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By: fc009834
LongHorn Steakhouse
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST STEAKS IN TOWN!!I dine here with my family typically on special occasions but I would dine here several times a week if I could afford it!! This is a perfect example of getting what you pay for. The steaks are extremely tender (THEY ARE DEFINITELY THE BEST IN TOWN) and the side dishes (particularly vegetables) are very fresh, etc. Dining here is a real treat for my family. I made the mistake very recently of dining at another restaurant with a lower priced menu, and had a real bad experience. Longhorn is always packed but they don't take reservations, which bothered me at first; however, the way they get around this is they allow you to call in ahead of time to get your name on the wait list at which time you are given your projected seating time. Long story short - we are usually seated within five minutes after we arrive. Understandably, if you're not there by the projected seat time, you name drops off the list. Smart system!
By: Deina H.
Little Red Barn
This family owned business has had such a positive impact on our city. From 1970 - 1985 my Daddy took clients to your restaurant to feed and entertain them almost daily. He had his favorite waitresses (he was a great tipper when they worked hard) - they would bring him peeled radishes and sliced tomatoes as soon as they saw him walking down the entry stairs to be seated. Going back to the Barn always takes me back to my childhood days - great memories! About once a month Daddy would take our family to the Little Red Barn to have a special steak dinner. We were a family of six so we didn't get to eat out much. It was a real treat when we would get to go. One of my favorite things has always been the complimentary salad with your special green dressing and crackers with butter. The steaks have always been great and the pricing hasn't changed that much in the last 35 years. If you want a great meal at a great price - this is the place to go.
By: twain55
Morton's The Steakhouse
I ate here late on a Friday night. My group had 5 people in it.The customer service was excellent. Some of the best I’ve seen in San Antonio. I had the Colossal Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Jumbo Asparagus and Cajun Ribeye Steak.The shrimp were the biggest I’ve ever seen and tasted great. Same with the asparagus….they were very large and tasted awesome.Things weren’t so great with the steak. Half of the steak was perfect….one of the best I’ve ever had….the other half was so charred I couldn’t eat it. Not sure how that happened….left side cooked perfect, right side charred to the point of being inedible…strange.Prices for dinner are SUPER high. Certainly not someplace a middle class person like me would go more often that ever few years or so.Tip….go to the bar area to during their happy hours…good deals on food.I would go back but because of the prices it won’t be too often.
By: Jem M.
Little Red Barn
I had a gift certificate from Ancira, since today is our 20th wedding anniversary, wife and I decided to have lunch here today. Place was pretty empty, just about 5 other tables, so service was prompt, as soon as we were walking through the door, a waitress was already waiting with two salad plates ready show us to our table. She was super friendly. I ordered the 16oz ribeye, medium rare, wife ordered the 8oz ribeye, medium. Both stakes came out with the perfect temperature and they were delicious, really tender and juicy! Prices are in-par with other steakhouses, but the ambience is very informal, so if you are looking for a fancy place, this ain't it, but if you are looking for a fine steak, definitely give it a try. Only down side (not a big one) is that they cook their stakes on a flat top, not a grill.
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By: Donny V.
Saltgrass Steak House
The overall experience was a let down. It was my first time eating at a Saltgrass and had high expectations since its known to be pricey so I thought the food and service would add up but it was a long wait to be seated which is ok most places have a wait but I finally sat only to find out upon ordering they were out of steak fries. I had smelled the aroma and saw e done eating them long while waiting only to be teased. I was looking forward to them more than The steak itself. Speaking of steak, the steak was ordered medium rare and they brought me a bright pink bloody steak. They took it back to cook it some more but still very pink. Too avoid coming across as annoying and risk having my food tampered with, i took it as is. Never again. Sorry Saltgrass, not worth the price or wait!
By: Velma B.
Little Red Barn
Was pleasantly surprised by my visit here. A friend from out-of-town and myself dined at Little Red Barn Steakhouse for lunch on a Tuesday. Our salads were on the table before we even sat down. We settled on the ranch dressing which was very tasty. Our waiter was very knowledgable on the food and what the specials included, and was very kind when my friend wanted a few substitutes on her special. We both ordered sirloins, medium rare. They were cooked PERFECTLY which hardly ever happens! First time in a long time I have not had to send back a steak for being too cooked. The rolls..... OMG. SO GOOD. I could have eaten a million of them. I would definitely dine here again, and hopefully I have as positive an experience as I did today!
By: Chester M.
Little Red Barn
If you haven't been to the Little Red Barn in a while, you need to try it again. This place is classic San Antonio. The picnic tables, salads with bottles of dressing (use as much or as little as you like), wait staff in western attire with cowboy hats (ladies wear cute skirts), and good old fashioned steaks. All types from porterhouse to chopped steak. Try off the menu "Ringo" - chopped steak topped with cheese, grilled onion & peppers. Also the wedge salad is a must have. Their bread is new and much, much better. Fresh yeast rolls served warm with a slight sweet flavor. Our waitress, Terrie, was pretty incredible. Hustling all night making sure everyone was happy. Give it a try. Fun, casual, and Texas all in one!
By: Omu B.
Little Red Barn
I came here in 2015 with some co-workers while in town for a conference. My co-worker told us how he used to come here a lot as a child (he grew up in town). The place was empty when we went in. I think it was close to closing time. That didn't matter because we were still greeted with smiles. The menu is a huge sandwich board that you get to pick your meat from. I don't remember which cut of steak I got, but it was really delicious. From where we sat you could see right into the kitchen, which was really cool. They had the real sugar Big Reds, and they served it in a frosty mug. Good place. It's a little dingy, but I do highly recommend going there if you're in San Antonio.
By: Rick C.
Little Red Barn
OMG, this place has been there like forever! It was a pleasure to visit again after such a long time. I love the waitress's cowboy outfits. Rubio was our friendly, efficient, thoughtful waiter. My friend had the grilled chicken with green beans. The green beans were good. I ordered the steak sandwich with baked potato. The steak sandwich was a philly steak sandwich to me which was delicious. The cheese sauce was delicate. Plenty of steak in it too. The bread was soft and fresh. The Lone star light was only $1.50! We ordered the least price entry which was still $10 plus. They start you off with a salad which I enjoyed very much.
By: Tiera W.
Little Red Barn
This is one of my husband's favorite places to eat in San Antonio, so needless to say we cannot visit San Antonio without eating at LRB at least once! We had lunch here on a Sunday after Mass with a few friends. We were seated immediately, and a waiter arrived shortly after. We all had steaks, some had baked potatoes with their steaks, we all had side salads and iced tea. The food was good and hot, the service was quick, and the bill was painless. I grew up in San Antonio, and LRB was always there and always and will continue to be a big hit with my family.

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