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By: xaramirez
Lari Nelson Fashion Group
Lari Nelson is very much not a scam. A scam does not have 25+ years working in fashion show production and coaching. A scam would not have success stories of people currently living in La and New York with the Bigest agencies in the world. To have access to these agents you first have to have training and experience and that is Excatly what she does . She gives you the education you need to prosper in your career and dedicates her time to work on your walk also giving you real experience in local fashion shows like Idat and incarnate word also express news where some are paid. She is your key to the door of the world market . You just have to pay for the classes of her highly skilled training . Not for jobs . She gives you the connection to scouts so you build your resume. If you wish to persue this career or just want more information I encourage you to talk to her she is a very sweet lady who pushes and encourages you to reach your full potential. " your born with looks or your not " is a very uneducated statement in the industry because different clients look for different looks . (Plus size , petit etc) overall what this agency is is safe . She knows everyone around the area and knows if they are reputable enough to send you to them. She might not guarantee a top contract with a top agency but she is your guide to get where you want .
By: Pam W.
Entourage Model & Talent Agency
I was a little iffy about having to pay any money upfront, but I went to the group meeting on Saturday to check it out. After the meeting, I went online to do research about having to pay any money upfront. If you google it yourself, you will see that you don't have to pay a DIME upfront. But I thought $120 wasn't too expensive and Cindy said it was for website developer to add photos to their website. So today I called the company who does their website and posed as a potential client. I said I found their info on Entourage Agency website and was looking to model my website based off theirs. He told me that she does all their back end work herself. SHE uploads their own photos and is on an as-needed basis with them. So to sum up, if Cindy is doing all their uploading of new photos, why is she charging $120 claiming the web developer charges that much?
By: chelseajanaedavila
Professional Models & Talent
PMT Agency signed my daughter a year ago and what an experience! We met through one of iPOP's talent scouts. Olga is a sweet, loving and wonderful person. My daughter adores her! They have really bonded. She calls my daughter "Princess and her rock star". Since Chelsea signed with PMT, she has received casting calls and auditions for Texas, Louisiana, NY and LA. In a professional level she is at her best. Always on top of everything. PMT we love you!
By: Daniela G.
Lari Nelson Fashion Group
I live in Dallas . It's a hard life in this industry. I went there to the runway to watch .I get starred I don't care. I'm not there for them. I'm there for me. She gave me a resume or her biography. Then the French turl. Yes everyone has their own style. You can do whatever you want with the style. To each their ownDanny Allen applegate
By: clarissavillarreal23
Professional Models & Talent
Hi , Im Clarissa and Im 15 . Im really interested in Modeling . and very Photogenic . and i've been wanting to get into the modeling buisness for 3 years now , Im 5'2 and im a size 0 Hopfully this will get me into the modeling buisness . <3
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By: Jacy R.
Entourage Model & Talent Agency
I am completely overwhelmed with my experience thus far with Entourage Agency from my initial email inquiring with no back ground experience to landing my first job a COMMERCIAL none the less only 5 days after signing the contract.
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By: Taylor S.
Entourage Model & Talent Agency
I'm a model and DAYS after signing my contract I got job after job after job. LOVE THE AGENCY! I've already earned more than what it took to sign up, amazing

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