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By: Gloria T.
City Base Vista Apartments
HI there has been multiple complaints that has brought my attention from most of the resident that lives there at the complex about resident apartment 2902 we have married husband and wife and family that leaves there that respects there private and the resident that lives in 2902 is disrespecting the married husband and guy and saying if she had a chances she would take you really quick and flirting a certain way and saying hi that what my husband says or the rest of resident and saying hi and be flirting with them and bieng a certain way to say hi to the guys that are married and maintenance guys and saying that the maintenance guys that are friends yes we have a maintenance guys are there to there job not to friends or flirting with them the residents are also noticing when she say hi in a flirting way to the maintenance guys or to other guys too when she walks her dog or washing her clothes we are all married and the ladies don't have time to be firting with any guys we all respects are guys or husbands If resident 2902 if she is married or has a boyfriend respect that noticed she has rings on her finger and telling all guys her family problems or telling the ladies that live there about her health issues or family problems it's none of there business and sometimes also my husband and the rest of residence married guys are noticing what she is wearing she wearing white jogging shorts and the guys can see her something underneath very disrecting on the complex we all dont need drama or any problems here also i have all ready notified law enforcement sapd about this matter thanks sincerely Mrs Tovar
By: blueoak
Saddlewood Apartments
but with these additions. The new owners are actively fixing up their property. They seem to care about it. It was neglected, dangerous before Lynd came along. The managers? We haven't needed their help so can't comment on whether they're responsive or helpful. I would hope that they spell out what are the policies here and enforce them cause some of these folks are despicable. Unsupervised kids are one of the biggest problems. Kids between 7 and 11 years old, wild and will challenge you if you dare say something about them throwing rocks or running in the parking lots. They're constantly messing around other people's cars. We have cracked windows from them throwing rocks at windows and cars and each other. Wish they'd get rid of the landscape rocks! I think we'd be in a much better place if the parents were compelled to get out of bed and watch their children. Unless one of them comes up dead or hurt nothing will change. Besides the dope heads, kids left to their own devises will bring a place down quicker than anything. All of this can be placed at the lap of absentee 'parents' who need to stop pawning their kids off on the community and take responsibility. I recommend renting here to others with the current owners. They have much to do to bring this long neglected place around but they're trying and doing a great job.
By: alwaysexpectquality
Hill Country Villas
This complex is average. If you are looking for security, upgraded fixtures, and quality amenities, than you have the wrong place. There have been 5 break ins reported. They have to report all crime in the complex to the residents but they do nothing to make the complex more secure. There seems to be a large amount of dog owners so there is always feces on the sidewalks. Don't let the "gated community" fool you. They have one gate code and once you give it out that person can enter anytime they choose to. Before you sign a lease, physically go check your apartment. I was issued the wrong floor plan and told I had to wait a month and a half before the one I originally requested became available. The leasing agent tried arguing with me and told me that I never asked for a specific floor plan when we had a 15 minute conversation about it over the phone. Due to time and $$ constraints I had to take what was available. The parking is also horrible especially after 6PM. Most of the parking slots have been converted to carports which you have to pay $20.00 a month for. For the amount they charge in rent, they need to upgrade their amenities and provide better security.
By: Jj J.
Westgate Apartment Homes
Somewhat noisy--apartment walls are very thin so you can hear the neighbors fight in the early morning (next property over) and listen to their barking dog at 3am any given night. The property owner/manager is nice but the work they do in the apartments is left half-done and the workmanship is shoddy. In addition, there have been few hot showers since moving in and the heat wasn't turned on in time for the cold snap (that everyone in San Antonio talked about for a week PRIOR to it turning cold). That left us without heat in 30 degree weather. Not pleasant, especially since you couldn't take a hot shower to warm up.This place has good qualities--it's cute, the grounds are in nice condition and in an up and coming neighborhood only a half mile from The Pearl, but it needs professional management help. There's no one manning the office and keeping track of issues--absolutely no follow-up or tenant contact from management even when it's promised. I don't think this is intentional; the manager/owner in charge can't do it all and they absolutely need to hire help. For the price, we're not terribly impressed--and won't be signing another lease when ours is up.
By: Tiffany V.
Contour Garden Apartments
My unit has needed repairs since we've moved in from the cabinet's falling apart to having g roaches and little black bugs from a vacancy next door. I am am forced to now call code compliance because I have an no cold water to shower with my apartment manager crystal and her husband d who does not work here cam out late night when I told her it was going g to be a plumber who ha to come out to fix the patch they put on the first time but she was stubborn and still had to call afterwards. Still not fixing g the issue after telling her I'm off on Mondays it's been 2 Mondays since and they still haven't came having to pay 200 a week starting a new week just so my daughter can stay and be able to shower and not have to worry about new bugs in her room closest to the vacant apt. It's been a nightmare living here Going to have to break my lease just to be safe as well the apartment manager didn't even know me and seemed to be trying to interrogate me in my home rather than care about the issue just being nosey it was very unprofessional as I made her feel when she tried going there
By: Kimberly T.
Polo Club Apartments
I don't know what apartment MYOWNHERO is referring to but that does not describe the Polo Club. I am a mother with two young children. I live in the 3/2 and I have not had roaches nor cracks in the wall. My apartment was immaculate when I moved in and it stays that way because I clean my home. If you had roaches, you were filthy because these apartments have pest control come twice a month. And as far as work orders, my microwave went out on a Friday, they told me that they might not make it in til Saturday, but were able to replace my microwave that same Friday anyways. Yes, the gate is sometimes opened, but dont single out Polo Club just because you saw someone jump a fence. That sounds like a lie anyways, if you see the gates, you cant jump them! The apartment is not falling a part, they are pretty new! Sounds like your on a mission to slander a complex for your own benefit...where do you work? Westpond? I moved from there and THAT is bad management! You might be confused with another Polo Club Apartment Complex, but not San Antonio's.
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By: Roel E.
Nicola Kneale - Liberty Mutual Insurance
I have had Nicola representing me with Liberty Mutual Home Insurance for almost a year now and I am proud to say her customer service has been superb. Nicola has to be one of the nicest representatives I have met. She is very knowledgeable and during the process was very honest about my options with coverage and prices. She has always responded promptly when I had questions and she strives to build strong relationships with her clients. As a company, my experience with Liberty Mutual has also been rewarding. I had hail damage last spring and when I called in the claim, a claims adjuster was there within two days. After a thorough inspection, the adjuster processed the claim and I had a check in hand within hours. Definitely something you don't see too often with insurance companies. While no company can guarantee they are the cheapest in every type of insurance, Liberty is by far one of the most competitive.
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By: Irene P.
Stein Mart
I had a return and there was a sign on the counter with bottled water reading I am yours if I fail to offer you a Steinmart card. When the young man at the counter failed to make the offer I mentioned he did not extend me the offer and requested the bottle of water when the young lady who approved the credit for my return sternly said that's only for purchases. Excuse me for being a second class customer! That was rude and not the first time I have been profiled at this store. I am Hispanic and twice been asked for identification when using my credit card when affluent white appearing customers before me are not required to show identification. I spend thousands of dollars each year at this store and feel I will limit my business with Steinmart as I find I have never had these experiences at other stores. Perhaps these associates need more training.
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By: Jay C.
Brandon Oaks Apartments
The worst mistake I have ever made was signing a second year contract with these apartment complexes, in the 22 months that I have lived here there have been three different managers and countless different Realtors, that alone should be a warning sign; their staff never seems to know what they're doing because they're mainly always changing the people, they can be nice when they want to but they have also been extremely rude as well, and I don’t know about you but I prefer to not have bipolar staff members to deal with, communication is one of their worst suits. I would never recommend these apartments to anybody, pay the extra rent for the apartments across the street, it's worth it, because in this case you definitely get what you pay for. The only reason I didn't put 1 star is because I know there are worse apartments out there.
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By: Valerie T.
Galdina's Dresses
I would not suggest this place unless you were very very desperate. If you're planning a really nice quinceanera then I would go somewhere else. The dresses are cheaply made, and we didn't even get to try on the proper dress. They made her try on one with a corset backing, and dress is actually a zipper. the dress was too small and when I tried to return it she had an extra large in the store so she had her try on that dress and it was altered, since my daughter did not want a medium and they did not want to order a large. my daughter is heavy chested and these dresses are made for petite short girls. I would never again go to this location or any location. Dillards has a way better dress selection and better quality for the same or if not a cheaper price. Do not go here go somewhere else.
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