By: Krystal G.
South Texas Memorials
South Texas Memorials....Oh boy where to start with them? Ok lets see....Now I know most of us come to that point in life where a loved one is gone. We dont know where to look or where to start. We know our loved one needs a headstone, just so that way we will always know where our loved one was at and for others to find them more easily. Well my family and I came across that point to where we were just searching online looking for places where they do headstones. Ill be completly honest with you this was the first one that popped out when searching. We went to there website to look at their portfolio. I loved there work it was amazing. Keep in mind my family and I had only so much money to work with. We told Mark our situation that we were in and he worked with our budget. He gave us a rough draft and they kept in touch till the work was finished. They got everything done in a nice and timely manner. I suggest this place to anyone whos looking for a headstone and keep in mind he will work with you and your budget also its UNLIMITED engraving. Try them check them out for youself head down to the business and talk with them. You WILL love it I promise! Thank you MARK GARZA & FAMILY! It was truly a blessing working with you all! Great awesome work!!-- Krystal Gutierrez (Family of Rodriguez, Edward C.)
By: Victoria E.
Brookehill Funeral Home
My family has used this funeral home for years, but I attended a funeral a few weeks back for my friends mother and for lack of a better word the service was appalling. I will not get into detail but these are a few of the things I noticed, there was no funeral director present for the service. People were not kept out of the viewing to the families request, they wanted time alone and this was not honored. After the rosary which started early there was no closing statement from the funeral home which would have given direction to the people in attendance. The facility did not have the equipment they did they would provide to the family as far as a table and linen. Most of the family did not receive prayer cards. Now before the funeral home tries to sue me, this is what "I" noticed and "I" experienced, all which are based on fact, this is a very decent funeral home but improvements are needed.
By: rose.eldridge.140
Olinger-Saenz Mortuary Service
The Olinger-Saenz Mortuary exceeded our expectations, when my mother passed away in May 2011. They came right away, were kind, respectful, and provided an on-line obituary site, where mom will be remembered. Then, in 2013, they followed up with us to see how we are doing, and gave us 20 free memorial (like book) markers with my mom's photo & information on them. I owe a debt of gratitude for their family atmosphere and consideration.
By: Jane S.
Mission Park
Wonderful funeral home in the Oak Hill area. So convenient for our family that lives in the medical center!

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