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By: Chase M.
First let me say that I truly enjoyed the session. You are such a warm and friendly person it was as if I were sitting across from a long-time friend having a conversation. I was at ease from the very first time and trust me it's been way to long.From the onset of the session I knew you were very accurate but after seeing you even give reading to Celbrities, I found additional validations. The accuracy of the reading was uncanny and unmistakable. Your descriptions of my brother, his close association with music, particularly with the acoustic guitar and wanting to be a musician was absolutely spot-on. All throughout the session there were numerous validations. While there were some things that came through that I don't yet understand I am confident that I will at the appropriate time. Also just want to say thanks for being a real authentic psychic and I appreciate you giving me the peace I been dreaming for a long time.
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By: Anj R.
Your Life's Direction
James is hands down the best psychic intuitive counselor I have been to in town. The first time we met, he looked at a few pictures of a loved one and immediately knew of the circumstance without me having to provide any info. He preferred to give me information and insight and then addressed any concerns I had. I have seen him for several years now and he has always been able to look into my future and provide me with better perspective and forewarned me of things to be cautious of. He is extremely kind, patient and a very good listener. He has helped me to grow in my personal life as well as promote in my professional endeavors as well. I look forward to continuously working with him. Thank you James for all that you do for bettering my future and using your gift with such integrity.
By: partyshawn1980
Alamo Psychic is San Antonio most powerful psychic she amazed me i was a non believer and she made me a true believer she told me things that no one else never new i didnt tell her nothing i just sat down and she start telling me everthing she also helped me get my love back she gave me peace and mind if you was ever thinking about seeing a psychic try her cause i been to most of the psychics in san antonio and alamo psychic is the best two thums up thanks linda for giveing me my life back.
By: Charlie S.
I immediately felt at ease. I found her to be warm, caring and very kind. I was hoping for information that would help with my personal growth, and answers to a few questions I had. She went beyond offering accurate and valuable information that has helped me spiritually, emotionally, personally and professionally.The information shared was absolutely accurate. She addressed some issues before I could ask the question. The information was beyond any of my previous experiences.
By: Anastasia W.
I had a Card Reading for the first time today but it definitely won’t be the last! She’s totally incredible! She immediately puts her clients at ease, and she made me feel as if she’d known me forever. I got so much out of our reading, including messages from my grandmothers, my spirit team, and so much more. I told her NOTHING about myself, but she was spot on time after time! I can't wait to see her back for a longer reading!
By: Arnold M.
Psychic Kephera
my first reading with psychic kephera was amazin.. she helped give me more direct answers to my questions and concerns and felt as if i was talking to one of my own friends because she and i were able to relate to a good amount of topic and is a good person to talk to . in addition, the service was a lot better than any other that i've tried in terms of the rate and the skills of the psychic
By: tonirogers
Master Psychic Ann Ross
I give her all of these stars because she told me absolutely everything without me saying one word.Simply the best person that Id ever been too.I will come back to her shes a very honest person and I do highly recommend her insights,she gives alots of details in her readings and timeframes and thats what I look for in a reading.Thanks.Karen
By: jassperkins94
Psychic Kephera
Psychic Kephera has definitely helped me through my journey of life. She keeps in contact and remains concerned with those whom she communicates with. She's always been understanding and informative. She's accurate and always honest, and right on point . Her kind and genuine nature makes her approachable and comforting. Shes amazing!!!!
By: Dondi B.
Psychic Kephera
I have been looking for job opportunities in my field for the past year. Kephera told me that my friend was gonna get me working with him. It turned out my friend was able to get me an internship related to my field at an elite medical facility. Kephera shows concern, compassion, and her readings are accurate.
By: Mimi B.
Psychic Kephera
I 've been with my dear friend and psychic, Kephera for over 8 years and she had never steered me wrong. She gives am an amazing and accurate reading. You can not go wrong with this psychic. Give her a try and I guarantee you will be pleased.

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