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By: Ismael H.
Yong's Cleaners and Alterations
POOR SERVICE to say the least!!! My uniforms were dropped off on a Saturday and should have been ready on the Monday, but with much disappointment I arrived after 1700 hours just to be informed that my uniform pants smelled bad due to a dirty washer. Not only did they fail to contact me, but my uniform shirts were also unfinished. The lady handed over my shirts which had inconsistent creases on each shoulder patch. I was told they couldn't crease them. I refused to take my uniforms home due to the lack of quality service, and asked that it be corrected. I don't understand how you can allow your washers to become so filthy that the laundry you're responsible for cleaning becomes dirty. Perhaps they should clean and disinfect the washers frequently. Not to mention my uniforms were brand new and have never been washed prior to dropping them off. I wouldn't recommend this cleaner to anyone!!!
By: lalalala99
Aquastar Laundry
I have been here 3 times. the first time was not so good. there was a lot of people and we had to wait for them, but the owner was nice and she was looking for one that will unoccupied. i think it was full cause it was memorial day. my second time was better. i went on a monday around 1 pm and there was nearly not so much people. my third time was upsetting. I went to ask their employee, which was an african american woman, and asked her how much was the dryer because I putted a quarter and it didnt gave anything. she was so rude with this ugly attitude and so i asked for the owner and she rudely replied that the owner was not there. i am obviously not going back as long as they have that person in there working. thanks to us she has a job there and she is suppose to be working for us not just sitting there reading a magazine.
By: Mathew C.
San Antonio Green Laundry
Nice facility. However I spent about $20 on card and 3 loads of laundry. Then I had a ton of lint all over my sheets. I brought it to the attention of one of the ladies that worked there and asked if I could use a lint brush or get another dryer that would actually catch the lint like dryers are supposed to and she looked at me like I was from outer space. I was like the only reason I'm asking is because dryers are supposed to you know take the lint of clothes. I said forget it because she obviously want going to help me any further but just stare at me. Sorry but this facility isn't that great.
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By: Dolores M.
Spin City Laundry
I was excited we got a new laundry mat in our southside commmunity; just opened yesterday. It was nice to enter and Greeted by a very out-going lady who works there, along with her boss. She guided me in this large area, the different machines and what they offer. I could hear her talking with everyone, making all feel welcomed. I enjoyed the TV's with different channels playing to fit all needs of entertainment while u wash and fold. This will difficulty be our new place.
By: Gina S.
San Antonio Green Laundry
The best laundry mat I have ever been to! The facility is very clean and well maintained. They have variety size washers & dryers to choose from based on size of load(s) of laundry. Staff is very professional especially Ketha ( very polite, well mannered, & helpful). They provide wash/dry/fold service as well as snacks, candle merchandise as well as detergents & other laundry supplies. I highly recommend this facility!
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By: Tony S.
Ridgewood Cleaners
Norma the owner is great. She's super sweet and accomodating. I take all my suits, ties, and shirts to her and they come back immaculate. Been going to her for 11 years. Super customer service and great to have a neighborhood business instead of box store where your just a number. She'll remember your name each and every time, helps takes clothes out of car and into car. Where else does that happen?
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By: Bill L.
Comet Cleaners SATX
I have been having my clothes cleaned at Comet Cleaners for over 12 years. It has always been a pleasant experience. Megan Zacharias is always so professional, and meets you with big, warm smile. The employees know me by name and that makes it very personal. I wish many more years of success to this great business.
By: Sam K.
Owl Cleaners
Great service and great work. I have been going there for some years now and always been happy with their work. Shirts are only $1.50, which is cheapest price around. Pants are $3.50 which is cheapest price around. They do good quality work with great personal staff with great customer service.
By: Rocky V.
Comet Cleaners
I've been taking my dry cleaning to this location for several years (maybe 10+). I no longer live close to this location but I will drive out of my way to use this location. The woman always remembers my name and smiles when she greets me. This is small but goes a long way for me.
By: Earl H.
Comet Cleaners SATX
The customer service of Linda and Brandie, in addition to the quality of the cleaning, is super. Both ladies are always friendly and helpful in helping the customers make the best cleaning choices for their items. Timely, great customer relations, great cleaning, "THE BEST".

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