyanCola's review of Mr. Simon's great work - particularly of not wanting to go downtown to have his watch repaired. I was of the same mind but was intrigued by his experience so decided to chance it. I am very very happy I did as Phil Simon is an exceptional watch repairman and extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of watches. I parked across the street which was very easy and talked with him while he looked at and repaired/changed batteries in the 5 watches I took in. One watch he repaired was missing a tiny screw and needed a battery as well as some work on the gromet which waterproofs the back. I paid only $5.50 for his work. I cannot recommend his work highly enough and I really appreciate the recommendation which RyanCola prepared because I wouldn't have found this craftsman without it. Mr. Simon looked at a 150 year old pocket watch belonging to my sister and started it functioning by applying a drop of oil to it and it worked immediately. Phil Simon is the greatest!
By: utsastudent
The UPS Store 6150 -- UTSA
Best customer service ever and the workers are so friendly. The mailboxes on campus are very convenient and i always renew my mailbox because i know my mail is in a safe place. I love coming here and the employees always have the patience to assist me. Id reccomend all utsa students and anyone else to come to this store.
By: brackenpostal
Bracken Postal, Boxes & More
This is not your average Post office. They actually care about you when you walk in the door. They print out the labels, store my addresses I ship to in their database, and they make sure everything will make it there the first time. In a word, "They Care"!
By: curvyharley7
The UPS Store
I go here all the time and I have good service. They do take the time to explain things to you and I always get a helpful worker. There is only two people working sometimes even just one but they do the best they can and have supplies you may need on hand.
By: John H.
Alamo Ice House
Great BBQ Here and Cold beer. Nice outdoor section with plenty of games to keep you occupied. Over a great experience here.

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