By: cynthiaba
Frierson John
I was greeted friendly by the staff with smiles. Was taken quickly in by nurse checked my weight blood pressure and then did a test on my me with the sticks on my chest because I had not been there in 3 months. Then the Dr came in , he was sweet and listened and acknowledged my concerns. We did many tests to make sure everything was going great and of course it was. Been with him for a year and love coming in to see him. Then the nurse escorted me to the checkout was very sweet explained everything the dr said and did to me what I needed to change . She wrote it all down cause at my age I am forgetful . She wrote my prescriptions had the dr sign them , made me a lab appointment and a follow up appointment all in 5 minutes and all with smiles
By: Virginia M.
Schnitzler Cardiovascular Consultants
I saw Dr Schnitzler in later part of 2015. No problem with him,he was a very kind man. But the billing department was another story, they could not get my insurance filed right, them told me I was lyning about even having ins. Faxed them ins. info 3 times they said they never got it. Billing dept will not call you back. They called me once and the lady told me she would write the bill off because they waited to long to file, then about 2 months later I got another call from them again saying I did not even have ins.. They finally did get paid by the ins. company that they said I lied about, office manager very rude and unprofeshional! Dont think Dr. Schnitzler, knows this is happening!!!
By: Ivonne G.
Perez, Jose A, MD
It is very difficult to obtain an appointment. I had to walk in and make an appointment. I complained to the receptionist about how my calls were not returned to make an appointment, and she didn't even apologize. It was a 2hr wait on my last visit. After the doctor prescribed a new medication, it made me very ill and I left several messages to speak to his nurse and she didn't return my call. If you still want to make an appointment with this doctor go right ahead, but getting a stellar review as a Top Notch Cardiology Dr., doesn't mean a thing if you can't count on his staff to do their job.
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By: Maria P.
South Texas Cardiology Institute- Metropolitan Gateway
I just want to say that DR JUDE ESPINOZA-the first time I went to go see him HE DID his evaluation, set up appts for me on Test that had to be done. HE is the ONLY Doctor that I have seen in My 66yrs that I have been going to ALL kind of Specialists (I also have a Special Needs Daughter) I have NEVER had a Doctor be so Caring, Compassionate, Considerate & comforting to a Patient as HE IS. In the 66yrs that the Lord has given Me, HE is the ONLY one with ALL these Qualities! May Our Lord Continue Blessing HIM-ANYONE would be LUCKY to have HIM as their DOCTOR! Thank YOU DR!
By: isabelgardner
South Texas Perinatal Cardiology
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Tips & Advices
The main difference separating a heart attack from heart failure is in the underlying reasons for the occurrence. Hearts attacks can be traced to blockages in arteries and acute flares, while heart failure is more likely to be due to congenital heart disease and a more developed condition.
Arrhythmia is an abnormal beating of the heart that may feel like it comes at a fluttering, accelerated, or otherwise irregular pace. While in many cases these occurrences can be infrequent, benign and go away on their own, if persistent, they may require further consultation with a cardiologist.
Cholesterol is a naturally occurring fatty body compound used to produce hormones. It becomes a problem for heart health when there are high levels of bad cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which can lead to arterial congestion.
Visits to a cardiologist typically entail a doctor reviewing and assessing your health, and more specifically within the context of your heart health. It is important to prepare for appointments by having a list of medications and any documents related to your medical history. Some tests (like EKGs) may be administered on a first visit.
Invasive cardiologists are distinguished from non-invasive cardiologists for their ability to perform a number of specialized procedures, including pacemaker and defibrillator insertions, cardioversions and emergent angioplasties.

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