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By: Isaac F.
Freedom Packing & Moving
This is Isaac , owner Freedom packing and moving, I am very sorry to hear your moving experience was a bad one. But I must say , you are correct I did book you and did call to confirm but, your wife stated she booked another company before us and decided to stay with them but never notified me of this. So we hung up and I booked someone else for that spot, then the day of she called me telling me, Where are you why aren't you here? At this point I reminded her that she had cancelled us and went with someone else, She said, Well those movers didn't show up and you need to get here asap if you want this money, I explained to her that I couldn't due to us already at the job site working . She got so mad starting being very disrespectful , cussing at me, telling me I better listen and get my a#* there now.I did apologize in advance but I did tell her that I would not tolerate her verbal abuse or her threats. I did tell her that I was hanging up and it wasn't our fault in the first place. She cancelled us in the first place. Of course she called me repeatedly even from different numbers being even more disrespectful as if this helps. So I hung up again. No one should have to tolerate that type of behavior. I had no choice but to ignore her, we cannot engage in this she only made it worse. Once again I am sorry for your experience but this was all your wife's doing. Isaac Flores Owner
By: Yvette F.
Freedom Packing & Moving
Ms. Rebecca come on let's be honest.We did book you we did confirm and we did show up on time but someone wasn't there. We called and texted you waited approximately 30 minutes. No show no response.We called once again to inform you that we were leaving and on to the next one.Still no response..... until 2 hrs later .Yes we did try to reschedule you even though you left us hanging and when I told you my availability you said, I will call you in a few minutes and see if that works for me. No response yet....until the following day.Unfortunately we were already booked and when I informed you , you hung up before I could even tell you the next available time slot.Hours go by and I receive a text from you asking what should you do. I text you back immediately letting you know my availability. Again you said I will let you know. No response yet again, I am sorry for your hardship but I really did the best I could for you. Your actions led me to believe that you really didn't need us therefore I must move forward with business and provide quality service for the next client.Once again I am sorry but Freedom packing and moving did come through did communicate with you and you chose a different route. I would appreciate it if you would be honest about my company we did nothing to deserve this review.
By: Josef M.
PC Outlet by Discount Electronics
So much false advertising. I would not recommend going here for any sort of repair. First of all their website says that diagnostics are $25, but they actually charged me $29 and refused to lower it. Their website also notes that there are no up front costs although I had to fork out money then and there. Finally, they advertise a 24 hour diagnostic. The day after I took it in I got notifications to say they were waiting for me. So I went in and they told me that they made a mistake and it wasn't actually ready, but they would notify me when it was. After not hearing anything for another 24 hours I called back and they said that they had notified me which is incorrect because I was supposed to receive email and text notifications, Which I did when they "accidentally" called me in but not when it was actually ready. So it ended up being a 72 hour diagnostic just so that they could plug in a new video card and tell me that was the problem.Short Version: False Advertising and slow service. Take your business elsewhere.
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By: Tonja C.
Move Busters
I hate the tells-you-nothing reviews so here's my total experience. We are a retired military family so moving is nothing new for us just generally we're moving much farther away. Move Busters was easy to contact and was responsive both via phone and email. They were able to book a move very quickly, on a Sunday, during a holiday three day weekend. The price is good. The laborers were friendly and the truck was in good shape. Nothing was broken and nothing is missing. All bonus' so far. I was booked for nine, they showed up at 11:30. I booked four hours which, in my experience, should have been more than enough time for the move. It took them six hours. The laborers were very vocal about being upset that it was a move to a third floor apartment. They also spent a lot of time on the phone, not sure if it was business or not. In the end, not the worst movers I've ever had but maybe not top notch either. I think you get what you pay for and these guys were cheap but well worth the help.
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By: Ashly C.
Freedom Packing & Moving
Freedom movers had saved me twice! The first time I paid for a "white glove delivery service" for a brand new sofa, that company barely even tried to get it through the door before giving up and leaving me by myself without a way to move it inside. I called Freedom movers and even though it was around 5pm they were SO NICE, calmed me down, and made it out within 90min to help me with my couch.The second time, I will be forever grateful. I had planned to move out of state at the end of the month to help my father through his chemo treatments as he was just diagnosed with late stage cancer. But when he was unexpectedly hospitalized and in ICU, I knew I had to pack my things and go immediately. Freedom movers helped me move with less than 12 hours notice.. They even showed up 15 minutes early. I was able to take the first flight out the next morning to see my Dad thanks to them. They are genuine, kind, and courteous. I can't say enough good things about this company.
By: Michael R.
Freedom Packing & Moving
First let me state that in 13 years of military service i have moved A LOT! Freedom is by far the most efficient and effective movers I have had the pleasure of hiring. The price was more than fair, Isaac and Bobby were more than professional, oh and BTW they took my job on less than 24 hour notice. Watching these two pros work was like watching a very practiced and harmonious drill team putting the pieces of our life in a truck with precision and care. I read the other reviews that called these pros "liars" and "untrustworthy" and I could not disagree with them more. While I'm sorry that their moving experience wasn't as pristine as ours...I must say that i cannot see how we could be speaking about the same company. I would hire this company again tomorrow...thanks for the A+ job and the connect to the cleaning service!
By: annemariejo
PC Outlet by Discount Electronics
Yesterday was my first visit to the PC outlet on 410 near Vance Jackson. I was lucky enough to get a sales rep named Robert H. who was extremely courteous, patient, and friendly. But most importantly, he had a passion for identifying what was wrong with the computer. You could see that he was going to meet the challenge. He even put a movie on for my 3 kids to watch while he assisted me. He worked hard at resolving my problem and when he couldn't find it, he called in some backup. I was out of there in a minimal amount of time with a minimal amount of expense. This is what customer service is all about! I observed how he behaved with other customers and it was the same way. PC Outlet will be our computer store from now on!! The best service I have had anywhere in a long, long, time!
By: samantha.henderson.142
Freedom Packing & Moving
You have to use these guys!!!! I have moved twice with-in San Antonio and I could honestly not ask for better people and quality movers. Not only were they quick and efficient but they were good quality guys, careful with my belongings, and the cheapest price with a flat quote. Isaac is the owner and he works side-by-side with the other workers. They ask I sit back and just chill while they moved me. I watched them wrap my furniture in the truck with blankets they brought without being asked. When they came back in I asked, Why did you wrap them? Is it extra? The owner Isaac, laughed and said, "No, I am not going to charge you extra for just doing my job." I tell everyone I know to call Isaac and use this company. They are fast, lowest price, and a pleasure to work with.
By: hkarnes
Move Busters
This company deserves to be recognized for their low rates that were not offered to me from ANY other company. I must have called 10 different moving companies who were charging for everything. What floor, how many boxes, and how much furniture was the common questions I was being asked. When Adriana answered she was courteous and explained the hourly rate (that did not change once I was moved) and when I prompted what i was moving she simply answered Mrs. Helen the rates stay the same no matter what we are moving, you don't owe us any explanations. Thank You for being reasonable with your rates and for making "The moving process" easier than what I expected.
By: Marie A.
Freedom Packing & Moving
Freedom packing is the greatest ever. I had other movers booked for today but never showed up. I called Isaac from Freedom packing moving and he assured me not to worry they had a crew available to assist me. Omg they showed up like in 30 minutes and really impressed me. My previous movers said based on the in home estimate, I should have like 6 hrs of work and my quote was like $600 plus a fuel cost plus tax or whatever. Isaac and his guys did it in almost 4 hrs and it only cost me around $350 of coursed I tipped them. I am recommending them to everyone.

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