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By: La shone B.
SAM Ministries
Arrived here from LouisisnaSurrounded by militaryAt airport; a 2 week stay at at communicated location suggested a hotel room; and moved to North Central Texas. Evicted and moved to Salvation Army, suggested and referred to Sam shelter..Men's dorms children's dorms women's dormsVisiting and departing volunteers employees few interns.. They passed and failed inspections; they were evicted. A contract business with uniformed guards and appeared as sane employees..interns.Near prisons and on grounds illegal, shifts nightly and daily..The sooner the better the old Sam shelter reopens.Mission at above the normal level of need ..Too many actors doing walk through and visits. Fire hazards..Appearance of paramedics at Prospect courtyard ..Unfortunately a competence complaint mandates..Bryant( state of Louisiana)

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